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Ghislaine Maxwell recruited Jeffrey Epstein for Israeli Mossad for the Child Prostitution Ring

Ghislaine Maxwell recruited Jeffrey Epstein for Israeli Mossad for the Child Prostitution Ring

Syrian Girl wrote on Twitter:

“Ghislaine Maxwell is worse than Epstein.
She recruited him.
She gave him her connection and introduced him to royals as a billionaire.
She groomed his victims.
She handled him.
She is Mossad.
She is the mastermind of the entire Israeli honey pot operation.”

I totally agreed with this postulation and conclusion by this Syrian Warrior about the Israeli Mossad spy Ghislaine Maxwell.

The father of Ghislaine Maxwell, Robert Maxwell, was an Israeli asset when he was alive. It is almost 30 years since her father, the press baron Robert Maxwell, “fell to his death” from his £15m yacht, Lady Ghislaine, off the Canary Islands, aged 68. It was not an accident as claimed by the Western establishment. He was eliminated by Israeli Mossad because he became an embarrassment to them due to his impending bankruptcy.

The Daily Mirror was one of Robert Maxwell’s newspapers. Maxwell was an enormous figure in British national life. Apart from Mirror Group Newspapers and the New York Daily News, his many businesses included Oxford United and Derby County football clubs. He rose from impoverishment as a Czechoslovakian refugee to UK during WW2.

Robert Maxwell’s death on 5 November 1991 shocked the UK. Shock turned to anger within weeks when a £460m hole was discovered in the pension funds of his companies. The Israelis feared that this will get to them so Mossad eliminated him and he was given a National burial in israel that the President and Prime Minister all attended.

Then back to the Mossad agent Ghislaine Maxwell. She inherited her father’s contacts and connections and she was the key operator & mastermind of the entire Israeli honey pot operation and not the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein as claimed.

Ghislaine Maxwell recruited Jeffrey Epstein for Israeli Mossad. She gave him the connections she inherited from her father and introduced him to royals as a billionaire. She groomed his child sex slave victims. Jeffrey Epstein was also eliminated by Israeli Mossad in prison after he was convicted of child prostitution ring but they claimed he committed suicide. Too many suicides in this story I think 🤔!

The busted Israeli honey pot operation was a huge embarrassment for the Western hegemony but they cut off the edges to limit the damage. Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Price Andrew of Britain were part of the customers of child prostitution ring of Jeffrey Epstein.

The fear presently is that Ghislaine Maxwell is also marked for elimination by Israeli Mossad as her existence is a threat to the establishment.

On a final note, those that ran the most elaborate child prostitution ring in the world are “The Chosen People of God”, so says some brainwashed Christians.

Harun Elbinawi

#ZariaGenocide: The Excruciating Pains of 12th December

The Excruciating Pains of 12th December

12th December was usually a day of mourning for me even before the #ZariaGenocide of 2015 because that was the day my beloved Father died in 1986. Someone described him then as a wide and expansive Tree 🌴 that gave shelter to the family, neighbors, poor and needy.

My dream is to be like him in generosity and kindness but this has not happened up till now.

When I was small my Father usually take me to accompany him to anywhere he is going because as he told my Mum “He should learn the ways of the world”.

Then if I saw him donating money to the poor I will hold his hand and screamed in our Language “Yaya your money will finish, stop giving people money!”. We called him “Yaya” which is “Senior” in our Language because that was what our Mother called him. In our tradition it is a taboo for a wife to call her husband by his name.

One day he sat me down and told me that it was God that decreed helping the poor and downtrodden in the Quran. And he quickly added “If you give, God will increase your wealth!”. I will never forget those words.

With the brutal and inhuman ZariaGenocide of December, 2015, a much bigger Tragedy occurred as the genocidal criminals in power in Nigeria massacred more than one thousand innocent men, women, children and infants in Zaria in less than 72 hours.

On 12th December, the day of losing a biological Father and the day of losing more than one thousand beloved brothers and sisters that included the Great #Turi is definitely a day of mourning.

Despite all this, my line of thoughts goes to the Families of Martyrs of the ZariaGenocide. Their beloved fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters are still in the multiple Shia mass graves created by Tyrant Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang.

The volume of tears 😭😭😭 in my eyes will not allow me continue writing this post. Our heartfelt Condolences to Imam Mahdi (ajf), Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and All the Families of Martyrs for this irreplaceable loss! God congregate our Glorious Martyrs with the Martyrs of Karbala! Ilahee Ameen!

