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Healing Process of #ZariaGenocide

Healing Process of #ZariaGenocide

A journalist asked me recently about the healing process of that brutal and inhuman slaughter that occurred in Zaria in December 2015 where 1000+ innocent children, women and men were brutally slaughtered by the Nigerian army in less than 72 hours.

I answered him that the healing process will only start when the families of the victims are really sure that their loved ones are really dead. Majority of the women whose husbands are still missing are still unmarried today because they have that slight hope that their husbands are still alive somewhere in Buhari dungeons. Children of the victims still think their parents are still alive. With this the healing process has not even started after 3 years of the genocidal slaughter.

The Nigerian tyrant Buhari is a compound illiterate who is ignorant of history. Buhari and his murderous gang thought that the mass graves they created for the 1000+ of Shia civilians they brutally slaughtered will bury the genocide. But as students of history we know that there is no genocide that was buried with mass graves. No matter how long it takes, one day these mass graves will be unearth and the whole world will see their content.

The compound ignorance plus arrogance of tyrant Buhari is a dangerous mix, that was why after the slaughter they adducted the survivors and framed them with murder! This is the peak of murderous rascality of bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarians. The civilized world frown at this murderous barbarism. How did the victims of murderous genocidal attacks perpetrate murder? Only the brainless bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages will coin such monumental stupidity. They murdered 3 children of Sheikh Zakzaky in his residence and in his presence then they framed him and his injured wife with murder!

Healing process will only start when the dead bodies of the victims are returned to their families. The families will then bury their loved ones according to proper Islamic rites. This is when the healing will begin.

Buhari and his gang of terrorists who executed the Saudi-sponsored brutal and inhuman Zaria genocide want us to blame “Buratai and the army” for the brutal slaughter of 1000+ innocent children, women and men in Zaria. Buratai is just a dog sent by a master for the errand. Buratai can not slaughter 1000+ civilians in Nigeria and be free. President Buhari sent him on this errand and he led the slaughter of innocent civilians.

Power is transient but bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarians are ignorant of this fact. They foolishly think they can hold on to power forever. Where is the Sudanese tyrant Omar Al Bashir today? In the dungeon that he once dumped his opponents. A responsible leader thinks of life after holding on to power.


Harun Elbinawi


The Fraudulent Freedom of Expression of the West:

The Fraudulent Freedom of Expression of the West:

Google shuts YouTube channels of Press TV, Hispan TV – News Report

We are always bombarded with the fake and fraudulent propaganda by the West of freedom of the Press and Expression. Google just removed Press TV, Hispan TV and other Iranian Channels from YouTube channels without warning.

This is a mark of desperation of a dying genocidal Empire. They want to suppress Awareness and Awakening. US imperialism is outdated and dying but they stupidly think they can halt this declining trend by blocking access to Awakening voices.

Facebook just banned me from posting again for 30 days. My “crime” is the unmasking of the savage Saudi Wahhabi regime. Facebook had disabled and removed my accounts and pages in the past with tens of thousands of followership.

They want us to parrot that the savage Saudi regime is the representative of Islam. They want us to lie to people that, that notorious mother of #ISIS, #AlQaeda, and #BokoHaram is representing Islam. So that they can use this to justify their fraudulent notion of “Islamic Terrorism”. With this the Zionist sponsored Islamophobic industry will continue to grow.

They created these murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups, they trained them, they fund them and they sustained them yet they blame Islam and Muslims for the heinous crimes and atrocities of these bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarians.

As they decline the desperation of blocking Resistance voices will increase. We must understand that Resistance to evil is obedience to God. We need to create alternative platforms to confront these rising challenges.

Today even the most idiotic slave questioned the lies of Western imperialism and Global Zionism. It was not like in the past when people swallow their lies and fraudulent deceptions.

The savage Saudi regime do not represent Islam. They are representatives of Western imperialism and Global Zionism. Whenever the genocidal European barbarians are in need of murderous terrorists to slaughter the innocent, the savage Saudi regime supply them.

Islam is never terrorism, and terrorism will never be Islam. We will continue to say this and please continue to block and disable our social media platforms. Truth will triumph at the end. Truth is always victorious.


Harun Elbinawi

Trump Veto to Prolong Yemen Genocide

Trump Veto to Prolong Yemen Genocide:

The veto of the US President Trump on US support for the Saudi-led coalition cleared all doubts that the genocidal US regime is behind the genocide and mass starvation in Yemen.

The savage Saudi regime is just a mask for the genocidal US regime in any part of the Islamic world. Wherever the Saudi regime or it Wahhabi terrorist proxy armies are slaughtering the innocent, please remove the mask and you will see bloodthirsty #Yankees behind that mask.

The Islamophobic Trump claimed that stopping the genocidal war and mass starvation of millions of Yemenis “threatened American lives”! Sadly there are idiots in America that believe these compound lies from a bloodthirsty barbarian.

