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Cheap Propaganda by Buhari, Elrufai & Gang of Wicked Mass Murderers:

Cheap Propaganda by Buhari, Elrufai & Gang of Wicked Mass Murderers:

The social media is awash with cheap propaganda by the genocidal Buhari regime on tomorrow court case of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. They are instilling fear into the minds of Nigerians and showing concern for their safety. The same clueless and bankrupt regime that has woefully failed to protect Nigerians.

To the good people of Kaduna state, members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria do not pose any threat to your safety and security. Those that posed existential threat to our existence are the bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarians who collected money from the savage and barbaric Saudi regime and buried Nigerian children alive in Mando mass grave according to the comprehensive report of the London-based Amnesty international on #ZariaGenocide.

Declaring tomorrow as work free day in Kaduna by the genocidal Buhari regime is unnecessary and uncalled for. There is totally no need for that as there will be no protest or rally by the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

Moreover more than 95% of all #FreeZakZaky protest were peaceful. This is top distinction in all exams. The few that were attacked by the cowardly Nigerian army and police resulted in the deaths and injuries of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

We live among Nigerians and Nigerians are well aware of these statistical facts. The peaceful posture of #IMN is unprecedented in the history of this nation.

The good people of Kaduna state should disregard this cheap propaganda of the gang of wicked mass murderers and notorious Child-killers. They are absolute evil.

Have a bless day ahead InshaAllah!



Daily Trust & Hate of Shia Islam in Nigeria

Daily Trust & Hate of Shia Islam in Nigeria

Dear Friends who are not Nigerians, The Daily Trust Newspaper is the leading daily in Northern Nigeria.

Before the brutal and inhuman Saudi-sponsored Zaria genocide where 1000+ innocent and defenseless children, women and men were brutally murdered by the Nigerian army under order from President Buhari, Daily Trust always publish my articles even if I criticized the savage Saudi regime and support Iran and Hezbollah. But with the #ZariaGenocide the Daily Trust has not publish one of my articles till date and I do send my write-ups to them. Daily Trust declared war on me just as they declared war on Shia Islam.

Daily Trust became the official mouthpiece of the Saudi-sponsored #ShiaGenocide in Nigeria. They publish all sorts of rubbish against Sheikh Zakzaky, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Shia Islam and Iran. The peak of evilness of Daily Trust was when they reported that “Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife were killed in a shot out with the Nigerian army”. Dear Friends, there was never any shot out. The cowardly Nigerian army did all the shootings, bombings and burning innocent civilians alive.

Daily Trust once publish a headline titled “Shiites are a threat to National Security”. They deliberately did not use IMN, No, they used “Shiites” just to demonize Shia Islam. This is the contract given to them by the savage Saudi regime under the cover of promoting Sunni supremacy. But how can hate mongering, intolerance and murderous terrorism promote Sunni supremacy in Nigeria, we ask???

History is a witness and history will never forget the role played by Daily Trust during and after the brutal and inhuman Saudi-sponsored Zaria genocide. 1000+ innocent children, women and men were brutally slaughtered in less than 72 hours in a state-sponsored terrorism but Daily Trust did everything humanly possible to justify this genocide.

Out of hate the #FreeZakZaky campaign committee will take paid advertorial to the Daily Trust but they will reject it. Yesterday again using the title “Nigerian Shia” the hate mongering of Daily Trust continue. These genocidal rascals of journalism has failed in their quest to demonize Sheikh Zakzaky and Shia Islam in Nigeria. And they will always fail in this regard. How can a journalist convince people that the murder of peaceful protesters is right and correct?

On a Final note, Shia Islam has come to stay permanently not only in Nigeria but in the entire Black Africa and there is nothing the savage and barbaric Saudi regime can do about it. Genocides and massacres will only fuel the growth of Shia Islam in Africa.