Harun Elbinawi

Sunni Muslims Should Rise Up Against the Evil Ideology of Wahhabism

Sunni Muslims Should Rise Up Against the Evil Ideology of Wahhabism

We are all Muslims, there is nothing wrong for us to look at ourselves in the face and telling each other the Truth that will benefit Islam and Muslims.

The most unfortunate thing in recent Islamic history is that Sunnis allowed their section of Islam to be infiltrated and successfully hijacked by the empty cult of Wahhabism sponsored by the Western-backed Saudi Wahhabi regime.

My non-Muslim friends should know that the Saudi-sponsored ideology of Wahhabism inspired Al-Qaeda, ISIS, BokoHaram, AlShabbab and all the bloodthirsty savages killing the innocent using the fraudulent name of Islam.

The most unfortunate thing is that the opposition of Sunni clerics and intellectuals to the infiltration of Wahhabism is generally weak and ineffective.

The genocidal imperialist barbarians of the West via the Saudi Wahhabi regime successfully recruited, trained, armed and sustained hundreds of thousands of Sunni Youths and turned them into the most ruthless killers ever recorded in human history as Al-Qaeda, ISIS, BokoHaram etc.

Unfortunately, what is normal in Sunnism is that Wahhabi clerics brainwashed these recruited Sunni Youths to become suicide bombers and lied to them that this is their ticket to heaven! Most unfortunate! Saudi Arabia is the biggest manufacturer of suicide bombers in the world.

Western Imperialism and Global Zionism notorious for using the heinous atrocities of bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages to spread Muslim hate around the world. The evil acts of these Western-backed bloodthirsty Wahhabi terrorists will definitely fuel the already saturated Islamophobia around the world. The objective of their Western hegemonic masters is to kill innocent people then blame Islam and Muslims for the heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated.

Any evil ideology that inspired Al-Qaeda, ISIS and BokoHaram is an evil cult. “Wahhabism is nothing but an Empty Cult” – Imam Khomeini (qs)

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky usually organize children march pass parades with Sunnis to mark the Birthday Anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (sa) and Unity Week in various towns and cities of Northern Nigeria. But after the US/Saudi-sponsored #ZariaGenocide, Nigerian Wahhabi clerics convinced Sunni clerics that “Shiites are infidels, do not participate in programs with them!”. The Sunni clerics listened to them and cancelled that collaboration.

The present persecution of Sheikh AbdulJabbar Nasiru Kabara which is an evil agenda of the savage Saudi Wahhabi regime is a collaboration between some Sunni clerics and Wahhabi clerics. It is not an exaggeration to say that some Sunni clerics are willing tools of the Saudi regime.

My last question:

How many innocent Sunni civilians have Western-backed murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups killed in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Nigeria?

On a final note, our Sunni brothers and sisters should just imagine a world without the evil ideology of Wahhabism! The Wahhabis do not consider them Muslims then why are some Sunni clerics in bed with Wahhabis?

Harun Elbinawi

The Fraudulent “Peace Walk” of Lagos State Governor

The Fraudulent “Peace Walk” of Lagos State Governor

The Governor of Lagos state, @jidesanwoolu, who invited the Nigerian army to Lekki Tollgate during the #EndSARS protest recently invited the people of Lagos state for “Peace Walk”.

It is important for Nigerians to understand the difference between two words; peace and surrender. They are two different words erroneously used by genocidal criminals and wicked tyrants of history to encapsulate the heinous crimes against humanity that they perpetrated and present a fraudulent “human face” to the public.

Martyr Ayatollah Mutahari, one of the greatest Students of Imam Khomeini (qs) clearly pointed the difference between peace and surrender in one of his Books.

What the Governor of Lagos state, @jidesanwoolu, suggested is not a call to peace but a call to surrender. He is calling for the total surrender of innocent victims of the #LekkiMassacre where the Nigerian army murdered 20+ Youths singing the National Anthem. A plot to bury his role and bury the Truth with the innocent victims.

This same shameless little Tyrant @jidesanwoolu told the CNN in a live interview that two people were killed at the Lekki Tollgate and many injured but while releasing his “White (Black) Paper” claimed nobody was killed at Lekki Tollgate.

The peak of wickedness, monstrous savagery and barbarism is for elected leaders in a democratic setting to orchestrate the mass murder of innocent and defenseless civilians and try to cover it up to hide the heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated.

