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Debate in Northern Nigeria on Saudi Sponsor of Terrorism:

Debate in Northern Nigeria on Saudi Sponsor of Terrorism:

Huge debate going on in Northern Nigeria among Sunnis about Saudi Arabia source & support of Wahhabi terrorism & extreme intolerance.

Sunni intellectuals in Northern Nigeria are spreading awareness about Saudi support and funding of murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups.

It is a known fact that Saudi-sponsored #Wahhabism inspired all murderous terrorist groups killing the innocent in the name of #Islam.

Our #Sunni brothers and sisters must understand that #Wahhabism only bring hate, intolerance and murderous terrorism to kill the innocent.

Muslims of Northern Nigeria are today backward in all the indices of progress and development. They are also victims of murderous #BokoHaram terrorism.

Bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages of Northern Nigeria love evil tyrant @MBuhari because he brutally murdered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria.

Semi-illetrate @MBuhari destroyed the economy with more than 4 million Nigerians out of jobs but he massacred Shiites so Wahhabis love him.



The Return of Dangerous Sectarian Politics in Sokoto State

Resource Forum,
Islamic Movement in Nigeria
Sokoto Chapter
Mabera Area
13th October, 2017.
The Inspector General of Police (IGP)
Nigeria Police Force Headquarters,
Louis Edet House, Abuja

Attention: The Return of Dangerous Sectarian Politics in Sokoto State

Sokoto is renowned as the citadel of Islamic civilization in the whole of western Sudan. Thus, Islam as a religion is being held with high esteem amongst the teaming population. In recent years, however, political actors and their conspirators have been involved in dangerous politicization of Islam and its sectarian divide in the state. To be precise, in the build up to 2007 elections, the elites in the state were fiercely involved in power contestations and wrangling of dangerous sorts. Blood letting and violence of high magnitude defined this pattern of politicking. Hate speeches and violent mobilization along sectarian lines became the defining pattern of politics in the state. The Shiite minority group bear the brunt of this dangerous politics. During this period, dubious politicians, thugs, unscrupulous religious elements and bigots were at the fore front in the spread of hate and subsequent attacks on the Shia minority group in the state. The political labels attributed to parties and candidates in the myth of sectarian coloration exacerbated tension and widespread violence against the peaceful minority Shia group. Thus in the bid to wrestle power from one political party, certain group of politicians pledged to wipe out the Shia minority in the state. This has since become the strategy of electioneering campaigns in the state. This made the state, hitherto known as the most peaceful in the country to one of the most volatile and turbulent.

In the course of this precarious sectarian mobilization, dozens of Shiites were killed, hundreds gravely injured, houses in their hundreds burnt and destroyed, many properties and businesses also looted and damaged. This happened with little or no protection from the state. Indeed, an attempt by the then government to enforce the law in 2006, was greeted with outright condemnation by political opponents, who were the perpetrators. This dangerous sectarian politics even became institutionalized after the 2007 general elections. The new government, which promised to annihilate the Shia minority group soon swung into action by implementing a written script leading to gradual extinction of the Shia in the state. The conspiracy began with a false flag operation that led to the death of one of the hired preachers known for the spread of hate and violence against the shia minority. This thus marked the height of the massacre and displacement of the Shia by the combined forces of government (security agencies) and hired as well as indoctrinated thugs. As a result, additional dozens of innocent Shia were gruesomely murdered by thugs and security agents in combined operations. More than 260 houses burnt, shops and business holdings were looted and destroyed in addition to destruction of schools and religious centres. This attracted heap of praises for the government by bigots. In order to legalise its extrajudicial killings and destruction, a handful of other Shia members were arrested and arraigned, prosecuted but subsequently discharged and acquitted by the Federal Court of Appeal. The discharge and acquaintance of the oppressed shia citizens by the Court of Appeal climaxed their vindication as peaceful and law abiding citizens. Even after the acquaintance, compensations were not given to them and they remain unjustly endangered people in the state.