Harun Elbinawi

Advice to the Nigerian Police

Advice to the Nigerian Police

Stop wasting your time abducting #FreeZakZaky protesters in Abuja. The massive Daily Free Sheikh Zakzaky protest today ended peacefully but after the protest the police and allied militias went and abducted dozens of protesters who were on their way home.

The entire Nigerian prisons can not accommodate us even if you empty the prisons of all the inmates. The Abuja protest will continue InshaAllah until Sheikh Zakzaky is freed.

In October last year the elite presidential guards used the heavy duty -50mm calibre machine gun to murder 50+ peaceful protesters in Abuja, the next day thousands stood up to continue the protest with some that were injured. We are people of Resistance, we resist evil as that is obedience to God.

The choice to remain peaceful was made by the Great Leader, Sheikh Zakzaky. It was never an expression of weakness. Despite the fact that the cowardly Nigerian army and police notoriously uses live ammunition on peaceful protesters but we still remain peaceful. Weapons are cheap in Nigeria and readily available. The millions that we are spending to finance the Abuja peaceful protest is enough to buy thousands of AK 47 assault riffles. But Sheikh Zakzaky insist that we remain peaceful.

I will advice the Nigerian police to extend the same effort they are exerting in attacking peaceful free Sheikh Zakzaky protest to the fight against armed banditry, kidnapping and murderous terrorism in the North East. Yesterday 300 armed bandits stormed some villages in Kastina state, plundered the villages and slaughtered innocent and defenseless Nigerians. The Nigerian army and police were nowhere insight.

If the Nigerian army and police had exerted the same effort that they are using against free Sheikh Zakzaky protesters who are peaceful in Zamfara state, armed banditry would have been history in that state. Killing of peaceful protesters is never an achievement. It is a heinous crime against humanity. The former Inspector General is a murderous criminal and bloodthirsty terrorist who slaughtered innocent protesters and #Arbaeen mourners in Kano and Funtua. We never forget as we keep record of all those savages whose hands are stained with the blood of the innocent.

The police profession is honorable and quite rewarding if it is geared towards service to humanity. The reward of God will be great but if the police is killing the innocent that they are paid to protect that sin is grave. We are all Nigerians. The peak of monstrous wickedness and barbarism is to attack defenseless women and children with live ammunition. Save your bullets for armed bandits and murderous terrorists who are killing innocent and defenseless Nigerians. This is my advice.

Harun Elbinawi

The World Stand With Sheikh Zakzaky

The World Stand With Sheikh Zakzaky

“His elder sister was burnt to death,
His wife’s body was riddled with bullets,
His fatal injured & bleeding body was dragged over the corpses of his 3 sons,
He lost his left eye.”

The whole world stand with the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. Protests, rallies, conferences and massive social media campaigns by activists from around the world.

They all have one request: calling on the wicked mass murderer tyrant Buhari and his murderous gang to leave Sheikh Zakzaky and his injured wife proceed for urgent medical treatment from the numerous injuries they sustained when the Nigerian army attacked and bombed their house in December 2015.

Yesterday on the Twitter street I became just a spectator. It was massive! There were Tweets from more than 50 countries. It would have been more if not for the language limitations. Some activists even Tweeted with their language and used English for the Hash Tag. I could not create Tweets. I was just Re-Tweeting. I did that for two hours and I became tired.

These massive reaction buttressed my assertion that if tyrant Buhari murder Sheikh Zakzaky there will be massive global reaction. Today by the Grace of God, Sheikh Zakzaky is a global phenomenon. Today the whole world stand with Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky.

The genocidal imperialism is not happy about this. The genocidal US regime that was the architect of the brutal and inhuman #ZariaGenocide issued a travel restriction on the Nigerian cities of Abuja and Lagos using the pretext of “Shiite protest”. The fact that the #FreeZakZaky tsunami has extended to the commercial city of Lagos in Southern Nigeria is not good news to the genocidal US regime. The major objective of the Zaria genocide was the destruction of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

Victory is near InshaAllah! No evil last forever. Humanity is Grateful!