It is known throughout human history that real peace is impossible without Justice for victims of mass murder. The brutal massacre at the Lekki Tollgate was a deliberate mass murder of innocent peaceful protesters by a genocidal regime that perpetrated genocide in Zaria in December, 2015.

The shameless @jidesanwoolu should understand the fact that history is not on their side as one day he, his master Buhari, Tukur Buratai and Lt Col Bello will face the long arm of Justice for the 20/10/2020 Lekki Tollgate massacre of Nigerian Youths.

On a final note, Our heartfelt Condolences once again to families of victims of the Lekki Tollgate massacre, speedy recovery for the injured! Ilahee Ameen!

Harun Elbinawi

Shaikh Zakzaky’s Trip To India: The True Story: An Eye Witness Account -By Zeenah Ibraheem

Shaikh Zakzaky’s Trip To India: The True Story: An Eye Witness Account -By Zeenah Ibraheem

I decided to publicize this write up now, because my attention was drawn to some erroneous claims made by a recent press statements made by the Attorney General, Malami Abubakar about our frustrated trip to Indian in August 2019.

Following the court order and also the presidential approval for Shaikh Zakzaky H and Myself to seek for medical treatment in India but under what the judge called ” Strict supervision” by the government, the State security service, DSS agents invited our family members to discuss the modality of carrying out the court order.

But to the surprise of our family members, the meeting was not a discussion at all. Instead, a man who was introduced as a representative from the Nigerian Intelligence Agency (NIA) -fashioned after the American CIA- addressed the delegation, telling them the government plans to change the hospital in India from MEDANTA MEDICITY to another hospital called FORTIS HOSPITAL.

Secondly, he informed them that the government have got a private jet with the capacity of 12 passengers ready to transport Shaikh and those accompanying him. He said six of them are security operatives. 2 from DSS, 3 from NIA and 1 police Doctor. He further said they will allow only 3 people to accompany the us.

To these dictations, Muhammad our son, who was among the family members that were at the meeting objected. He reminded the security agents that the court have stated categorically that the government is to supervise but not to make decisions or sponsor the journey. And for this reason he rejected the idea of the government providing a private jet or changing the hospital or limiting the number of those to accompany us. He also informed the security agents about a plan on their side to provide a jet for the journey.

This, the security agents rejected. Muhammad also objected to travelling along with a police Doctor because it looks suspicious. Since the Shaikh has rejected being treated by government doctors since he had his first stroke in January 2017.

After long delibrations with the security agents and finally consultations with Shaikh, a compromise was reached concerning the kind of aircraft to be used for the journey. It was agreed that the Shaikh, myself and those accompanying us should buy our air tickets and inform the government, so that the government also buy the tickets of the security agents accompanying Shaikh and myself.

And since it was the security agents that facilitated the visas of everyone, they remained adamant on facilitating visas for only 3people to accompany us. It includes the personal family physician, and two others.

Up to the moment we left Abuja airport, the government was still bent on changing the hospital to be attended in India. Infact, while we were at Abuja airport, we received the news that the Medanta hospital is under pressure from American government not to admit  us. And for this reason, they have informed our Doctors that they are not going to admit us into the hospital.    

But on reaching Dubai, we received the news that now, the Medanta hospital have agreed to admit us.

We landed in India on Tuesday the 13th of August 2019 and was received at the airport by what appears to be a team of Doctors, nurses, and well wishers. The Doctors and nurses were wearing uniforms on which Medanta hospital logo were vividly seen.

The “Doctors” immediately placed Shaikh on an ambulance bed and carried him into the ambulance along with myself. This gesture was a surprise because they didn’t  have to do so. Since he can sit up by himself.

But on the way to the hospital, one “Doctor” who claimed to be Shi’a and who also claimed that his name is Ali Ridha told the Shaikh, myself and our personal physician that they have actually deceived a large crowd of well wishers who had gathered at the airport to welcome Shaikh by placing two ambulances on the entrance where they were gathered and taken us away through another gate.

What surprised us and those in our company is that none of the Doctors that came to “Nigeria ” from India were among those who met us at the airport.

On reaching the hospital, the same ” Doctor ” who claimed his name was  Ali Ridha again told us that they were going to use the back gate of the hospital to avoid another crowd of well wishers gathered at the hospital.

