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May God Forgive Buhari For Killing And Secretly Burying 1000 Muslims:

May God Forgive Buhari For Killing And Secretly Burying 1000 Muslims:

It will soon be two years since the Nigerian military, under command of Tukur Buratai in an overhanded reaction to protesting youth, hunted down, killed and secretly buried as many as 1000 Muslims across five distinct locations in Zaria.

Exactly one year ago, President Muhammadu Buhari assured international and local human rights groups of an “appropriate response” to the report by the Kaduna judicial inquiry into events that led to the deaths of genocidal proportion and government-admitted secret mass burials of December 2015.

In his only media chat, days after the December massacre, Buhari agreed that there was no justification for the number of civilians killed. His words;

“You can’t justify casualties on that scale, but to be fair on both sides you have to wait for the inquiry, and then you tell the families…”

But Buhari continues his life like nothing happened. Not a single soldier including those indicted by the panel set up on his instruction, has been dismissed or even suspended for the egregious atrocity.

While hundreds on the victims’ side, including Islamic movement leader Sheikh Zakzaky and his beautiful wife, mother Zeenat, remain illegally detained two years later in contempt of court, Nigeria’s military command have escaped unscathed, enjoying satanic levels of immunity.

There was no exhumation of the mass graves to count and investigate the bodies of the victims and give them a proper burial. Justice has been denied and postponed till “judgment day” by Buhari.

I shudder when I view images of the multitudes of paupers who celebrated Buhari’s return. Be they paid or not, I can only hope that they are illiterates who do not read the news and did not know of the events of Zaria and the similar massacre and secret burial of dozens in Onitsha that the state governor recently apologized for under intimidation by relentless Biafra agitators.

Does it take threats to the election of politicians to receive at least an apology from the Nigerian government?

At least when former president Goodluck Jonathan many who love Buhari loathe, killed the first three of Zakzaky’s sons, he had enough humanity to apologize after being called genocidal by many of us including Nasir el-Rufai. But Buhari won’t after killing three more of poor Zeenat’s boys. I hardly expect he will. After all, he never apologized after immorally killing the three men with retroactive laws in 1984.

Sitting flanked on both sides by the red, black, white and green flag of the Nigerian army, displaying his capacity as commander in chief of the armed forces, Buhari on Monday after a prolonged medical tour on tax payers’ money said “Every Nigerian has the right to live and pursue his business anywhere in Nigeria without let or hindrance.” No one owns those words more than the speaker, who denied Nigerian youth their right to their religious choices, right to protest, right to life and even their right to a proper funeral.

You may be so fanatically extremist, you dislike the type of Muslims those killed in Zaria are or the self-determination quest of pro-Biafrans, but it takes a great loss of sense of humanity and the fear of God to love those who killed them, secretly mass buried them and sentenced their families and loved ones to eternal pain without apology and denied earthly justice.

The window of repentance is closing on Buhari. Perhaps God will grant him 100 more years or perhaps 100 more minutes. It is in God’s hands, but being back on his seat in Nigeria, he has a chance to try to right the wrongs he has done that have invited the Wrath of our just God on Nigeria.

At this point, the only thing we can do is pray for Buhari. Pray for Allah(s) to have mercy on him.

Dr. Perry Brimah; @EveryNigerian

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#IMN Writes Nigerian Presidency

#IMN Writes Nigerian Presidency

Date: 17th August, 2017

The Acting President,
Federal Republic of Nigeria,
Presidential Villa,

Your Excellency Sir,

Re-Setting up of the Presidential Investigation Panel to probe human rights abuses by Nigerian military

Sequel to your recent inauguration of the above-mentioned panel and what appears to be their prompt swing into action, we the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), being obviously the largest community of victims of human rights abuses by the Nigerian military,
wish to make the following observations and express our concerns as follows:

1. The actual intention of setting up the “Presidential Investigation Panel” at this material point in time appears misty. Recall Sir that the IMN had written a letter to you early in 2016 urging you to set a process to timeously have an independent judicial commission of inquiry with the supervisions of international community that would unearth the truth on the matter. We particularly requested you not to wait for any report of a biased party to the incident as you had doggedly maintained you would at the time (especially during your maiden media chat). You did not heed our call and certainly, never even contemplated setting up any such a panel despite pressures from rights bodies within and outside the country. You will also recall Sir, that earlier, a presidential spokesperson shocked the World when he said that the incident was “a military affair.” That looked like an obvious tacit approval of the attacks by the Presidency and by implication complicity. The body language of the President and what the Presidency kept telling the public since then was that they were awaiting the report of the Kaduna State commission to take a decision. So, what is the game changer this time around? The decision to establish this panel now will mean it has jettisoned that report or what?