Partisan politics in the state has become highly sectarianised at the expense of the freedom of right to religion, conscience and human dignity, as guaranteed by the 1999 Constitution (as amended). Accordingly, government popularity in the state increases with level of persecution of the Shia. A political atmosphere has therefore been created to legitimize any sort of violence against the Shiiites as a strategy for political success. This was how the Shiites in Sokoto state fared until the 2015 elections. Sadly, this dangerous trend is re-emerging and regaining its feet in the state. The recent dispositions of the state government suggest that it is bent on buying cheaply to the violent anti-shia sentiment and committed to continue bloodletting of innocent Shia minority citizens. On two occasions, for instance, the present state government made declarations, press releases and conferences usurping the religious rights of Shiites to lawfully organise and execute their programs peacefully. These press conferences by the Commissioner for Justice of the state, Barrister Suleiman Usman (SAN), like the previous political tactics, were full of insinuations, instigations and falsehood with the view to prepare grounds for eminent violent attacks. One of such falsehood spread and mentioned in one of the press releases was that Shiites had organised a continental Shia gathering in Sokoto state. The government and its agents have succeeded in demonizing and stigmatizing the Shia population through sponsored hate speeches and campaigns. The label ‘Shia’ has now become vulnerability in itself. It is thus easier for political elements to engage in unwarranted persecution and violent crackdown to gain popularity cheaply. Not even the Shiites, those who have any understanding or sympathy for the Shiites are themselves vulnerable to persecution and violence. Recently, the state government denied a prominent Qadiriyya Scholar, Sheikh Musa Qasuwini, the son of Late Sheikh Nasiru Kabara entry into the state on account of his alleged sympathy for the Shiites. This was influenced by the pressures of Wahabi and Salafi Scholars, who publically commended the government for its continued persecution of the Shia minority groups and their sympathizers. As a return to this dangerous trend, the security agencies are being alerted, and thugs mobilized and empowered to unleash violence on the Shiites.

It is on this account that we draw attention of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and all relevant agencies as copied in this plea, that the lives and properties of innocent and vulnerable Shia group are eminently at risk. This is even more pressing given that the 2019 elections are by the corner and politicians in the state are bent on a return to this dangerous sectarian bloodshed as a strategy for partisan mobilization. The need for prompt and impartial response is thus urgent and can not be contemplated.

Thank you in anticipation of your urgent response.


Prof. Shehu Ahmad Maigandi
Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto
For: The Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria
Sokoto Chapter
Mabera Area, Sokoto
National Human Rights Commission;
Director, Human Rights Watch, Nigeria
Director, Amnesty International, Nigeria;
Senate President, National Assembly
Speaker, House Representatives, National Assembly
Director, Department of State Security, Abuja;
Director, Department of State Security, Sokoto State
Chairman, Nigerian Governors’ Forum
Chairman, Northern Governors’ Forum
Executive Governor, Sokoto State
Attorney General & Commissioner for Justice, Sokoto State
Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC)
Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (SCIA)
The Sultan of Sokoto
Nigerian Bar Association (NBA)
Public complaints Commission, Sokoto
Police Commissioner, Sokoto State
Barrister Femi Falana, SAN
Barrister Festus Okoye, SAN
Hajiya Naja’atu Bala Muhammad
The Concerned Nigerians
Centrum Initiative For Development and Fundamental Ri[truncated by WhatsApp]

Why are Some Christians Slaves of Bloodthirsty Zionist Jews?

Why are Some Christians Slaves of Bloodthirsty Zionist Jews?

The are some Nigerians who hate us because they are slaves of Zionist Jews. Christians worshipping Zionist Jews who hate Jesus (as).

Nobody insult and denigrate Jesus (as) and his chaste mother, Mary (as), like Zionist Jews but these Christians are worshipping them.

Bloodthirsty Zionist Jews do not have the right to be daily killing innocent Palestinian Muslims and Christians & destroying their houses.

Bloodthirsty Zionist Jews will never be the “chosen people of God”. Bloodthirsty murderous criminals will never be chosen by the Merciful God.

We are opposed to any injustice, oppression and genocide against any section of humanity. Unjust occupation of #Palestine is monumental evil.


Mass Murderer Buhari Fear Sheikh Zakzaky Speak to Press:

Mass Murderer Buhari Fear Sheikh Zakzaky Speak to Press:

President Buhari & genocidal @APCNigeria leaders fear that Sheikh Zakzaky speak to the press. They want to cover heinous crimes of #ZariaMassacre.