On reaching the vicinity of the hospital, there were armed policemen all over the place and some others who appeared to be security agents with walkie-talkie! These were both ” Nigerian ” and Indian security agents. Also there were officials from the ” Nigerian” embassy in India.

We were immediately taken to emergency and observation section. Then strange “Doctors” started asking questions from the Shaikh and myself. Apparently they know nothing about our health conditions. They immediately brought hospital uniforms asking the Shaikh and myself to change into them without regard for any Islamic ethics in my case. They also brought an injection which they claimed was tramadol injection and some bottles to take blood samples.

The whole trouble started when the Shaikh demanded to see his trusted Doctors before anything is done. They became hostile and even authoritative, stating that no Doctor from outside the hospital will be allowed to participate in the treatment of Shaikh and myself.

Seeing this unfortunate situation, and the fact that we have traveled a long distance, and considering our tired and sick bodies, the Shaikh asked to be allowed to get hotel accommodation to rest until the next day, so that his trusted Doctors will be consulted for proper decision to take in this situation. But this request was rudely turned down. In fact a policeman came forward and shouted at the Shaikh very rudely, telling him that, he either submit himself to be treated by those Doctors or go back to “Nigeria”!

At this point, an embassy official told Shaikh that before he arrived at India, the embassy officials had a meeting with the Indian security agents and the hospital management on how to go about the treatment of Shaikh and myself. And he informed Shaikh that he just have to submit to what they have agreed on and does not have a say in the way the Doctors are to treat him. He also said those “Doctors” at Medanta will examine him and decide on his treatment and do not care about what has so far been discovered by his Doctors.

At this point the Shaikh, myself and our entourage realized that we have actually fallen into a trap set by the combined force of the Nigerian and Indian governments. Infact, by Wednesday the 14th of August we discovered that most of those who received us at the airport wearing Doctors overall were not doctors but security operatives camouflaged as Doctors.

So the Shaikh told them that he agreed to be admitted into the hospital until he is able to have proper discussions with his Doctors and the hospital authorities.

We were given rooms at the hospital. The Shaikh and myself in one room. We were not allowed to come out of our room. Armed men were outside the room and the room cannot be locked from inside. And armed men came and go into the room as they wish throughout the night and even during the day. I had to wear hijab throughout our stay from Tuesday to Thursday.

The imprisonment the we were subjected to at Medanta hospital was worst than the detention at “Nigeria”.

The  Shaikh later learnt that the hospital has been fed with wrong informations. They were made to believe that it was the Nigerian government that brought the us to be treated.

The hospital were made to believe that Nigerian authorities brought some criminals with unknown ailments to be treated. And those criminals have to be guarded strictly so that they don’t run away.

After, realizing what trap we fell  into, and the hostile atmosphere therein, it became clear that we cannot trust this hospital anymore.

Actually, it was our trust for the known Indian doctors and the Brothers that recommended them that made the Shaikh to agree  to our going to India in the first place. Now that these Doctors are forcibly excluded from the treatment, that trust eroded.

But still, the Shaikh requested from the hospital management after consulting with his Doctors to give him respite from any treatment for 48 hours, until he is able to consult with his Doctors and other friends on what was the right step to take. At first, they agreed and the agreement was signed.

But on Wednesday, that official from the embassy came again to persuade the Shaikh to allow himself to be treated by the hospital and by strange Doctors but this time around, he was respectful. His desperation was so visible and suspicious.

And to this persuasion the Shaikh requested to be allowed to consult with Sayyid Masoud Shadjarah, who was then on his way to India from U.K. and his Indian Doctors and other friends to decide the right step to take.

But the next day, which was Thursday the 15th of August, they refused the Indian Doctors access to Shaikh. And they also refused to allow Sayyid Masoud Shadjarah to see Shaikh , even though he and the Doctors spent the whole day outside the hospital.

The answer by the embassy official the next day is that we should get ready to be taken back to Nigeria in 2 and half hours. We were brought back by Ethiopian airline, whereas we went by Emirates air .

After returning back to ” Nigeria”  some revelations were made. Below are a number of them:

1) That a member of parliament in “Nigeria” was heard saying : ” how come Indian Doctors were heard speaking Hebrew language?”

Possibly, his source was some of the Nigerian security agents who were present at the scene. 

2) Some said it was a planned assassination attempt by CIA, with SAUDI  CONNECTION TO APPLY KASHOGI STYLE on Shaikh Zakzaky H.