It would appear that setting up of this Presidential panel may be related to a quick attempt at convincing (or more appropriately deceiving) the US government into selling
weapons to it. The US government has hitherto cited the military’s dismal human rights records in refusing sale of weapons to the country. Furthermore but in the same vein, the Nigerian government may hope to trick the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague presently investigating the Zaria massacre of December 2015 into believing that the government is now willing and also able to investigate and dispense justice in that regard. That has been one major sore point this government has
remained unconvincing.

2. In what ways will this Presidential Investigation Panel be different from what the judicial commission of inquiry into Zaria incident set up by the Kaduna state
government? Beyond perhaps its scope (now also looking at other rights abuses by the
military in other places and time) we note very many similarities, which do not instil confidence in the process.

3. From the composition of this panel, it is noted that the military, the police and security agencies are all represented. This is not the case with well-known community of victims of the alleged military violations such as us. With due respect to members in the panel, the “eyes” of world renowned human rights bodies are also not in this panel. We noticed that even a member who served in the Kaduna state judicial commission is included. Similarly, another member who enjoys the confidence of the Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and who similarly served in the military investigation panel set up by the COAS himself that absolved the army of any wrongdoing has been included in this Presidential panel as well. The sum of all this is that the independence and impartiality of this new panel is not in any way guaranteed.

4. We also feel very strongly that any investigation of the military attack on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) that does not include a way to make our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and other members being unjustifiably detained
(some even against valid Nigerian court orders) to have free access to make their
appearance and presentations would be most unfair and unjust. So, how does the
presidential panel want to go around this? Sheikh Zakzaky has been denied access to his legal representatives for over nineteen months now. In fact, it is difficult to see how the chief victim of military violations in Nigeria can be excluded from such a panel and be seen to be just and fair. That was the major flaw of the Kaduna commission and all previous “probes” into the matter thus far.

5. One other interesting part is how this panel is going to handle what the Kaduna commission established already as a matter of fact. Even without our participation or having any legal representation, the Kaduna judicial commission clearly established the “use of excessive and disproportionate force by the Nigerian army against members of the IMN leading to massacre of hundreds.” The commission also agreed a “massacre” indeed took place, “the high number of casualties cannot be justified”
(page 85 of its report). It also established that the Nigerian army carried out the massacre. “The actions of troops by the Nigerian Army were also found to be contrary to Rules of Proportionality by International Standards.” (Page 76 of the report) and 3
they also stated that “it did appear that the Nigerian Army did not adhere strictly to the provisions of its Rules of Engagement and the Code of Ethics during the operation.” All that the judicial commission found in this regard were in conformity with what independent rights bodies who investigated the matter found and published in their earlier reports. In particular, Amnesty International (AI) in its detailed report, talked of “mass slaughter of hundreds of men, women and children by soldiers in Zaria and the attempted cover-up of this crime,” demonstrating “an utter contempt for human life and accountability.” Human Rights Watch (HRW), another credible body that independently investigated the incident wrote in its own report, “The killing of hundreds of Shia Muslim members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN), by Nigerian army soldiers from December 12 to 14, 2015, appears to have been wholly unjustified.” It concluded that the military attack in Zaria was “at best (it was) a brutal overreaction and at worst (it was) a planned attack on the minority Shia group.” So what exactly is the point of this Presidential panel?

6. In previous open investigations on the subject matter, the military never cooperated with the panel beyond trying to justify its actions. For instance, during the Kaduna
commission sittings, the army had sitting commissioners and it was heavily
represented by lawyers and top ranking military officers. Yet, it deliberately refused
to cooperate with the commission to even establish the number of people it killed. It
denied deaths and denied existence of mass graves. Even after confessions to the
contrary by Kaduna state officials who worked with the officers, the army bluntly refused to open up to its crimes. The Kaduna commission of inquiry even lamented in its report the recalcitrant attitude of the Nigerian army in situations such as this. It is an open knowledge that since the publication of its report, Amnesty International has been severely attacked and seriously threatened by the military hierarchy. The question now is how would that be different at this Presidential panel of inquiry? What level of cooperation would the army give?

