Nigeria: When the President become a Liar

Nigeria: When the President become a Liar

“Investors are falling over themselves to come and do business in Nigeria” -President Buhari

1st October 2016 marked the 56th year anniversary of Nigerian independence from British colonialism and as its customary the Leader of the country addressed the country to commemorate such important occasion. This year President Buhari addressed the nation but his speech was full of questions instead of addressing Nigerian problems.

The above excerpt quotation was from the speech and all Nigerians knows that what the President said was not correct. Investors are not trooping into Nigeria at the moment, infact investors are leaving Nigeria due to the bad state of the economy. The Nigerian economy is in deep recession and the pilots of the economy are responsible but the same pilots are using Clerics in Northern Nigeria to deceive the masses that God is to be blame for their plight. If the economy is healthy and developing these people would have praise President Buhari but now that the economy is bad and in recession they are blaming God!

In his Independence Day speech President Buhari also said that his government had defeated the Boko Haram insurgency last December. Nigerians especially those in Northeast know that this is not true. Nigerians are still attack, kill and maimed in the Northeast to this day.

What actually happened in Nigeria last December was the inhuman Zaria massacre of IMN members that was ordered by President Buhari to serve a foreign imperialist agenda that has the Saudi Wahhabi regime as a front. More than one thousand Nigerians that included women, children and the aged were brutally murdered by the Nigerian army in less than 48 hours and their death bodies dumped in mass graves. The Saudi King immediately called President Buhari to congratulate him. President Buhari tried to defend the massacre at the earliest period but he is now trying to distance himself from it since the world had rejected their narration and condemned the inhuman massacre.

The Buhari administration is turning out to be the biggest catastrophe in the history of Nigeria. President Buhari ignorantly assumed that if he is loyal to Western imperialism then they will grant him all his wishes. He should have studied the life of former Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein and his relationship with Western imperialism. One day the same West will deliver Buhari and his murderous gang to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for their role in the Zaria massacre.

The true Nigerian situation is that the economy is in a very bad state, people are dying of hunger, inflation is high, unemployment is high, suicidal rate have increase and the Nigerian currency is freely falling against the US dollars. Nigeria today needs a responsible leader who will face these challenges and addressed these problems and not a President who will be lying to them.

On a last note, I want to remind President Buhari that God is just and will surely punish all those who mass-murdered His servants and dumped their bodies in mass graves. To all Nigerians ” Happy Independence Day anniversary!”

Harun Elbinawi


Re: The Religion Of Shi’a Is A Threat To Our Peace!

Re: The Religion Of Shi’a Is A Threat To Our Peace!

A prominent Nigerian Journalist sent me this article and said he wanted my reply on this. Initially I apologized that I am a bit busy but he insisted. The following is my humble reply to this fake and fraudulent “Imam” from Okene, Kogi state.

The first thing I checked when I received the article was who signed it. And I saw “Imam Murtada Muhammad Gusau, from Okene, Kogi State, Nigeria”. A true Imam out of Islamic decorum and humility will never sign his name with the Imam tag. This shows Murtada Muhammad Gusau is a fake and fraudulent Imam seeking attention from the savage Saudi regime who are presently sponsoring #ShiaGenocide in Nigeria. It is either this Murtada is receiving Saudi-petro dollars for his campaign of lies, calumny and demonization against Shia Islam and Muslim Unity or he wrote this divisive piece to attract attention. The spread of Shia Islam in Africa and most importantly in Nigeria is given the Saudi Wahhabi regime and their paid Nigerian agents sleepless nights.

Let’s return to the topic. The writer framed his divisive piece as “The Religion Of Shi’a Is A Threat To Our Peace!”. Shia Islam is one of the two wings of Islam and the other wing is Sunni Islam. Shia Islam has never been a threat to the peace of humanity but Shia Islam is a threat to the murderous terrorism of #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram and all murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups. Shia Islam condemned all forms of terrorism and all these murderous terrorist groups are inspired by #Wahhabism, the same Wahhabism that this fake Imam is defending here. This fake Imam did not only attacked Shia Islam in this piece but he also attacked the Sunni Sufi Brotherhood. We are in the period of the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (sa), a glorious event widely celebrated by Shia Muslims and Sunni Sufi Brotherhood.

The #Fake Imam claimed:

“They do not grasp the fact that difference between Sunnis and Shi’ites does not relate only to subsidiary matters but also to some fundamentals as well.”

The bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarians are the biggest enemies of Muslim Unity in the world today. There are no fundamental differences of Shia and Sunni Islam. God is One. Prophet Muhammad (sa) is one. Quran is one. Qibla is one. Prayers is one. Fasting is one. Zakkat is one. Hajj is one. Then where is the fundamental difference? It is important to note that these bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarians like this fake Imam do not only excommunicate Shia Muslims from Islam, they also excommunicate the Overwhelming majority of Sunni Muslims from Islam.