The full disclosure of the heinous crimes of #ZariaMassacre to Nigerians & unearthing the mass graves will destroy @APCNigeria chances in 2019 elections.

Buhari, Elrufai and gang of mass murderers want to hold Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife in illegal detention incommunicado until after 2019 elections.

Buhari and gang of mass murderers knows that Sheikh Zakzaky is a honest and truthful man who will never cut “deals” with them to hide truth.

The presidential panel on Army atrocities will allow Sheikh Zakzaky address the panel only in secret with no Press around. Evil of Buhari!

Unearthing the Mando mass grave of murdered Shiites will show Nigerians how wicked and evil President Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang are.

Bringing out Shia children brutally murdered by @MBuhari, @elrufai, Buratai and gang from Mando mass grave will shock the whole world.


#ZariaMassacre: Definition of #Blunder

#ZariaMassacre: Definition of #Blunder:

A gross error or mistake resulting usually from stupidity, ignorance, or carelessness. @segalink @abellodam

After @MBuhari slaughtered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria & celebrated with the Saudi king four days later, his supporters are now calling it #Blunder.

The inner circle of @NGRPresident @MBuhari are presently using the word “Blunder” to describe the #ShiaGenocide in Nigeria. #ZariaMassacre

Buhari & his gang of mass murderers are using the word “Blunder” to describe #ShiaGenocide in Nigeria because their evil agenda has failed.

After Buhari & gang brutally murdered 1000+ innocent Nigerians in Zaria, they launched massive campaigns of calumny and demonization against Sheikh #Zakzaky & #IMN.

Today Nigerians have realize all the lies and campaigns of calumny of wicked mass murderer Buhari & gang against Sheikh #Zakzaky and #IMN.

Zaria genocide today is “blunder” to @MBuhari and his murderous gang because the righteous #Resistance of #IMN defeated their evil agenda.

Buhari & murderous gang brutally murdered 1000+ innocent Nigerians in Zaria. They will be fighting it consequences for the rest of their miserable lives.


#Atheism Growing Among Educated Muslim Youths of Northern Nigeria

#Atheism Growing Among Educated Muslim Youths of Northern Nigeria:

#Atheism is growing among the educated Youths of Northern Nigeria. These youths are doubting the existence of God & the day of judgement.

These youths were born into #Wahhabism, the wicked distortion of Islam and its universal message by bloodthirsty Arab savages of Najd.

These youths were presented with the “#Islam” that inspired murderous terrorism, celebrate inhuman killings of the innocent and spread hate.

These youths were presented with the “Islam” that is inferior to science. Dogmatic Islam that hate questions, research & positive reasoning.

The Islam that inspired the great men and women of history was not presented to these youths. They saw their scholars celebrating terrorism.

#Islam is knowledge not ignorance, Islam is love not hate, Islam is humanity not evil murderous terrorism, Islam is progress not destruction.

Atheist: “I can not believe in what I can’t see”.
Elbinawi: “Do you believe in electric current?
Atheist: yes.
Elbinawi: “can you see it?
Atheist: Silent


Glimpses of the range of crimes against humanity carried out by Nigerian Army in Zaria (December, 2015)

Glimpses of the range of crimes against humanity carried out by Nigerian Army in Zaria (December, 2015)

Today Monday 16th October, 2017 the sitting of the Presidential Investigation Panel looking into human rights abuses by Nigerian Army is expected to commence in Kaduna. We therefore reflect on the range of offences seen in Zaria genocide and the crimes against humanity initiated and executed by the Nigerian Army including but not limited to:

*1. Mass extra judicial killings:*

On that fateful weekend, the Nigerian Army started the killing spree at about 12:00 noon on Saturday, 12th December. As they shot without provocation, they also dragged the corpses along into large trucks waiting in the vicinity. Contrary to what they sold as the actual cause of opening fire, there was no Chief of Army Staff at that point. There was no road block and there was no procession or any program taking place at the time.

Only a handful of mostly students taking lessons with their tutors and early arrivals for the flag changing event to have held by late evening were in Hussainiyyah at the time. The Chief of Army Staff arrived the scene of the event about three hours later at 3:20pm. That was when the alibi was acted and filmed with their agents performing.

