Nigeria: When the President become a Liar

Nigeria: When the President become a Liar

“Investors are falling over themselves to come and do business in Nigeria” -President Buhari

1st October 2016 marked the 56th year anniversary of Nigerian independence from British colonialism and as its customary the Leader of the country addressed the country to commemorate such important occasion. This year President Buhari addressed the nation but his speech was full of questions instead of addressing Nigerian problems.

The above excerpt quotation was from the speech and all Nigerians knows that what the President said was not correct. Investors are not trooping into Nigeria at the moment, infact investors are leaving Nigeria due to the bad state of the economy. The Nigerian economy is in deep recession and the pilots of the economy are responsible but the same pilots are using Clerics in Northern Nigeria to deceive the masses that God is to be blame for their plight. If the economy is healthy and developing these people would have praise President Buhari but now that the economy is bad and in recession they are blaming God!

In his Independence Day speech President Buhari also said that his government had defeated the Boko Haram insurgency last December. Nigerians especially those in Northeast know that this is not true. Nigerians are still attack, kill and maimed in the Northeast to this day.

What actually happened in Nigeria last December was the inhuman Zaria massacre of IMN members that was ordered by President Buhari to serve a foreign imperialist agenda that has the Saudi Wahhabi regime as a front. More than one thousand Nigerians that included women, children and the aged were brutally murdered by the Nigerian army in less than 48 hours and their death bodies dumped in mass graves. The Saudi King immediately called President Buhari to congratulate him. President Buhari tried to defend the massacre at the earliest period but he is now trying to distance himself from it since the world had rejected their narration and condemned the inhuman massacre.

The Buhari administration is turning out to be the biggest catastrophe in the history of Nigeria. President Buhari ignorantly assumed that if he is loyal to Western imperialism then they will grant him all his wishes. He should have studied the life of former Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein and his relationship with Western imperialism. One day the same West will deliver Buhari and his murderous gang to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for their role in the Zaria massacre.

The true Nigerian situation is that the economy is in a very bad state, people are dying of hunger, inflation is high, unemployment is high, suicidal rate have increase and the Nigerian currency is freely falling against the US dollars. Nigeria today needs a responsible leader who will face these challenges and addressed these problems and not a President who will be lying to them.

On a last note, I want to remind President Buhari that God is just and will surely punish all those who mass-murdered His servants and dumped their bodies in mass graves. To all Nigerians ” Happy Independence Day anniversary!”

Harun Elbinawi


Deji Adeyanju, We Will Not Take Up Arms Against the Nigerian State:

Deji Adeyanju, We Will Not Take Up Arms Against the Nigerian State:

Dear Great Brother & Friend,

I extend greetings to you and your associates who are tirelessly fighting for justice for oppressed Nigerians irrespective of tribe, region and religion. Great Nigerian patriots who are daily struggling for progress and development and for better lives of all Nigerian. God reward your deeds and bless you all!

I thank you for your care and concern about my health problems since after the assassination attempt by the murderous Buhari cabal in July 2016. You recently proposed to personally visit me in Iran where I am under going further medical treatment but I politely declined due to your overflow programs and commitments in Nigeria. My leg Surgery was successful and I am healing, thank God.

Humanity and the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky are grateful of the more than 30 Days Daily Sit-Out for #FreeZakzaky campaigns. God protect all of you from the evil machinations of the wicked mass murderer tyrant Buhari and his murderous gang. These bloodthirsty savages are absolute evil.

I will like to discuss two (2) important issues with you. The first one is your call that members of the Islamic Movement should not take up arms against the Buhari regime. The second issue is I was informed that you were unhappy over Dr Sunusi Abdulkadir’s failure to stand up for national anthem.

I will be frank and sincere with you because I considered you as my blood brother from another mother. The question of armed Resistance by the Islamic Movement does not exist despite the monstrous savagery and extreme barbarism of murderous Buhari’s terrorists against us. After the #ZariaGenocide Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky ordered that peace should be maintained in all programs and activities. He insisted that we should go to courts to seek redress. We went to court and the court freed him and his wife from the illegal detention but that wicked and evil Oldman refused to obey the court.