My Portuguese sister, Isabel Maria Silva @isabenfica51, on this Twitter street yesterday degraded such clown who support US imperialism. I celebrated. Humanity must understand that the US regime is the biggest evil in the world. More than 20 million innocent civilians slaughtered by this genocidal regime since the end of WW II.

The brave and courageous Yemeni Resistance is getting stronger and with the help of God they will be victorious. The bloodthirsty Saudi savages thought it will be a two weeks walk over. This is the fourth year. #SaveYemen

It is important to increase our support for the oppressed people of #Yemen. There is mass hunger and starvation in Yemen.


Nigerian Wahhabi Clerics in America With Looted Funds:

Nigerian Wahhabi Clerics in America With Looted Funds:

After a profitable election season, Nigerian Wahhabi (Izala) clerics jet out to America for holidays. They went to rest and celebrate their “victory” with proceeds from looted funds.

The Buhari cabal, Midget Satan Elrufai and some Northern state Governors gave these Wahhabi clerics millions of Naira to campaign for them. And the most noticeable issue is the Shia card.

These wicked mass murderers brutally murdered 1000+ Shia children, women and men in Zaria in December 2015 in less than 72 hours, these corrupt Wahhabi clerics highlighted this brutal and inhuman Saudi-sponsored genocide in their campaigns as a mark of victory.

The ordinary poor Wahhabis can not go to America for holidays. They do not even have the food to eat. Most of them sleep hungry with their families. The Shia-hate does not put food on the table.

Looted funds given to clerics who are suppose Tobe spiritual Guides for their congregation. In this case Religion is the opiate of the masses. With this kind of religion there will be no progress and development.

When clerics collect looted funds from tyrants and oppressors to go and shackle with professional prostitutes in the West, where will progress and development come?

This is not the type of Islam of Sheikh #Zakzaky, this is not the kind of religion of Sheikh Zakzaky. This is the religion of people steep in backwardness and under-development.



The Unfortunate Fire in the Iconic Notre Dame Cathedral


That unfortunate fire that burnt the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, France, saddened the heart of all those who love and cherish history. Notre Dame is not just a Church but a historical monument of human history.

Notre Dame is more than 800 years and was build for 182 years. A great architecture of historical importance.

The people of France must understand that their government sponsored murderous Wahhabi terrorists in #Syria that destroyed historical sites that are older than the Notre Dame. Mosques, Churches and Tomb of Legends were destroyed by these agents of Western imperialism and Global Zionism.

The French regime is also supporting the savage Saudi regime with weapons to destroy historical sites in #Yemen. Some of these sites are more than one thousand years.

#ISIS Twitter celebrated the Notre Dame fire. They do not represent Islam and Muslims. No one slaughter innocent Muslims more than these bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarians who are tools of Western powers that included France.

We mourn with all Catholics on this disastrous fire. We hope the historic building will be rehabilitated.


Stop Shia Genocide in Pakistan:

Stop Shia Genocide in Pakistan:

Dear Pakistan PM @ImranKhanPTI,

I was informed you handle your Twitter account yourself. I am from Nigeria and we here are tired of hearing the almost daily terrorist attacks on the minority #Shia community of Pakistan.

We saw how you mourned the #ChurchChristCity attacks in New Zealand. Why do you not mourn the innocent Shia civilians that are murdered by murderous Wahhabi terrorists in Pakistan? Is Imran Khan @ImranKhanPTI a sectarian bigot? When Sunnis are murdered you cry but when Shias are murdered you smile!

We call on the government of Pakistan to protect all citizens of Pakistan. We are strong believers that #AllLivesMatters.

These murderous terrorist attacks on the Peaceful Shia community in Pakistan are sponsored by the savage Saudi regime on behalf of Western imperialism and Global Zionism. They have paid agents within the Pakistani leadership and Pakistani military who protect these bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarians who lust for Shia blood.


Thank you Sir,

Harun Elbinawi

The Bishop of Rome & South Sudan

The Bishop of Rome & South Sudan

Pictures of the Pope kissing the feet of Black Africans drew my attention. The Bishop of Rome knell down and kissed the feet of the warring leaders of South Sudan. This is the peak of humility.

South Sudan was the newest country on the African continent. It broke away from Sudan due to Racism and marginalization from the Arab North. Racism is absolute evil and when Muslims perpetrate #Racism then that is most shameful. No religion condemned Racism like Islam but sadly some Muslims are Racist. This is the truth.

The US and the the racist Zionist Israeli regime exploited their plight and supported their succession from Sudan. South Sudan has Crude Oil resources and the greedy imperialists are in need of it. They flamed the tribal card since all of them are Christians and ignited a bloody civil war. Innocent civilians slaughtered, girls and women raped and needed infrastructures destroyed.

The question we ask is why are these South Sudanese brothers and sisters killing themselves? Why??? Who benefit from the barbaric killings? None of the two sides will benefit from these killings.

It is our hope that the show of humility by the Papal leader will awaken the quest for peace in South Sudan. End the useless civil war and re-build your country and your children will have a bright future. Drop your bombs and bullets and embrace each other.