Harun Elbinawi

The Dying Western Imperialism:

The Dying Western Imperialism:

đź”°Germany has rejected a US request for German ground troops to move into Syria. – News Report

For hundreds of years Western powers dominate the world due to their advancement in weaponry technology. They invaded nations, slaughtered millions and stole wealth and even lands of indigenous population. Some one once asked me why do I constantly refer to these Western regimes as “genocidal”? I replied that in the last 500 years more than 90% of all genocides were perpetrated by these regimes.

Notorious for plunder and looting of the resources of other nations, they manufactured the fraudulent pretexts of democracy, freedom and Human Rights to deceive the gullible.

Dear Friends, the British regime is the mother of imperialism. The crown on the head of the Queen of England is dominated by stolen diamonds and golds from Africa and India. Just recently this genocidal regime hijacked an Iranian Supertanker on international waters.

The genocidal US regime created the murderous ISIS terrorism in Syria to further their evil agenda. The ISIS barbarians slaughtered hundreds of thousands innocent Syrians and Iraqis. Iran, Russia and the Lebanese #Hezbollah destroyed and defeated the US-created ISIS terrorism. Then the US, UK and France sent their soldiers to Syria to protect the last terrorist remnant.

Trump requested Germany to send troops to Syria but Germany publicly rejected that request. Germany refused not because of any ethical or moral reasons but because new forces had emerged in the region.

The students of history are very much conscious of the fact that no evil last forever. Western imperialism and domination will not last forever. The savage Saudi regime that is a tool of Western imperialism is shedding its fraudulent gown of Islam. That fraudulent gown has deceived millions of Muslims.

The study of history is very important. How much did the genocidal British regime stole from India? Go to the British museum what you will see are looted artefact and historical piece. They invaded our Benin kingdom, massacred the population and looted the artefact. Today you find them in the British museum.

With their massive failure of the Regime change agenda in Syria, hopefully the world will not see another Libya again. They murdered Gaddafi, destroyed his country and stole Libya’s billions. The British regime is still spending Gaddafi billions. Today there is slave trade in Libya, all thanks to the genocidal Western imperialism!

Harun Elbinawi

As the Saudi Regime Shed its Fraudulent Islamic Gown

Friday Reflection: As the Saudi Regime Shed its Fraudulent Islamic Gown

“In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act” – George Orwell

đź”°Rapper Nicki Minaj to perform in Saudi Arabia this month – News Report

Nicki Minaj, a female rapper known for her vulgar lyrics and semi-nude dresses will be performing in Jeddah on July 18. The primitive regime made the announcement on July 3 as part of its drive to what it calls “easing restrictions on entertainment”.

One of the important ingredients of the evil agenda of Western imperialism and global Zionism is the portrayal of the Saudi Wahhabi regime as “the representative of Islam”. The Saudi regime is in control of the two most holy sites of Islam, Makkah and Madina. All thanks to the British imperialism! Holy sites are very important for the billions of followers and that was why the genocidal Western imperialism made sure that all the holy sites of Islam and Christianity are under their control. In Palestine they planted a racist Zionist settler colonial entity using the fraudulent claim that “The Bible gave Palestine to Jews”. How can a religious holy Book become a Regional Geography text book, we ask?

The savage and barbaric Saudi regime is a front of Western imperialism in the Islamic world. Whenever they need bloodthirsty murderous terrorists to slaughter the innocent, rape girls and women and destroy towns and cities, the savage Saudi regime supplied them. This was how Al-Qaeda and ISIS were created.

Murderous Wahhabi terrorism serve two purposes for Western imperialism:

+ Brutal slaughter of the innocent in the name of Islam to promote their evil agenda
+ Promote the hate of Islam and Muslims around the world. The Islamophobia industry is well oiled and growing.

