Nigeria: When the President become a Liar

Nigeria: When the President become a Liar

“Investors are falling over themselves to come and do business in Nigeria” -President Buhari

1st October 2016 marked the 56th year anniversary of Nigerian independence from British colonialism and as its customary the Leader of the country addressed the country to commemorate such important occasion. This year President Buhari addressed the nation but his speech was full of questions instead of addressing Nigerian problems.

The above excerpt quotation was from the speech and all Nigerians knows that what the President said was not correct. Investors are not trooping into Nigeria at the moment, infact investors are leaving Nigeria due to the bad state of the economy. The Nigerian economy is in deep recession and the pilots of the economy are responsible but the same pilots are using Clerics in Northern Nigeria to deceive the masses that God is to be blame for their plight. If the economy is healthy and developing these people would have praise President Buhari but now that the economy is bad and in recession they are blaming God!

In his Independence Day speech President Buhari also said that his government had defeated the Boko Haram insurgency last December. Nigerians especially those in Northeast know that this is not true. Nigerians are still attack, kill and maimed in the Northeast to this day.

What actually happened in Nigeria last December was the inhuman Zaria massacre of IMN members that was ordered by President Buhari to serve a foreign imperialist agenda that has the Saudi Wahhabi regime as a front. More than one thousand Nigerians that included women, children and the aged were brutally murdered by the Nigerian army in less than 48 hours and their death bodies dumped in mass graves. The Saudi King immediately called President Buhari to congratulate him. President Buhari tried to defend the massacre at the earliest period but he is now trying to distance himself from it since the world had rejected their narration and condemned the inhuman massacre.

The Buhari administration is turning out to be the biggest catastrophe in the history of Nigeria. President Buhari ignorantly assumed that if he is loyal to Western imperialism then they will grant him all his wishes. He should have studied the life of former Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein and his relationship with Western imperialism. One day the same West will deliver Buhari and his murderous gang to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for their role in the Zaria massacre.

The true Nigerian situation is that the economy is in a very bad state, people are dying of hunger, inflation is high, unemployment is high, suicidal rate have increase and the Nigerian currency is freely falling against the US dollars. Nigeria today needs a responsible leader who will face these challenges and addressed these problems and not a President who will be lying to them.

On a last note, I want to remind President Buhari that God is just and will surely punish all those who mass-murdered His servants and dumped their bodies in mass graves. To all Nigerians ” Happy Independence Day anniversary!”

Harun Elbinawi


Update on Sheikh Zakzaky: Official BokoHaram announced case postponement

Update on Sheikh Zakzaky:

Principal Counsel of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife, Femi Falana SAN, left Lagos to Kaduna to attend the Court session. Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife were brought to The Court premises around 10:00am. At the Court premises, the official #BokoHaram announced that “the Judge had accident yesterday so the Court session will not hold.”

Did the Judge actually had an accident or is this another ploy by the murderous criminals who brutally butchered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria to drag the case and prolong the illegal detention of Sheikh Zakzaky?



Buhari, Elrufai and gang are murderous BokoHaram terrorists

They are #BokoHaram

đź”°BokoHaram blew off the heads of his 3 children in his residence
đź’„BokoHaram fraudulently accused him of #Murder

đź”°BokoHaram burnt his 70 year-old sister, Hajiya Fatima, alive
đź’„BokoHaram fraudulently accused him of Murder

đź”°BokoHaram slaughtered his young Nephew in his residence
đź’„BokoHaram fraudulently accused him of Murder

đź”°BokoHaram burnt down his entire residence that included his famous Library
đź’„BokoHaram fraudulently accused him of Murder

đź”°BokoHaram butchered more than 1000 of his followers that included infants
đź’„BokoHaram fraudulently accused him of Murder

đź”°BokoHaram wickedly dumped the dead bodies of his 3 murdered children in mass grave at night
đź’„BokoHaram fraudulently accused him of Murder

đź”°BokoHaram buried children and infants alive in Mando mass grave
đź’„BokoHaram Fraudulently accused him of Murder

đź”°BokoHaram illegally imprisoned him and his wife. Court freed them. BokoHaram refused to obey Court
đź’„BokoHaram fraudulently accused him of Murder

đź”°Nigerains protesting peacefully for #FreeZakzaky. BokoHaram killing them
đź’„BokoHaram fraudulently accused him of Muder


The notorious Saudi agents are the official BokoHaram.