When Buhari’s terrorists were shooting Shia women in their private parts in Zaria they chanted “No Shia in Nigeria”. This is a declaration of war against Shia Islam. Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang bombed and destroyed the Iconic Zaria Husseiniyya which is a Shia religious site. This is a declaration of war against Shia Islam. No doubt Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang are the most hateful people in the 300 million world Shia community. Ask those who attended last year’s #Arbaeen in Iraq where more than 20 million Shias attended. Everybody was cursing Buhari and his murderous gang.

All world pundits know that Shia Islam is strong today and this power is increasing daily. There are brave and courageous Shia warriors around the world who desperately want to despatch the Shia-killers Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang to Hell and their savage Saudi masters can not save them. The Nigerian Army is too weak to save them. But our Great Leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky said let peace reign.

As for the case of Sheikh Sanusi AbdulQadeer not standing up for the National Anthem at the Daily Sit-Out I respect his Decision. Other members of the Islamic Movement always stand up for the National Anthem. The Dr. Sanusi AbdulQadeer I know is a honorable man. His anger against Nigeria is justified. Nigeria brutally murdered 1000+ of Shia children, women and men in Zaria and wickedly dumped their dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences. This is clear case of genocide against the peaceful Nigerian Shia community by Saudi-sponsored savages.

Dear brother, there are Black footballers in the US who use to kneel down during National Anthem to protest the killings of their fellow people by the police to campaign for #BlackLivesMatter.

On a final note, when I return to Nigeria God willing I intend to visit your Blessed Mother and kneel down in our African tradition and greet her.

God Bless You!

Harun Elbinawi

Redeployment of Army Spokesman Gen S Kukasheka Usman:

Redeployment of Army Spokesman Gen S Kukasheka Usman:

In a tactical move the Nigerian Army is redeploying officers that will be indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) Hague for their role in the brutal and inhuman execution of the #ZariaGenocide. One of the notorious of them is Gen S Kukasheka Usman.

This murderous criminal was the mouthpiece of the army that justified the inhuman genocide in Zaria. He was also the front man to first bribe Newspaper Editors, Bloggers and activists and if the bribing failed to threatened them. That was what happened to my friend and brother, Dr. Brimah. They invited him to negotiate, he refused then they threatened him.

Gen SK Usman followed all my activities online. In one desperate move he commented on one of my BlogSpot post. They tried everything to bury the Zaria genocide like they mass buried it victims but woefully failed.

With the ICC indictment approaching, President Buhari want to use the army officers as scapegoats to cover his involvement. Soldiers did not just go to Zaria and start kill innocent Nigerians, raping women, burning infants and children alive and destroying Shia religious sites. They were ordered by President Buhari.

Murderous criminals and wicked mass murderers like Gen SK Usman will have no where to hide. The world will have the full details of their heinous crimes and monstrous savagery in Zaria soon God willing!



Nigeria: Buhari is BokoHaram

“Nigerians are unhappy because, instead of hope, they are offered propaganda and insults by the President’s men…”-Cardinal Okogie.

President Buhari does not have a single achievement in almost 3 years. Presently Buhari and his cronies are spending huge sum of money to buy support. Do not be Suprise to see “an activist” of yesterday become Buhari supporter. Such people sold their conscience for money.

President Buhari is a puppet of the savage Saudi king. When Buhari brutally murdered 1000+ Shia children, women and men in Zaria, four days later he celebrated the genocide with the savage Saudi regime. Buhari rushed to Saudi Arabia to be honored for killing 1000+ innocent Nigerians. The savage Saudi king opened the Ka’aba for him. The Ignorant tyrant Buhari thought he is in Paradise! This wicked mass murderer is Ignorant of the fact that at the advent of Islam more than 360 Idols graced the inside of the Ka’aba.

Today Buhari is busy freeing #BokoHaram terrorists using the fraudulent pretext of “repentance” and funding BokoHaram Terrorism using the fraudulent guise of “ransom money”. While this murderous criminal and notorious mass grave digger slaughtered innocent Nigerians, he serve the bloodthirsty Saudi Wahhabi savages.