7. Finally your Excellency, it appears the government is in denial and Nigeria is similarly a country in denial. It has never acknowledged military excesses in handling civilian matters. It denies them if it could and justifies them when obviously it cannot be denied. No prosecutions, no remorse, no public apologies! It openly attacks international bodies when they come up with incontrovertible evidences against the
army. It doesn’t appear that this is about to change even in the present Presidential
panel. In the case of the Zaria massacre, the government has thus far refused to redress the wrong carried out by the military. It has furthered the wrong by the continued detention of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife, whose private residences were invaded by heavily armed Nigerian soldiers, their children, relatives and associates shot dead right to their faces, themselves shot at point blank severally and captured in the most humiliating and denigrating manner and hauled into detention virtually incommunicado without charges for twenty months. Even after a Nigerian High Court had ruled that the detention is unconstitutional and ordered their release, the government has continued to contemptuously defy the order. What guarantees are there that this government knows anything called justice?

These observations and concerns do not inspire confidence that the panel is sufficiently
independent and impartial enough to allow free and full participation, and that the government would be just in the matter at all. We believe you will understand, as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), that the fairness, independence and impartiality of this panel as required by Section 36 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended), the provisions of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights Cap A9, Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and the Universal
Declaration of Human Rights are in doubt. The rules of natural justice require, inter alia, that where likelihood of bias can reasonably be inferred or discovered whether directly or indirectly from the surrounding circumstances, then fair hearing is not observed. This is because justice should not only be done but it must be manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to have been done. The Presidential panel as constituted presently lacks both legal and moral standing to inquire into the human rights abuses by the Nigerian Army against the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria between the 25th- 26th July, 2014 and also the 12th-14th December, 2015 at Zaria for lack of fairness, independence and impartiality.

While wishing you our regards of the highest consideration, we still expect some national
words of condolence to the families that lost their dear ones and were buried in mass
graves. We believe that those Nigerian lives matter.

Yours Sincerely,
_Prof. Abdullahi Danladi_
Islamic Movement in Nigeria

1. Barr. Femi Falana, Senior Advocate in Nigeria (SAN)

*©FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee, August 3017*

Ebenezer Oyetakin wrote on Zakzaky persecution by Buhari regime:

Ebenezer Oyetakin, prominent Nigerian activist (Christian) wrote:

It is impossible for me to keep quiet ,when I noticed some form of arrant nonsense, in the name of security reports. I had tried frantically, to assist Government successively ,to define the accurate concept of security threat.

However, I am convinced now than ever that the Heads of Security Forces in Nigeria are more subservient to imperialist international order, than the order that can actually lead to National peace, security and emancipation. Iran do not seek and has never seek to hegemonised Nigeria. If anything, Iran try to influence what they considered the most appropriate form of Islamic religion. And this they do through propagation of shared knowledge and not any act of terrorism or arms struggle .

Now take a look at this! There are Roman’s Catholic presence in all countries, it is classically religious and not political. Out of it, broken out, Protestant, and Pentecostalism and Even what is known today as Catholics Charismatic Renewal of Revival. Yet, no security of any nation ever declared them as a threat.

Why are our security forces so silent about IPOB, which is more ferocious and categorical about its threat to national security and sovereignty? Why, particularly when Buhari was away? Why do they allow Nnamdi Kanu to trampled upon his bail conditions with such levels of recklessness and impunity, denigrating our National sovereignty? To the best of my knowledge locally and internationally, the Shiit Islamic Movement has not done anything that could be considered a threat to national security in their four decades among us. They are patriotic and above all they massively voted for President Buhari, much more than the Wahabist in Nigeria; some of who predicted that Buhari will never be a President after they collected billions from Jonathan. I want any security institution to engage me over the Shiit issue in Nigeria and I will expose all their failures and deception.

They are misinforming Mr. President whom I admire so much, they are in essence serving foreign interest for dollars and pecuniary gains.
I hate all forms of lies and misrepresentation of facts, I won’t take it even from my father. Let us all rise to protect the sovereignty of Nigeria and jealously embrace the peace in the country.

If I meet President Buhari today, without missing words. The first thing I will tell him is that. My father, you have been deliberately misled. Please release Sheikh Zakzaky today!! He is not an enemy he is a lover of Nigeria unity and peace and development.

As I write this tonight my heart bleeds profusely for the halfhazardous manner our security forces engages issues.