As usual the fake Imam uses the Companions of Prophet Muhammad (sa) as a cover to demonize Shia Islam. Wahhabism is an empty cult dedicated to the worship of companions. To these bloodthirsty barbarians it is Better to insult a Prophet of God than to state the historical lapses and blunders of some companions. Companions of the Prophet are not infallible, they were fallible human like us. They sinned, deviated and committed blunders. There were thieves among the companions of the Prophet. There were drunkards among the companions of the Prophet. There were those who committed Adultery and Fornication among Companions of the Prophet. A companion of the Prophet buried other companions alive in the Syrian desert. Yes, Muaywiya bin Abu sufyan buried Hujr Ibn Adi al-Kindi and his companions alive in the Syrian desert. Read Islamic history. Are these companions righteous and our role-models?

God is Just. God will not have separate Justice for companions and another for other Muslims. The Justice of God is one! If a companion buried an innocent man alive, this a heinous crime that will be punish by God. God will not say because he saw the Messenger of God (sa) then he will go free. God is Just. Seeing the Messenger of God does not present any advantage where the justice of God is concern. The advantage of seeing the Prophet is to be righteous, pious and faithful. To see the Prophet and then bury Muslims alive is the peak of evil and barbarism. Yes, say I insulted a companion. He is a murderous criminal and barbarian to bury Muslims alive in the Syria desert.

The fake Imam confessed:

“Undoubtedly, propagating the Shi’ite faith is making its way rapidly throughout the Muslim world. It is extending beyond the borders of countries where it used to be such as Iran, Iraq and Lebanon. Rather, it is now spreading on a wide range in Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Syria, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other Muslim countries.”

Shia Islam is today spreading across the world not with the power of the sword or inhuman terrorism but with the power of positive reasoning, good conduct and sound propagation. Lies, fake news and fraudulent propaganda can never stop the spread of Shia Islam. Terrorism-enabled Wahhabism infiltrated Sunni Islam and contaminated it with hate, intolerance and murderous terrorism. How can Sunni Islam be attractive with all these Wahhabi contaminations? A Wahhabi barbarian will tell you Nigerian Christians are your enemies. The same Christians that gave refuge to early Muslims During the time of the Prophet in Ethiopia and protected them. Sunni Muslims must de couple Sunni Islam from murderous Wahhabism. This is most important! Religion can not be based on hate, intolerance and murderous terrorism.

The fake Imam like ISIS and BokoHaram terrorists could not hide his hatred for Shia Islam and Sunni Sufi Brotherhood:

“What adds to the difficulty of the situation and the improbability of remaining silent thereon is the close relationship between Shi’ite and Sufi methodologies on the pretext that both of them love the Prophet’s Household (Ahlul Bayt). As we know, Sufism is widespread in many Muslim countries when it is famous for committing many Bid’ahs and abhorred sins and shares Shi’a in that both sanctify the graves of the Prophet’s Household. As a result, Shi’ism is expected to spread so long as Sufi sects are widespread in Muslim countries.”

The fake Imam out of desperation lied about #Iraq:

“The situation in Iraq is very dangerous. It became a usual scene that Sunni Muslims are killed after glancing at their identity cards. Respected Islamic Scholar Harith Al-Dary, Secretary General of the Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq, stated that more than 100,000 Sunnis were killed by Shi’ites from 2003 to 2006 only.”

When the US-created ISIS barbarians invaded Northern Iraq and massacred all Iraqis that included Sunnis, Shias, Christians, Kurds and Tukemens, it was the Shia force that defeated them and saved Iraq. Shia Muslims are protecting Sunnis in Iraq. This is the truth. Trying to stir up sectarianism using false news and narrations is Absolute evil. To claim that 100,000 Sunnis were killed in Iraq by Shiites is a blatant and compound lie. If I may ask, how many Shia Muslims did Saddam murdered in Iraq? More than 300,000 Shia Muslims were brutally slaughtered by the evil tyrant Saddam yet we never accuse Sunni Islam of this genocide. When wicked mass murderer Nigerian tyrant Buhari brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia infants, children, women and men in Zaria in December 2015, did we accuse Sunni Islam of this genocide?

The fake Imam claimed:

“Moreover, the dangers of Iran’s ambitions in Iraq is reinforced by the fact that US backs and supports such ambitions. We can all see the American-backed and sponsored Shi’ite government. Furthermore, reciprocal unreal accusations between the US and Iran should make no sense. Actually, USA never thinks of launching war against Iran.”