Go to Nigerian prisons under Buhari, BokoHaram terrorists who murdered innocent Nigerians are well fed and properly treated. Those skinny Terrorists are today fat, all thanks to President Buhari!


Endemic School Shooting in US

Endemic School Shooting in US:

Why is school shooting becoming endemic in the US? The presence of weapons is not the reason as in Lebanon all homes, both Muslims and Christians, have weapons. In Yemen all homes have weapons.

What inspired a White terrorist to go to schools just to kill innocent students in the US? And why is arrogant White supremacist like Trump not labelling these murderous criminals as terrorists?

A sick society inspired these murderous terrorists to go to schools and kill innocent children. A culture build on violence and killings result in school shootings.

These same genocidal savages are found in the US Army and security agencies. US Soldiers raped Iraqi boys in front of their parents as a form of terror during the illegal Iraqi invasion and occupation.

Sadly there are people who worship this US culture of violence and killings in other part of world. Hollywood films is a major promoter of this culture of violence and killings. Hollywood justified the genocide of indigenous Americans who were brutally slaughtered by bloodthirsty European savages and their land stolen. The US today is a sick society and the world should acknowledge this reality. A society that will elect a bloodthirsty racist like Trump as it leader in this era must be sick.


Book on Zaria Genocide Published

Book on Zaria Genocide Published:

The Islamic Movement under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky published the survivors account of the #ZariaGenocide in Hausa language. The English version is being translated.

It is important that the world hear the narrations of those who survived the inhuman and brutal Zaria genocide by the wicked mass murderer tyrant @MBuhari via his terrorist army. They committed all heinous crimes known to man against innocent and Defenseless civilians in Zaria.

Hopefully after the English version, the #ZariaGenocide Book will be translated to French, German, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Chinese and all the international Languages. Humanity should hear the narrations of the Survivors of the #ShiaGenocide in Nigeria that was Saudi-sponsored.

The #ICC @IntlCrimCourt is coming for these murderous criminal soon. These bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages brutally murdered 1000+ Shia children, women and men in Zaria and wickedly dumped the dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences. #ZariaGenocide

These wicked and evil criminals who executed Zaria genocide will soon pay for the heinous crimes and atrocities they committed against innocent and Defenseless Nigerians. They burnt infants & pregnant Shia women alive. They buried children & Shia women in Mando mass grave Alive.


Buhari, VP Osinbajo, Elrufai & other murderous criminals still silent on #ICC report on conclusion of preliminary investigation on #ZariaGenocide:

Buhari, VP Osinbajo, Elrufai & other murderous criminals still silent on #ICC report on conclusion of preliminary investigation on #ZariaGenocide:

When President Buhari & murderous Gang decided to brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia children, women and men in Zaria, the International Criminal Court (ICC) never came to their mind. These murderous criminals thought they can massacre these innocent Nigerians and cover-up the genocide since today they have the instrument of power in Nigeria.

The first thing that came to the mind of Buhari & gang after the inhuman genocide was to bury the victims in mass graves at night. Then to constitute a Kangaroo judicial commission that will blame the victims. Then to send the Survivors to jail then to courts using trump-up charges. Then launch massive Campaigns of calumny and demonization against Sheikh Zakzaky, Shia Islam, Iran and the Islamic Movement. Then ban all programs and activities of the Islamic Movement. With these to Buhari & gang it would have been “Mission Accomplished”.

These wicked, evil and bloodthirsty murderous criminals never thought of the International Criminal Court (ICC). Then the Islamic Movement under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky reported the Zaria genocide to the ICC. The whole world already knew that Buhari & gang brutally murdered 1000+ innocent Nigerians in Zaria in December 2015.

Buhari and murderous gang did everything within their power to sabotage the ICC preliminary investigation but woefully failed. They told ICC all sorts of lies and fabrications against the Islamic Movement to justify their genocide. ICC investigated and unmasked Buhari’s lies.

Hopefully the wicked mass murderers who executed the inhuman Zaria genocide will be prosecuted for the heinous crimes they committed, crimes that #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram, savage Saudi regime and bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages celebrated.