#WeAreAllZakzaky At Cairo Airport, Egypt


A Nigerian, Tijjani Ahamad, was at the Cairo Airport on his way to Nigeria. Many Egyptians asked him “Are you Nigeria?”

He answered “Yes!”

Then they asked again “Zakzaky?”

He answered “Yes!”

Then they smiled and said “We are all Zakzaky!”

These Egyptians are Sunni Muslims. Sheikh Zakzaky transcend the Sunni – Shia divide. Sheikh Zakzaky is the antithesis of Sectarianism. Another name for Sheikh Zakzaky is anti-sectarianism.

The #Zakzaky brand transcend the shores of #Nigeria. We will market this brand InshaAllah. The glory of Zakzaky was inscribed with the blood of our blessed Martyrs. They brutally murdered them to extinguish the Light of God but God uplifted their mention.

We will continue to give our full support for #Palestine and all the oppressed around the world. This is what we were taught by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. Race, tribe, religion and sect will never limit our support for the oppressed.




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