The whole world knows that the Saudi regime is a puppet of US imperialism. The savage Saudi regime is the biggest tool of the genocidal European savages in the Islamic world but Wahhabi barbarians are always trying to cover this fact and reality. They desperately want the US regime to attack Iran but the US regime is fearful of the consequences of such folly due to Iran power. Saudi Arabia is too weak to attack Iran and no murderous Wahhabi terrorist group can survive in Iran so they want their American masters to do the job for them.

One a final note, I hope I address the main points raised by this fake Imam who is a naked enemy of Muslim Unity. Happy Moulud to All Muslims!

Harun Elbinawi



The Saudi-led forces fighting against the Yemeni Resistance are not Yemenis. They are paid mercenaries sourced from around the world. The notorious American #BlackWater mercenaries are among them. The infamous Colombian mercenaries are also among them.

Troops of the Sudanese army are among them. The criminal Sudanese regime sold their troops to the bloodthirsty Saudi barbarians. Thousands of them have been killed by the brave Revolutionaries in Yemen.

The officers are Saudi and Emirati officers who are notoriously cowards. They take off with the slight threat to their miserable lives. More than 10 countries ganged-up against Yemen, the poorest Arab nation.

Genocidal European savages are behind this genocidal war in Yemen. In the past Yemen was ruled from the US embassy in Sana’a. The Yemeni Revolutionaries rejected this and opted for freedom and independence. The genocidal European savages now sent their Saudi and Emirati dogs.

Long Live the Yemeni Resistance!
God bless Yemen!


BokoHaram Attacked Maiduguri, Where is the Cowardly Nigerian Army?

BREAKING: Hundreds flee Maiduguri suburb as Boko Haram attacks – @PremiumTimesng


Where is the Nigerian army? Where is this cowardly army that love shooting Shia children and women? Where is this bloodthirsty Saudi mercenary army that is always trigger-happy to kill Shiites?

The murderous #BokoHaram Wahhabi terrorists are in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state killing and raping innocent Nigerians. Where is the cowardly Nigerian army? I ask again!

If this cowardly army sees unarmed Shia mourners on religious procession they will aim their AK47 Assault Rifle on them and shoot them. These murderous barbarians celebrate their killing of Shia children and women.

Dear Nigerians,

Today President Buhari is the biggest funder of BokoHaram terrorism. Buhari gave BokoHaram more than 10 million dollars to buy weapons and ammunition. Buhari freed more than one thousand BokoHaram terrorists. This same wicked mass murderer tyrant is busy killing Shia children and women.



Unity Week 1440AH


Unity Week 1440AH

After the victory of the Glorious Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979 the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Imam Ruhullah Khomeini (ra), established the Unity Week. A week earmarked to strengthen the bond of Islamic brotherhood of Sunni and Shia Muslims. The Unity Week is held between two dates of the birthday of prophet Muhammad (sa). One of the dates is narrated by Sunnis and the other narrated by Shia. The two dates are the twelfth of Rabi Al Awwal, the first week of the third lunar month of the Islamic calendar, according to Sunnis, and the seventeenth of Rabi al Awwal, according to Shia.

The then Saudi Grand Mufti attacked Sunni and Shia Muslims for celebrating the Birth Anniversary of the Messenger of God (sa). In response to that bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarian, Imam Khomeini proposed the Unity Week as a medium of enhancing Muslim Unity. Bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages are mortal enemies of Muslim Unity. If you want to become enemy of a Wahhabi barbarian then propose Muslim Unity. They hate Muslim Unity with passion. They do everything to destroy Muslim Unity. The main reason why the British Empire gave them the Muslim Holy Cities of Makkah and Madina. The main purpose of Hajj pilgrimage is to strengthen Muslim Unity but with bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarians in control that is sabotaged.

Every year the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky organize series of programs and activities to mark the Unity Week. On the first of Rabiu Awwal the Black flag of mourning is dropped and the Green flag of celebration is raise. Colorful March Pass of Sunni and Shia children are organize to usher in the Birth Anniversary of the Prophet (sa). Lectures, seminars, workshops and conferences are organize throughout the month of Rabiu Awwal with Sunni scholars in attendance to mark the Birth Anniversary of the Prophet (sa). Christian Pastors and leaders are invited to all programs and activities on the Birth Anniversary of the Prophet.

Unity is most important. Murderous #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram etc terrorists are strongly oppose to Muslim Unity. These bloodthirsty killers are tools of genocidal European savages who uses them as a proxy army to slaughter innocent civilians, rape girls and women and destroy towns and cities to facilitate the plunder and looting of resources. The savage Saudi regime is their mother while genocidal European savages their bastardized father. The savage Saudi regime brainwashed Sunni youths and turn them into bloodthirsty killers who love the taste of blood. They kill the innocent, rape women and loot the properties of their victim all in the name of Islam. These bloodthirsty barbarians foolishly arrogated to themselves the position of “Registrars” of Islam, to determine who is a Muslim and who is not. The Takfiri concept is their justification to slaughter innocent Muslims. Majority of their victims are Sunni Muslims yet they fraudulently claimed they are defending Sunni Islam and reforming it!

