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Friday Reflection: Fear God, Do Not Fear Tyrants

Friday Reflection: Fear God, Do Not Fear Tyrants

One of the tools of murderous tyrants like Buhari is to kill the innocent to instil fear. They use Fear as a tool of oppression. Because they are wicked, evil and bloodthirsty, they like people to fear them.

Buhari and other Saudi agents in Nigeria use to send heavily-armed soldiers and police to kill peaceful #FreeZakzaky protesters to instil fear so that others should not come out tomorrow for the protest.

The first line of defeat is to Fear bloodthirsty oppressor like Buhari. If you fear such savages then you have lost. They want you to fear them that was why they buried Shia children alive in Mando mass grave. Defeat them by not fearing them.

I salute the brave and courageous Youths of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. Despite killings, massacres and imprisonment, these Youths refused to be cowed.

Few months back when I was to return to Nigeria from Iran. We got information that I will be arrested by the Buhari regime on my arrival. Some brothers suggested I should proceed to Lebanon for the recovery. I insisted that I will return to Nigeria.

When I arrived Nigeria at the Abuja airport, I saw four (4) security agents – two Whites, two Nigerians – waiting for me. When the immigration officials saw my passport they quickly looked at these four agents and gave them a sign as if telling them “He is the one!” There was no arrest. I thought I will pass the night in Abuja prison but I slept in an Abuja Hotel.

Dear Friends, brothers and sisters,

We should fear God only as only God is worthy of Worship and has Paradise and Hell. Buhari does not have Paradise and Hell. This wicked mass murderer is Hell-bound InshaAllah!




Ruling on Praying in Congregation Behind a Sunnī Imām – by Sayyid ‘Alī al-Khāmenaī

*Ruling on Praying in Congregation Behind a Sunnī Imām – by Sayyid ‘Alī al-Khāmenaī*
From amongst the pool of contemporary jurisconsults that enjoys vast following, is Sayyid ‘Alī al-Khāmenaī. His rulings on this matter can be seen as distinct from some of the other contemporary scholars, as he even permits praying in accordance to their times, and on carpets, if it necessitates Islamic unity. Some of his responses[49] are as follows:

*س 599: آیا نماز جماعت پشت سر اهل سنت جایز است؟*

ج: نماز جماعت براى حفظ وحدت اسلامى، جايز و صحيح است

*Q 599: Is congregational prayer being the Ahl al-Sunnah allowed?*

A: Congregational prayer for the sake of Islamic unity, is allowed and correct.

*س 601: در مکانهای مشارکت و رفت و آمد با برادران اهل سنت، هنگام شرکت در نمازهای روزانه، در بعضی از موارد مانند آنان عمل می‏کنیم، مثل نماز به‌صورت*
*تکتّف و عدم رعایت وقت و سجده بر فرش، آیا این نمازها احتیاج به اعاده دارند؟*

ج: اگر حفظ وحدت مقتضى انجام آن کارها باشد، نماز صحيح و مجزى است، حتى اگر سجده بر فرش و مانند آن باشد، ولى تکتّف در نماز جايز نيست، مگر اينکه ضرورت آن را اقتضا کند

*Q 601: In places where there is interaction with the Ahl al-Sunnah brothers, while participating in the daily prayers, in some cases we act like them. For example, we fold our hands, and do not pray in accordance to our time, and prostrate on the carpet – do these prayers require repetition?*

A: If the safeguarding of Islamic unity was the cause of these acts, then the prayers was correct and allowed, even if it meant prostrating on carpet and its like. However, folding of the hands is not permissible, unless something necessitates it.
*س 603: مشارکت ما شیعیان در نماز جماعت مساجد کشورهای دیگر با برادران اهل سنت که دست بسته نماز می‏خوانند، چگونه است؟ آیا تبعیت از آنان در تکتف بر ما واجب است یا آن که باید نماز را بدون تکتف بخوانیم؟*

ج: اقتدا به اهل سنت، براى رعايت وحدت جايز است و نماز خواندن با آنها صحيح و مجزى است، ولى تکتف واجب نيست و بلکه جايز نيست، مگر در صورتى که ضرورتى آن را اقتضا کند

*Q 603: How is the participation of us Shī’as meant to be in the congregational prayers in the mosques of different countries with the Ahl al-Sunnah brothers, who perform their prayers with folded hands? Does following them make it obligatory upon us to also fold our hands, or are we supposed to pray without folding our hands?*

A: Following an Ahl al-Sunnah, for the purpose of safeguarding Islamic unity is permissible, and the prayers performed alongside them is correct and allowed. However, folding of the hands is not obligatory, and in fact it is not allowed, unless something necessitates it.

Advice to Friends, Brothers & Sisters,

Advice to Friends, Brothers & Sisters,

Whatever you do there must be those that will oppose you. Prophet Muhammad (sa) was the peak of purity and infallible but there were people that opposed him. Jesus (as) was born without Father, he is (I used “is” because he is still alive!) infallible but there are people that opposed him.