Thank you!


The trial of Sheikh Zakzaky is a travesty of Justice



*The trial of Sheikh Zakzaky is a travesty of Justice*


The much talked about case mischievously brought against the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and three others by Kaduna state government comes up next Thursday June 21st 2018 at the Kaduna state High Court.


Not only that Kaduna state government came up with some phoney charges against Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and two others, there are pointers to the fact that they are bent on a secret trial with a view to convicting the Sheikh unjustifiably.


To put some context to this case, it will be recalled that it was on the night of 12 December, 2015 that heavily armed soldiers, on the orders of the then Major General Oyebade, went to the residence of the Sheikh with a murderous intent. After a two day shooting spree, they had killed over a thousand men, women and children, including three of the Sheikh’s remaining four sons and his elder sister. The house was torched and subsequently demolished. The Sheikh himself and his wife were fatally shot severally, leaving them in the pool of their bloods before they were dragged over the corpses of their children into incommunicado detention.


Needless to mention that Sheikh Zakzaky and his spouse won the landmark judgement in their favour for the enforcement of their fundamental rights at the Federal High Court, which the Federal Government contemptuously disobeyed with so much impunity eighteen months after.


Recently the Saudi government disclosed that it sponsored this horrendous massacre and the matter is still under further investigation by the International Criminal Court at The Hague. It is against this backdrop that the Kaduna state government came up with spurious charges against Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and two others.


We wish to strongly condemn this trial in its entirety as a travesty of justice. Furthermore we are vehemently opposed to conducting the hearings in secret by any guise whatsoever. This case is of enormous interest to both local and international observers. An open trial under the watchful eyes of the world is the least minimum requirement. Local and international press must be granted access to the court. Similarly, local and international human rights bodies willing to observe the trial must be allowed as well as any member of the general public.

Anything short of this will amount to perversion of justice, which President Muhammadu Buhari was recently reported in the media to have said will no longer be “tolerated.” Justice, as it is often said, must not only be done, it must clearly be seen to be done.

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Of recent President Muhammadu Buhari was reported in the media to have said that, “We’ll no longer tolerate perversion of justice.” Nice words if the government will abide by the pledge to all irrespective of their social and religious orientation. However the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has some reservations on this assertion by Mister President if the current injustice meted to our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky since December, 2015 and his followers is taken into account.

First of all on the night of 12 December, 2015, the soldiers that marched to our leader’s house on the orders of the then Major General Oyebade did not come with the intent of arresting him. They came with a murderous intent and that was what they did on reaching the street leading to his house, where they started shooting indiscriminately at people within the vicinity of the place. Sheikh Zakzaky has never resisted arrest as typified by his arrest during the military dictatorship of Gen. Abacha.

After a two day shooting spree, 1000+ members of the Islamic Movement were gunned down by the soldiers, including three beloved sons of Sheikh Zakzaky, many children and women. The Sheikh himself and his wife were shot several times, leaving them in the pool of their blood. He was dragged over the dead bodies of his children and followers into detention.

The Sheikh’s residence was torched and razed to ground by the marauding army. The Islamic centre established by him was similarly destroyed and now confiscated by Elrufai’s government. This is not to mention the destruction of the cemetery where we bury our martyrs in the outskirts of Zaria and Fudiyya Islamic centre.

Upon all these atrocities, the Sheikh and his followers resorted to legal battle to win back their rights denied to them ostensibly for no reason. Sheikh Zakzaky won a landmark judgement in his favor from an Abuja High Court. His fundamental human rights were restored to him and the court declared him free. However the federal government contemptuously ignored the courts orders delivered one and half years ago.