Saudi Arabia is rich in crude oil resources and is the biggest exporter of oil in the world. Saudi Arabia is a rich milk factory of US imperialism. Every year the US make billions of dollars from looting the Saudi treasury. Recently I shared a video on my Twitter Handle of how the US President #Trump described the ease with which the US gets money from #Saudi Arabia:

He said:

“Honestly, it’s easier than collecting $113.57 from a tenant in a bad location in #NewYork City. And it’s safer too”

The Saudi regime wearing that fraudulent gown as representative of Islam has deceived millions of gullible Muslims around the world. Some foolishly equate any criticism of the savage Saudi regime as criticism of the Islamic faith. They stupidly considered the worship of the Lord of the Ka’aba as the same with the worship of Saudi barbarism and primitivity. Western imperialism exploit this gullibility and promote the savage Saudi regime as the voice of Islam and Muslims.

The vulgar rapper, Nicki Minaj, will be twerking in Saudi Arabia this month. The bloodthirsty Nigerian Wahhabi clerics should be invited to make the high table. Northern Nigeria was peaceful with religious harmony until Wahhabism arrived in mid 70s and spread hate and intolerance.

The fact that the savage Saudi regime is shedding that fraudulent gown of Islam signify the beginning of the end of a journey. The journey of massive hate mongering, Takfirism (excommunication), murderous terrorism and intolerance in the Islamic world. The savage Saudi regime is the mother of ISIS, Al-Qaeda, BokoHaram and all the murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups. All of them were inspired by the Saudi-sponsored Wahhabism. They slaughter an infant and scream “Allahu Akbar!”. They rape an innocent girl and scream “Allahu Akbar!” They burn a Christian family in Northern Nigeria and scream “Allahu Akbar!”.

On a Final note, The end of this absolute evil will be a welcome development to the largest section of humanity but the genocidal US regime that is leading Western imperialism will lose a close ally and friend.

Harun Elbinawi

Friday Reflection: When the US regime Helped Saddam Gassed Iran

Friday Reflection: When the US regime Helped Saddam Gassed Iran

<<Exclusive: CIA Files Prove America Helped Saddam as He Gassed Iran
The U.S. knew Hussein was launching some of the worst chemical attacks in history — and still gave him a hand.>> – News Report

During the bloody 8 years Iran-Iraq war the genocidal US regime helped the late Iraqi dictator Saddam to gas Iran. More than 10,000 Iranian soldiers and civilians were killed by the Chemical weapons attacks and many more thousands injured. Seeing the Saddam army was on the verge of defeat, the US regime supplied Saddam with all the components of making Chemical weapons. Iran advanced and occupied a section of Iraqi Kurdistan. The Kurds welcomed the Iranian army. Out of anger Saddam bombed the Iraqi city of Halabja and killed more than 5,000 children, women and men. No sanctions from the West and no condemnation.

After the Chemical weapons attacks, top Iranian military commanders visited Imam Khomeini (ra) to seek his permission to manufacture Chemical weapons to avenge the Saddam attacks. Imam Khomeini told them that the production and use of Chemical weapons is Haram (prohibited). That they should manufacture Gas Mask and other protective gears that will insulate them from the US-supplied Chemical weapons.

Despite the fact that Iran has the capability to manufacture chemical weapons but till date Iran does not posses chemical weapons. This is true humanity! The US regime possessed tens of thousands of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. This genocidal regime is the only one to have used nuclear weapons on defenseless civilians. They slaughtered more than 300,000 mostly women and women on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during the second world war. The US regime extensively used chemical and biological weapons in Vietnam. They murdered millions.

A genocidal regime that used nuclear weapons to mass murder civilians does not have any right to determine who should have nuclear weapons and who should not have. The US regime came close twice to use nuclear weapons in the past. And having a genocidal barbarian like Trump as leader this genocidal regime might use nuclear weapons again one-day.

Harun Elbinawi