Letter to The Embassy of Australia in Nigeria @AusHCAbuja On Zaria Genocide

Letter to The Embassy of Australia in Nigeria @AusHCAbuja:

I was informed that Australia sent an Envoy to the Buhari regime to ask what is their problem with the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

On 12th – 14th December, 2015, President Buhari sent the Nigerian army and they brutally murdered 1000+ members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria that included hundreds of women and children in less than 72 hours in Zaria. And after they they dumped the dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences.

The Nigerian army perpetrated all forms of heinous crimes against humanity known to man. They burnt innocent children alive. They buried Shia children alive in Mando mass grave according to Amnesty International. They bombed the iconic Zaria Husseinya which was a religious site and murdered hundreds of worshippers.

There are witnesses to all these heinous crimes and atrocities against innocent and defenseless civilians. To this day no single person arrested for these crimes. Those they arrested were the survivors. They fraudulently charged them to court for Murder!

I will refer you to the comprehensive Amnesty international report on Zaria massacre:


The brutal and inhuman massacre did not end in Zaria. After that whenever the Islamic Movement organize religious programs and activities, the Buhari regime will send the Nigerian army and police to attack and kill the innocent. The Nigerian army and Police also frequently attack peaceful #FreeZakzaky processions and murder innocent civilians.

In December, 2016, a Federal High Court In Abuja freed Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his injured wife from the illegal and unlawful detention but the tyrannical and oppressive Buhari regime contemptuously refused to obey the judgement of the court.

Just last month the Islamic Movement in Nigeria organized the #Arbaeen procession in Abuja. The Arbaeen is a Shia religious event that has a global participation. I saw videos and pictures of Arbaeen procession in Australia. But the Nigerian army attacked the Abuja Arbaeen procession and killed more than 60 Civilians. The Nigerian army then fraudulently claimed that they were attacked by the mourners. The New York Times recently released a comprehensive video that totally debunked the fraudulent claims of the Nigerian army. The video shows that the Elite Presidential guard used battlefield weapons to attack the peaceful Shia mourners.

The Islamic Movement is close to 40 years of existence and is peaceful. Why all these massacres and killings of it members by the Nigerian security forces? The same Buhari regime that is killing unarmed members of the Islamic Movement is the same Regime that has freed more than one thousand #BokoHaram terrorists. The same regime that paid more than 10 million dollars to BokoHaram using the fraudulent pretext of ransom.

We hope the Australian government will invite leaders of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria to hear their own side of the story. The Australian government should also invite officials of the Nigerian Amnesty international for details on these brutal killings.

Lest I Forget! The Islamic Movement reported the brutal and inhuman #ZariaGenocide to the International Criminal Court #ICC to prosecute the murderous criminals who executed the genocide. Those in authority are the perpetrators of the Zaria genocide.

Harun Elbinawi


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