They planned to shift the blame on the  Islamic Human Rights Commission of London in collaboration with MEDANTA hospital.


Even though, three different audio and video clips of Shaikh Zakzaky H were released in which he himself explained things as they were unfolding, we were surprised to learn that some well-meaning people due to ignorance of the truth or due to naivety were making remarks like:  “Shaikh Zakzaky is known to be a very patient person. Why would he not be patient and stayed in India to be treated?” 

Although some people were deliberately and mischievously making similar comments to mislead public opinion. But I do not care about such people, since whatever is the case, they will always blame the one hated by them. But I decided to explain only because of the well-meaning individuals.

You should understand that, the Shaikh agreed to go to India for his treatment due to the trust he has for his Indian Doctors and other friends that suggested going to India.  But on reaching there everything was hijacked by the Nigerian embassy in collaboration with the Indian government and of course U.S embassy through remote control. And he was told point blank that our Doctors and friends will have to submit to the decision of the above mentioned trios and will have no say in our treatment.

In addition to this, he and myself were treated very harshly and rudely! Suddenly, the hospital became another prison and a worst prison than the one we left behind! In this atmosphere, the trust which was the main reason we agreed to go to India was completely eroded.

It will be foolish, after all these to submit ourselves to such dangerous situation.

The Shaikh declared that he is ready to be killed by the oppressors but not under the guise of medical treatment. If they wish, they may leave him to die with the poison in his body, or use their weapons to kill him. It will be  very clear to all that they are responsible for killing him. But there is no way he will aid them in killing him covertly.

And finally, it’s important for all to know that it was the Nigerian government that decided to abruptly repatriate the us back to Nigeria without giving us any chance to consult our Doctors and associates of a possibility of changing to another hospital where we and our Doctors will be in control of his treatment.

29 NOVEMBER, 2021

Someone said the Nigerian Shia traitors have stopped being active on social media.

Someone said the Nigerian Shia traitors have stopped being active on social media.

I replied him that he should use the phrase “The remaining Nigerian Shia traitors have……”.

The few remaining of these shameless Shia traitors who supported the paid Saudi agents in Nigeria & publicly supported the US/Saudi-sponsored genocidal massacres of Followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky are silent.

Check ✅ this:

▪️The Iranian dollars to them has dried up due to my campaign.
▪️ Funds from the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman via the National Security Adviser (NSA), General Munguno, has dried up.
▪️ The US/Saudi-sponsored agenda to destroy the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has failed woefully.
▪️ The Leader of Righteous Resistance, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), is alive by the special Grace of God. These shameless traitors wished for his death.
▪️ The genocidal Buhari regime that they supported with all their strength is an intergenerational failure. The worst and most corrupt government in Nigerian history.
▪️ The massive campaigns of calumny and demonization against Sheikh Zakzaky and the Movement that they launched with Rouhani and Bin Salman money was defeated and failed woefully.
▪️ The entire Shia world considered them traitors and shameless enemy assets.
▪️ The Islamic Movement in Nigeria despite all the genocidal massacres and extreme persecution is standing strong with dignity and honor. The Movement is victorious in Courts and on all fronts.


All these successes are fruits of Righteous Resistance. We are grateful to God and the wise leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and our leaders! God protect all of them! Ilahee Ameen!

…..and we will overcome!


Ethiopia: Stop that Useless Civil War Now

Ethiopia: Stop that Useless Civil War Now

One country that I loved so much in Africa and I wish to visit one day is Ethiopia. The first nation to help Oppressed Muslims was Ethiopia when that just Christian King gave asylum to persecuted Muslims at the advent of Islam.

When some few years back the US-created ISIS barbarians murdered 19 Ethiopian hostages in Libya, I cried for three days. I considered that war crime as a historic betrayal of our Holy Prophet (sa).

Christianity arrived Africa not from the West as most people assumed but from Ethiopia. When Ethiopia was Christian, Europe was a pagan continent.

Ethiopia was never colonized by any European power. The Italians tried but they suffered humiliating defeat. The famous battle of Adwa in 1896 will never be forgotten by we Africans. Ethiopians taught the arrogant Italians the rudiments of war.

The stunning scenery of Ethiopia, richly civilized population, serving great food, world-renowned coffee, fascinating history, envious religious freedom and tolerance and much more placed Ethiopia among world great nations. The nation that defeated the arrogant Italian invaders have it our own calendar & Alphabets.