Now after the Saudi government has indicated that it sponsored the Zaria genocide, which is under investigation by the international criminal court of justice at Hague, Kaduna state government came up with some mischievous charges against Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife and two others. If at all the government respect the judiciary, it should have demonstrated that by first obeying the court orders freeing Sheikh Zakzaky. Hence Mister President if the brutal clampdown on Sheikh Zakzaky and the Islamic Movement is not a perversion of justice, what is it? It is clear to all and sundry that Sheikh Zakzaky is a victim of injustice by this government, and it is not late for it to redeem its image and set him free.

However we firmly believe Allah will once again expose this government’s cluelessness and ineptitude in governance by handing victory to Sheikh Zakzaky in the court because the case which comes up on Thursday 21/06/18 is enmeshed in many flaws. Apart from the fact that Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife were not at the scene of the alleged fictitious murder of one Soldier during the military onslaught, the two other accused, namely Sheikh Yaqoub Yahya Katsina and Sheikh Sunusi Abdulqadir were not even in Zaria throughout the two days Zaria massacre. While the former was in Katsina, the latter was in far-away Sudan on studies.

We hereby reiterate our demand that Sheikh Zakzaky, his wife, hundreds of others in detention over the Zaria massacre should be set free unconditionally in the interest of peace and national cohesion so much desired by this country.


Tuesday, 19th June 2018

ISIS to infiltrate Nigeria from Syria

ISIS to infiltrate Nigeria from Syria:

Both #ISIS and #BokoHaram are tools of evil imperialism to kill the innocent, rape Women and girls and destroy cities and towns just to facilitate the plunder of resources.

But ISIS is more sophisticated than BokoHaram. BokoHaram is child play when compare to ISIS. ISIS manufacture some of their weapons. Reports that ISIS will infiltrate Nigeria from the Middle East should raise concern.

Buhari and APC are very close to the BokoHaram savages. The fraudulent scam of #DapchiGirls abduction proves this. Official BokoHaram is the most evil in this murderous killing scheme. They wear official gown but they are the real BokoHaram.

Some years back an ISIS leader was captured in Beirut airport, Lebanon, on his way to Nigeria. The question is who are the ISIS cell in Nigeria that will receive and accommodate this terrorist in Nigeria?


Invitation: International Quds Conference in Abuja

Dear Friends,

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky invite you to its “International Quds Conference & Exhibition” that will take place in Nigerian capital city Abuja on 28th July, 2018.

The theme of this year’s conference is: “Like Quds, like Nigeria: The Diminishing Worth of Human Life.”

As usual everyone is Welcome to attend all programs and activities of the Islamic Movement. Humanity is one, those who divide and segregate humanity are Genocidal savages.

When your religious or tribal brother is murdered, you feel the pains & mourn but if an oppressed Palestinian child is murdered by bloodthirsty Israeli savages, you celebrate. Then you are not human.

This Invitation is to all my Friends, You are All invited!



Buhari’s Service Chiefs do not Protect Nigerians, they Slaughter innocent Nigerians

CSOs ask @MBuhari to sack Service Chiefs over their inability to guarantee security & end #Nigeria’s massacres -News Report


Buhari want to use these Service Chiefs to rig 2019 general elections. They had done bloody and dirty jobs for him already.

đź”°Buratai led the inhuman #ZariaGenocide that slaughtered 1000+ Shia children, women and men in Zaria. #FreeZakzaky
đź”°Buratai led the Paython dance operation in the South East that massacred Igbo youths.
đź”°IG of police murdered 100+ Shia #ArbaeenTrek mourners in Kano in 2016.

These Service Chiefs do not protect Nigerians with the forces under them. They slaughter innocent Nigerians to serve the evil agendas of evil tyrant Buhari and his masters.

The IG of police spearheaded the massive election rigging in Kano during the 2015 election when he was the Commissioner of police in Kano. Buhari want him to repeat same during 2019 election.

Buhari’s Minister of Defense is an indigene of Zamfara State. Murderous bandits are killing innocent Nigerians daily in Zamfara state but this evil man is busy serving the Saudi-sponsored #ShiaGenocide in Nigeria. #SaveZamfara