What Zakzaky need from this government is heartfelt condolences, symphaty,apology and reparations and certainly not incarceration and brutality. The enemies who are pretending to be friends and lovers of Buhari are the ones at work regarding the persecution of Sheikh Zakzaky. and they are trying to make more enemies for Buhari because they hate his gut and success!!

Indeed, a Partnership with Iran by Federal Government will lead Nigeria to fast growths, technological and scientific independent faster than our wasted years of over 5 decades with the Western Powers that are manipulating us, exploiting us, economically, turned all our leaders to thieves as they provided safe havens for looted funds from Nigeria, and refused to concede economics independent to us, let alone technology and scientific capabilities, so that we can continue to be subservient to them. Iran desires a win-win Strategic partnership with Nigeria; after all we are both developing countries and members of Strategic economic bloc called OPEC. Nothing is wrong in having a blossoming governmental and humans to humans relationships with The Islamic Republic of Iran.

HON. Ebenezer M Oyetakin Executive Secretary Anticorruption Network

President Buhari’s Speech

President Buhari’s Speech

Nigerians who expected something positive from the speech of bloodthirsty tyrant @MBuhari suffer frm self-deception. Buhari is absolute evil

I know @NGRPresident @MBuhari’s speech will be recorded, the wicked tyrant is very sick but extremely self-centered and power hungry.

A leader who truly want Nigerian unity will never slaughter 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria & 4 days later celebrated with the Saudi king.

A leader who truly want Nigerian unity will never slaughter 200+ pro-#Biafra activists in the South East & dumped bodies in mass graves.

A leader who truly want Nigerian unity will never look the other way while foreign Herdsmen funded by @elrufai & gang slaughter Nigerians.

@MBuhari attacked the social media. Buhari succeeded in cowing Nigerian media outlets. Social media is the only force against his evil.

The brave & courageous social media activists should expect more threats, repression & assassinations from the wicked & evil tyrant @MBuhari

@MBuhari is never a democrat, democracy is just a tool he used to get power. @NGRPresident Buhari is a dog of the savage Saudi @KingSalman.

In Saudi Arabia to protest against the tyranny and oppression of the ruling #AlSaud clan is a sentence of death. This is the ideal of Buhari

In Saudi Arabia a single #Tweet against the corrupt #AlSaud clan attract minimum of 10 years imprisonment & 1000 lashes. Buhari’s ideal

Nigerians should understand that @MBuhari & his murderous gang are another passing phase in our history. One day they will be history.

Abacha was a ruthless tyrant, bloodthirsty killer, notorious treasury looter & arrogant savage. Question to Nigerians:”Where is Abacha today?”

Harun @Elbinawi

NSA Mongono’s hate campaign against #IMN exposed

NSA Mongono’s hate campaign against #IMN exposed

A recent report brought to our attention indicates that the National Security Adviser, Major General BN Mongono (rtd) addressed the National Economic Council last Thursday, 17/08/17 indicating the level of hate burning in his chest and evil scheme against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

In the lecture delivered to the gathering entitled “OVERVIEW OF SECURITY CHALLENGES IN NIGERIA FOR THE NATIONAL ECONOMIC COUNCIL” and marked “confidential” misinformed the Economic Council that IMN leadership plans to engage some of its members in some form of what he called “suspicious” training abroad. This laughable “confidential” report according to him was a result of what he called “evaluation of intelligence reports.”

The retired Major General, further alleged that already in the first quarter of 2017, IMN sent a contingent from Kano, Kaduna, Katsina and Sokoto states to undergo 3 months training on Shiite ideologies.

According to the NSA, Iran’s strategic interests in Nigeria “is a major concern to national security.” He said that Iran has promoted what he called “Khomeinism” and declared that in no region outside the Middle East has Iran’s ideology made a greater impact than in Northern Nigeria.

What is baffling in the whole of the presentation was lack of concrete evidence for these wild and spurious allegations. That a retired military officer who rose to the rank of a Major General and a supposed Security expert now holding the position of National Security Adviser would ferry these baseless lies as evaluation of “intelligence reports” would easily explain why Nigeria is in such a huge mess.