There was a time Ethiopia was an overwhelming Christian population but Islam was allowed to spread with no persecution, victimization, harassment or hate mongering. Today Muslims make up more than 35% of the entire population of Ethiopia. Yes, today there are more than 40 million Muslims in Ethiopia.

I decided to write ✍️ this piece on Ethiopia because of the unfortunate recent happening in that country. Ethiopia with that celebrated National air carrier was doing exceptionally well until this recent stupid war against the Tigray region. Tigray is the North most part of Ethiopia.

The present Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, is a huge disappointed. Starting the war with Tigray was the most stupid decision I have ever seen from a ruler. The Tigrayans were begging for a political solution but this arrogant man refused. Today the Tigrayans are on the doors of Addis Ababa.

On a final note, African countries should as a matter of urgency find a political solution to the Ethiopian crisis. Involving the arrogant West will only worsen the situation. Invasion of Addis Ababa will only trigger huge flow of refugees that Ethiopian neighbors can not contain.

Harun Elbinawi

Six Years Anniversary: Matters Arising After the Zaria Genocide

Six Years Anniversary: Matters Arising After the Zaria Genocide

Exactly on the 12th-14th December, 2015, President Buhari sent the Nigerian army to Zaria under the former chief of army staff, Tukur Buratai, and they massacred more than one thousand innocent men, women, children and infants in less than 72 hours.

People of conscience in Nigeria and around the world strongly condemned the genocidal massacre of innocent and defenseless civilians in Zaria but there are religious and sectarian bigots, slaves of Zionism, agents of Western Imperialism, shameless Shia traitors and Al-Qaeda, ISIS and BokoHaram terrorists that celebrated it.

If you are a Shia in Nigeria and you side with the genocidal criminals that executed the US/Saudi-sponsored #ShiaGenocide agenda in Nigeria in any form or guise, you remain my enemy forever! This is a historical betrayal that your children will be ashame to bear your name one day.

My policy about betrayal is that I don’t give any second chance. Whoever betray me will never get close to me again. I am not a Prophet or a Saint. I am a Warrior of the Soft War.

The genocidal massacre of more than one thousand innocent men, women, children and infants in Zaria in December, 2015, was a crime of the century as this is the worst massacre of innocent and defenseless in the history of the Nigerian state.

Any Shia traitor that criticize the victims automatically side with the genocidal criminals and directly or indirectly justified this monstrous evilness, savagery and barbarism of the highest order.

Even a filthy swine will not believe that a minor traffic offense (road blockade) caused the genocidal slaughter of more than one thousand Shia civilians in Zaria by Tyrant Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang.

The #ZariaGenocide was planned in TEL Aviv, funded by the Saudi regime and supervised by the Great Satan #USA. The goal was to destroy the biggest anti-imperialism Movement on the African continent and eliminate it leading lights.

All the heinous crimes against humanity that constitute war crimes were perpetrated by the Nigerian army in Zaria. Innocent civilians were burnt alive at the residence of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. A Clinic was violently attacked & all the injured killed and the place burnt down. Men, women, children and infants were buried alive in the multiple Shia mass graves by Elrufai according to the comprehensive report of the London-based Amnesty International on ZariaGenocide. The iconic Zaria Hussainiya, a religious site and the biggest in Africa was attacked with battle Tanks and Armoured Personel Carriers (APC). Hundreds of civilians that included women and children were murdered in cold blood. Destroying a religious site is a war crime under the Rome Status of the International Criminal Court, ICC.

Out of extreme wickedness and monstrous evilness, the genocidal Buhari regime kidnapped the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his wife and 157 Survivors of the ZariaGenocide and dumped them in illegal and unlawful detention. They spent more than 3, 4 and 5 years in the dilapidated Kaduna prison before 3 Courts discharged and acquitted all of them. Some of these Survivors were dumped in the dilapidated Kaduna prison with bullets wounds. Some of them died of the wounds due to lack of medical treatment.

Immediately after the brutal and inhuman ZariaGenocide, members of the Movement poured into the streets on peaceful protest demanding justice for victims of the genocide and Freedom of Sheikh Zakzaky. Hundreds of these peaceful protesters were brutally slaughtered by the Nigerian army and police, and more than one thousand injured some with life threatening injuries.