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, is a strong advocate of Muslim unity. He forbid his millions of followers to build their own Mosque. He said they should continue praying in the existing Sunni Mosques behind Sunni Imam. One of the reasons why the savage Saudi regime hate him with passion. The imperialists also hate him for this. As we welcome the month of Rabiu Awwal, it is our hope that this epitome of Muslim unity will regain his freedom from the dungeon of bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarians who brutally slaughtered 1000+ of his followers in Zaria that included his three children in December 2015.

On a final note, we extend our congratulations to All Muslims on the Birth Anniversary of the most greatest of the greats, the Seal of all Prophets and Messengers of God (sa), Abul Qassem Muhammad al-Mustapha (sa)! Salawat!!!

Harun Elbinawi

RE: Nigerian govt spends N3.5 million monthly to feed El-Zakzaky – Lai Mohammed

RE: Nigerian govt spends N3.5 million monthly to feed El-Zakzaky – Lai Mohammed

The Nigerian Information Minister, Lai Mohammed, recently fraudulently claimed that the tyrannical and oppressive Buhari regime spend 3.5 million Naira monthly as feeding expenses of the illegally detained leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

This is part of the grand deception of this tyrannical regime to present a “human face” after they brutally slaughtered 1000+ innocent and defenseless civilians in Zaria in December 2015. Their first deception was when they told the Abuja Federal High court that they are holding Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his injured wife in “protective custody” to protect them from harm. The court made a historic judgement by destroying the fraudulent lies and declared the detention of Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife unlawful, illegal and unconstitutional. President Buhari contemptuously refused to obey the court judgement. And now this!

What is Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky eating with 3.5 million Naira monthly if we may ask? Are they feeding him with diamond toast and gold deserts? Is the water he is taking made of silver? Why are these people shameless? They brutally murdered his 3 children in his residence and in his presence and completely burnt down his house that included his famous Library. They slaughtered hundreds of his followers in front of his house and according to Amnesty International report they burnt some of them alive and buried some of them alive in Mando mass grave. And they Shamelessly lie to the world that they are “good” to him.

I have the honor of being a student of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky for more than 30 years – since 1987 when I was in High School. The Sheikh Zakzaky I know does not eat much. He only eat only once per day. Sheikh Zakzaky life is devoted to Fasting. He use to fast more than half days of the whole year, every year. He always fast the entire three months of the Islamic calendar Rajab, Sha’aban and Ramadan without missing a single day. How can such a man eat food worth 3.5 million Naira per month?

President Buhari and his murderous regime are pathological liars. To lie to Nigerians is not a problem to them. They lie on everything since they have failed woefully to record even a single achievement. They have nothing to show as achievement to they think lying will cover their failure.

Since the brutal slaughter of more than 60 followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky on a peaceful religious procession in Abuja by the Nigerian army, there is a renew call in Nigeria and around the world for the release of Sheikh Zakzaky and his injured wife from more than two years illegal detention incommunicado by the Buhari regime. They are in need of urgent medical attention from the rain of bullets they were subjected to by the Nigerian army. To dilute this call the Buhari regime sent it notorious Information Minister who Nigerians already knows to be a notorious liar to lie to Nigerians.

On a final note, President Buhari and murderous gang that executed the Saudi-sponsored #ZariaGenocide must understand that their mass graves of the Shia civilians they brutally murdered in Zaria can not cover the genocide. The murderous terrorists who slaughtered the innocent will face Justice one day.

Harun Elbinawi

Update on the Fraudulent Trial of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky & His Wife:

Update on the Fraudulent Trial of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky & His Wife:

The wicked mass murderers and paid Saudi agents in Nigeria who executed the brutal and inhuman #ZariaGenocide today brought Sheikh Zakzaky and his injured wife to court in Kaduna.

These bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarians forced the Trial Judge to reject the Bail application of Sheikh Zakzaky legal team despite the fact that he and his wife are in need of urgent medical attention.

Sheikh Zakzaky pointedly told the court that the charges against him are “Rubbish, nonsense and insult to my personality”.

These notorious Child-killers want to hold Sheikh Zakzaky and his injured wife in illegal and unlawful detention as long as they can to cover their heinous crimes against humanity of #ZariaGenocide.

Dear Friends, brothers & sisters,

We should intensity the #FreeZakzaky protest in Abuja and all towns and cities. And the international protest campaigns to Nigerian Embassies around the world should re-start.

These bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages want Sheikh Zakzaky to die in their prison from the wounds he sustained when they rained bullets on him and his family in their home.

Thank You!