The main thrust of his baseless arguments lie in what he termed “Shiite ideology” and “Khomeinism” being a major concern to national security. The question is what is this his Shiite ideology and in what ways has it threatened another vague thing he called national security. Where are the antecedents that indicate that those holding Shiite ideologies have threatened the peace, stability and security of Nigeria? Was any of security threats the nation ever faced ever linked with Shiite ideologies? Of all the other security challenges he said facing the country; Cattle rustling, Kidnapping, Boko Haram terrorism, Herdsmen/farmers conflicts, Cultism, Militancy and Piracy, which is fuelled by Shiite ideologies?

This type of NSA’s burning desire to use lies in the name of intelligence reports and being a purveyor of hate for Shiites in Nigeria without basis have been the basis of official terrorism against members of the IMN. It is this type of hate position in high places that constitute some of the drivers of such massive official massacre as we saw in Zaria in December, 2015 where the military turned its brutal might against citizens, killing over a thousand innocent men, women and children over one weekend alone.

People like Monguno are not fit to even hold positions to care for animals, not to talk of to be entrusted with task of national security advising. Hate for a people is what motivates them into their evil actions.

We have noted this and appropriately recorded it as one of several hate campaigns that preceded, accompanied and followed the Zaria genocide. Maj Gen Mongono would be held responsible should any life of any member of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria be threatened or jeopardized henceforth.

*©#FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee, August 2017*

Those who oppress women’s safety and professional activities must be prosecuted
*Those who oppress women’s safety and professional activities must be prosecuted*

_By_ Sayyid Ali Khamenei
Leader, Islamic Republic of Iran

_*If the situation is made in such a way that women do not have an opportunity, because of the amount of work and pressure from various other occupations, to work on their own ethics, religion, and awareness, this is oppression. If the woman does not choose, for herself, her husband, and her needs and desires are not considered in her marriage, this is oppression. Anybody who is responsible for this type of oppression must be prosecuted by the Islamic society and laws.*_

The most important thing that mankind needs is peace of mind. Prosperity is being safe from spiritual turmoil, anxiety and being morally in peace: this is provided by family; for both men and women. The next sentence is fascinating. It reads: “and He placed between you affection and mercy” [in a couple] (Quran 30:21) The accurate relation between a man and a woman involves affection and mercy, friendship and kindness; they should love each other and also be thoughtful towards one another. Love along with violence is not acceptable; kindness without affection is not acceptable, either.

The divine nature of men and women is a nature that creates, between a man and woman, a relationship based on passion and kindness: “affection and mercy.” If this relation changes, if the man acts as ruler of the homestead, if he looks down on the woman as an employee or a slave, this is oppressive behavior; unfortunately, a lot of men commit this type of oppression. The same goes for conditions outside of the family life: if the woman doesn’t have a safe and secure environment for her studies, work, possibly earning money and time for relaxation, this is oppressive. Anybody who is responsible for this type of oppression must be prosecuted by the Islamic society and laws.

If women are not allowed access to education–knowledge and awareness–this is oppression. If the situation is made in such a way that women do not have an opportunity, because of the amount of work and pressure from various other occupations, to work on their own ethics, religion, and awareness, this is oppression. If the woman does not choose, for herself, her husband, and her needs and desires are not considered in her marriage, this is oppression. If a woman, when living at home with family or when separated from the husband, cannot have the proper emotional relationship with her child, this is oppression. If the woman has a special talent–for instance, in science, invention or discovery, politics and social work–but she is not allowed to use or develop her talents, this is oppression.

October 22, 1997

Return Of Mass Murderer #Buhari

Return Of Mass Murderer #Buhari:

@APCNigeria Govt does not have a single achievement in their two years in power so they celebrate every little things like @MBuhari’s return.

When @NGRPresident @MBuhari paid 2.6 million Euros to #BokoHaram in exchange for 82 abducted #ChibokGirls, @APCNigeria celebrated.

How many Nigerians were killed by the @MBuhari enriched #BokoHaram? More than 1000 innocent Nigerians killed & 1000s injured. Many abducted…

@APCNigeria used Nigerians money to fund Buhari’s medical tourism in UK. @APCNigeria will still use Nigerians money for the celebrations.

The fact that the economy is in deep recession and Nigerians are hungry and suffering is a secondary issue to the @APCNigeria Government.

The skeletal-looking Buhari can not cope with the rigours and challenges of Governance but the corrupt cabal around him want him in power at all cost.

I will never pray for a mass murderer like @MBuhari. I only pray for the 1000s innocent Nigerians he brutally murdered. #ZariaMassacre #AbaMassacre etc

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