On a final note, as the sixth year anniversary of the ZariaGenocide approach we call on the International Criminal Court, ICC, to hasten the indictment and arrest of the genocidal criminals that executed this brutal genocide in Zaria as the families of victims are waiting for the remains of their loved ones dumped in the multiple Shia mass graves.

God Bless All Our Glorious Martyrs!

Harun Elbinawi

The Kano Zone Peace Settlement of the Movement

The Kano Zone Peace Settlement of the Movement

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), recently invited Kano stakeholders of the Movement and brockered peace.

To my Foreign Friends, Kano Zone is the largest zone of the Movement.

Some years back Kano zone recorded intractable differences and that was the main reason Sheikh Zakzaky sent the Great Scholar, Sheikh Muhammad Mahmood Turi, to Kano. Sheikh Turi successfully united the Kano zone & united members of the Movement.

After the Martyrdom of Sheikh Turi during the #ZariaGenocide, Dr. Sanusi Abdulkadir Koki was appointed as the head of the Kano zone.

Unity in any struggle is most important. I am an advocate of all kinds of unity. Humanity unity; unity of the Oppressed; Muslim Unity and unity of members of the Movement.

I have some little advice for both parties.

To the dissenting party, Dr. Sanusi Abdulkadir Koki is not Sheikh Muhammad Mahmood Turi. The shoe of Sheikh Turi is far bigger for Dr. Sanusi to wear. In fact Sheikh Turi is irreplaceable. His was an icon of honesty, loyalty, steadfastness and sincerity. Tolerate the shortcomings of Dr. Sanusi Abdulkadir and bury the grudges for the sake of unity. I beg you in the name of God!

To Dr. Sanusi Abdulkadir Koki, leadership of a religious organization is a huge responsibility. And your loyalty should be to Sheikh Zakzaky alone and not to any other person. Not even to his wife. I recently heard some Audio tapes of the unguarded statements that you made against the Iran-based Alwilaya TV and their reply to you. Honestly speaking I was highly disappointed with your false claims.

Dear Dr. Sanusi Abdulkadir Koki, when I returned from medical treatment from Iran in 2018, I traveled to Abuja to meet Activist Deji Adeyanju. One of the issues I met there was that you wanted to sabotage that successful Sit-in campaign in Abuja because it was not your camp that organized it. Deji Adeyanju was a witness to your disruptive actions. If you want to be the accepted leader of members of the Movement in Kano zone and hope to wear the blessed shoes of Sheikh Muhammad Mahmood Turi, you MUST shed the garb of a camp warlord and be a leader loyal to Sheikh Zakzaky alone as only he unite all members of the Movement. I will include you in prayers for you to succeed InshaAllah!

On a final note, one of the reasons of my recent attempt for retirement is to escape the unfortunate infighting in the Movement. I was trained to fight the external enemy only and this is my specialty. The wife of Sheikh Zakzaky has a huge role to play for the unity of the Movement as unfortunately those in her sphere of influence are divisive. My pen will like to remember her as a “Khadija” and not an “Aisha”.

Harun Elbinawi

Supporting the Genocidal Criminal Buhari During the 2015 Election the Biggest Mistake of my Life

2023 Election: Avoid The Mistake Of 2015 – Prophet Olorunleke Advises

“Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the President of Calvary Faith Evangelical Ministry International (CFEM), Prophet David Olorunleke, has called on Nigerians to pray fervently so as to avoid the mistake made in 2015 during the presidential polls.”


Some of us Activists of the Movement supported the genocidal criminal Tyrant Buhari in the 2015 general elections and actively campaigned for him. I considered that the biggest blunder of my life. Everyday I regretted this.

Martyr Bello Jega actively campaigned for Tyrant Buhari on all his social media platforms. During the #ZariaGenocide, Tyrant Buhari killed all the Bello Jega family & Elrufai wicked dumped their dead bodies in the multiple Shia mass graves.

Then we were ignorant of the fact that the savage Saudi Wahhabi regime was secretly funding Tyrant Buhari with huge sum of money. It was after the ZariaGenocide that we discovered this fact.

The former president GEJ regime brutally murdered 33 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria that included three (3) biological children of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. We wrongly assumed that we will get Justice with the defeat of GEJ in 2015.

After the ZariaGenocide we realized one important fact that the entire Nigerian ruling elites are against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria due to it Revolutionary credentials and anti-corruption position. We have now taken our destiny in our own hands.

……and we will overcome!

Photo: Martyr Bello Jega family