The saddest issue is not the external enemy as that is easy to manage. The worst enemy is the internal one wearing the mask of friend and brother/sister. Assume we are on the Battlefield exchanging fire with The enemy, this internal enemy do not supply us with bullets, No, he stab our back with poisonous dagger to weaken us for the Enemy.

When Buhari’s terrorist army attacked the Residence of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky in Zaria they did not chose which camp you belong to. No, they slaughtered all those who love Sheikh Zakzaky.

Islam is love. And our way is the Husseini way. What humanity saw at Karbala was love. Sayyeda Zaynab (as) said what she only saw at Karbala was the beauty of God. At Karbala one warrior fell and another replaced him until it reached the turn of the last Warrior, Imam Hussein (as). He died fighting. Friends, brothers and sisters This is our way.

Whatever obligation you impose on yourself in the #FreeZakzaky campaigns, give your best. Do not be influence by the shameless cowards who stab their brothers and sisters in the back.

At this stage when we are facing a genocidal agenda created by the most evil of imperialism that has the savage Saudi regime as front, Unity is most important. Yes, Unity! None of us is infallible, we all have weaknesses. Do not exploit the weakness of your brothers and sisters. Compliment the weakness and strengthen him/her.

There are great victories after all Righteous Resistance and some will witness it. But some of us who will attain Martyrdom will not witness it. Patience is also very important. Be patent! The promise of God is True! Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is Truthful and Righteous, support him.

On a final note, you beloved brother please remove that dagger that you stabbed me in my back and stab the heart of our enemy – yes, my enemy and your enemy – those bloodthirsty cowards who buried our children alive in Mando mass grave at night to bury the evidences.

Harun Elbinawi

President Buhari To International Criminal Court, Hague

Fellow Twitter Pilgrims,

President Buhari leave for Netherlands today to attend #ICC @IntlCrimCourt event of celebrating 20 years of the #RomeStatue. He will give a speech on fighting corruption! Can you imagine on corruption!

Fellow Pilgrims,
Is the International Criminal Court an organization for fighting corruption? I thought the ICC fights murderous impunity of genocide, crimes against humanity and heinous war crimes.

Why did the ICC invited President Buhari to give speech on fighting corruption? Why did ICC not give Buhari topic on genocide and crimes against humanity? Topic that is relevant to the historic event.

Fellow Pilgrims,
This same Buhari brutally murdered 1000+ Shia children, women and men in Zaria in December 2015. Two days later they wickedly dumped the dead bodies of the innocent Civilians they brutally murdered in mass graves at night to bury the evidences.

Why will ICC invite such murderous criminal and notorious mass grave digger to give speech on corruption in it event? Do the ICC want to reward Buhari for his genocidal crimes against the peaceful Nigerian Shia community?

President Buhari and gang did not arrest the murderous criminals that executed the brutal and inhuman Saudi-sponsored Zaria genocide, they arrested the lucky survivors and dumped them in their dungeons. ICC, we ask “is this Justice”?

The Zaria genocide is only one of the heinous massacres of the Buhari regime against innocent and defenseless civilians in Nigeria. They brutally slaughtered IPOB activists in South East Nigeria.

Dear ICC,
Murderous criminals and bloodthirsty barbarians such as Buhari and gang are not rewarded with speech on corruption in your event. They are investigated, indicted, jailed and punished for their crimes against humanity to serve as lesson for others.

Thank you!


Update on Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky:

Update on Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky:

The Court Case of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife was again adjourned to August 2, 2018.

The Buhari regime claimed the case was adjourned because “they were unable to serve the third accused, Sheikh Yakubu Yahaya Katsina and fourth, Dr Sanusi Abdulkadir Kano”.

It is important to note that the Buhari regime did not make any effort to serve the Court notice to the third and fourth accused. They deliberately refused to serve them the Court notice so as to have a pretext to drag the case and the bail application.

The murderous criminals (Buhari, Elrufai and gang) who brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia children, women and men in Zaria that included 3 children of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky are charging Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife with “Murder” of a person they had never met or seen!

Economic activities were completely paralysed on Wednesday in Kaduna as Banks, schools, shops and even the central market were all deserted, with all the premises under lock.

#FreeZakzaky protest was cancelled by the Islamic Movement due to the tension and deliberate spreading of #FakeNews by those that executed the Saudi-sponsored Zaria genocide.

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife are both in need of urgent medical attention due the fatal injuries they sustained when Buhari sent heavily-armed soldiers to attack their house. Buhari terrorist army rained bullets on them. By God Grace they survived!!!


‘Zaria massacre was orchestrated in Israel, bankrolled by Saudi, executed by Nigerian government’

By: Syed Zafar Mehdi

‘Zaria massacre was orchestrated in Israel, bankrolled by Saudi, executed by Nigerian government’

TEHRAN – Ibrahim Musa is the President of Media Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN). In this interview with Tehran Times, he talks about the illegal incarceration of IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and brutal clampdown on the movement by the Mohammad Buhari government.

Q. The trial of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and three others by the Kaduna state government has been widely described as ‘mockery of justice’. What is the present status of the case?

A. The case filed by the Kaduna state government is coming up for hearing again on Wednesday (July 11) at the Kaduna High Court. In the previous hearing last month, the case was adjourned because of the absence of trial judge due to bad health. So we surely don’t know whether the court will really sit and hear the trumped up charges against Sheikh and three others on Wednesday.

Q. How is the health condition of Sheikh? Does anyone of you have access to him?

A. The latest news we received from his family is that his health has deteriorated further. Sheikh suffered a mild stroke in January, and he even made mention of it while talking to some journalists in Abuja – Nigerian capital. However, after being shifted to Kaduna from Abuja, his condition has gone from bad to worse. Now, there is no direct contact between him and his close family members. Even the occasional visits by his family members have been banned. We are really concerned about his health and we don’t know what he is going through in the illegal detention.

Q. Sheikh’s house was torched and razed to ground on the night of December 12 2015, he was brutally assaulted and arrested on bogus charges, which was followed by the deadly Zaria massacre. Do you believe the script was written in Riyadh and executed by the Kaduna government?

A. We have said this many times that the brutal military crackdown on the Islamic Movement was planned and orchestrated outside Nigeria. We felt vindicated when the crown prince of Saudi Arabia bragged in an interview with Time magazine that they have successfully decimated Iran’s influence in Africa by over 90 percent. It was a clear admission of Saudi Arabia’s complicity in the military crackdown on IMN. Survivors of the attack have narrated harrowing stories of how soldiers shooting at them were rejoicing that there were no more Shias left in the country. It is now an open secret that the script of Zaria massacre was written in Israel, bankrolled by Saudi Arabia and executed by Buhari’s administration.

Q. Despite such a monumental struggle against a powerful state backed by the U.S., Israel and Arab monarchies, you took recourse to the legal route to demand your fundamental rights. Do you have faith in country’s judiciary?

A: Yes we have complete faith in our country’s judiciary. We won a historic judgment at a federal high court in Abuja in 2016. The court ordered release of our respected leader and ordered damages from the federal government. However, the main obstacle in getting justice in our case is the Buhari’s administration, which has left no stone unturned in denying us justice.

Q. So Sheikh had been declared free after winning a landmark judgment from the Abuja High Court, but the federal government ignored court orders. Can you tell us more about what actually happened?

A. The historic judgment was delivered by Justice Kolawole in our favor. The case took over a year to complete, and we were patient enough to see it through. The judge was clear when he said that there is no law in Nigeria that allows the continued detention of our leader Sheikh Zakzaky. He even said that since our leader’s home had been razed down, a new one should be built for him in any town of his preference. It is really unfortunate that the federal government refused to obey the courts orders.

Q. Free Zakzaky movement has gained momentum across the world but still the government in Nigeria remains unfazed. What are your most important demands from the Nigerian government?

A. The fact that the federal government has refused to accede to our demand is a pointer to our earlier disposition that the attempt to exterminate the movement is not the doing of Buhari’s government alone. They wait for their paymasters to instruct them on the way to proceed. Our most important demand is the unconditional and immediate release of our leader, and hundreds of those who are in detention since the December 2015 Zaria massacre. Secondly, all the perpetrators of this dastardly crime must be brought to book, and the mass graves dug by the military in collaboration with the state government be handed over to us for proper investigation and possible identification of the victims.

Q. As you pointed out, since the December 2015 carnage, hundreds of IMN members have been languishing in jails. How is their condition? Have they been subjected to custodial torture as reported?

A. As of now, there are over 300 members of the Islamic Movement languishing behind bars, majority of them were arrested during the military crackdown in December 2005, and many were arrested during our peaceful protests to demand the release of our leader. Most of them did suffer gunshot wounds and torture at the hands of security forces. And typical of most Nigerian detention centers, no medical aid is made available to them. The detainees have suffered torture mostly at the hands of military and police’s secret agents. The accounts given by the survivors, reported in the media, are absolutely horrifying.

Q. How has been the role of Nigerian media in highlighting atrocities unleashed by the Kaduna government against Shias in general and IMN members in particular?

A. The media in Nigeria has given ample coverage to our struggle, and many publications have often written editorials in our favor. The press is not expected to side with the oppressor. Though, there are paid elements that carry out smear campaign against us in the media at the behest of the government.

Q. What are the main charges slapped by the Kaduna government against Sheikh and his wife?

A. In the eight bogus charges filed at the Kaduna High Court, Sheikh and three others were alleged to have abetted the commission of culpable homicide punishable with death by members of the Islamic Movement in December 2015. Other charges were those of abetting unlawful assembly, wrongful restraint, and disturbance of public peace, voluntarily causing grievous hurt without provocation and inciting disturbances. Further, they were also accused of promotion of unlawful assembly. We believe all these charges were drafted to serve as an excuse to the continued illegal detention of Sheikh.

Q. Do you see any hope of justice being delivered in the near future?

A: The way this case has been instituted, the way it is being presented in the court, we are not very optimistic. Also, the case is coming up in Kaduna state, whose government is deeply involved in the Zaria massacre. But, our team of lawyers is doing everything they can possibly do to get justice.