Soon after that, they maintained a siege of Hussainiyyah for almost 20 hours, until in the early hours of Sunday 13th when they threw explosives inside the compound and forcefully made their way. In the process, they further killed scores including the injured in the earlier shooting, who were receiving first aid inside the complex. Again, they parked all the corpses and went away with them.

On that Saturday the 12th at about 9:30pm, soldiers arrived the Gyellesu neighbourhood of Zaria, where the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky was. Most of the members of the Islamic Movement who had come for the event of flag hoisting had gone to the residence or surrounding houses where other members of the Movement lived. These were the ones who came for the program from far and wide but could not make it to the Hussainiyyah because of what was going on there at the time.

As soon as the soldiers arrived, they opened fire indiscriminately and as a result, casualty figures were mounting in geometric proportions. This went on throughout the night and well into Sunday late afternoon. By that time, well over a thousand people were killed. The whole of Gyellesu residence of the Sheikh and surrounding places were littered by heaps of corpses, as attempts at parking the corpses into military trucks by the soldiers could not match the rate of killing. On Monday morning, they came back and continued from where they stopped! That was when they killed the three sons of the Sheikh and also fatally shot both the Sheikh and the wife at pointblank range.

That same Saturday night, another contingent of the Military had proceeded to Darul Rahma burial ground belonging to the Islamic Movement, where scores who could not reach either the Gyellesu residence or the Hussainiyyah took refuge. Again, all the people there were killed in cold blood.

Overall, well over a thousand souls were killed by the Military between Saturday and Monday.

*2. Secret burials in mass graves:*

There were so many corpses than they could park and much more than all the morgues in Zaria could take. Initial corpses were deposited in ABUTH Shika. Others were taken to Nigerian Military Deport in PZ. However, there were many more than they could possibly handle. A decision was made on Sunday to secretly give them mass burial.

To further hide the number of those killed, the site of the burial was chosen to be about a hundred kilometers from the scene, in Mando, in the outskirts of Kaduna. The time chosen for the burial, 12 midnight removes any iota of doubts that there was a deliberate attempt at hiding the figures killed. That the burial took nearly five hours to complete gives an idea of the number of people they struggled to cover.

We reliably know that there are at least two other undisclosed sites close to this confessed place. At the right time, these other sites will be made public.

*3. Rape:*

Witnesses reported that young girls were raped and shot, especially in Hussainiyyah and Darul Rahama. There were reports of other types of sexual assault. Many young girls had their veils forcibly removed. The Sisters forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria had addressed a press conference over this much earlier. Witnesses abound.

*4. Genital mutilation with a view to prevent further reproduction of the group:*

One of the worst crimes committed against the Islamic Movement was a pattern of deliberate attacks and mutilation of the reproductive areas of especially the women and girls. For instance, women shot were shot in the pelvic regions of the body. Others had their breasts cut off. The worst of all, the soldiers verbally abused them saying that even if they survived, they will not live to born more Shiites! Pregnant women had their bellies reaped open and the foetus killed. It was obvious that they wanted outright prevention of further reproduction within the group.

*5. Arson:*

The military quite early in the attacks engaged in criminal, intentional and deliberate setting of buildings on fire. That was what was done to most buildings particularly the house of Sheikh Zakzaky and surrounding houses.

*6. Burning people alive:*

This was what befell most people who were so injured to move away from fire as the military torched the buildings. Sheikh Zakzaky’s elder sister was picked and thrown into the fire while she was still alive. The same fate befell so many others. Beside the weak and injured, the rampaging soldiers also burnt corpses as well.

*7. Burying people alive:*

Witnesses reported that some survivors were buried alive. This was particularly true of those shot in Darul Rahama. There was no certification of deaths before the hasty mass burial.

*8. Wanton destruction of properties:*

This pogrom executed by the Nigerian military involved massive wanton destruction of properties belonging to the Islamic Movement. The destruction of property did not stop at only the places the killings and arson took place, it extended to other places where there was no incident at all, such as Sheikh Zakzaky’s Mother’s house and grave. In Darul Rahama, many graves were desecrated as well.

*9. Forced evictions:*

So many members of the Islamic Movement especially those hitherto resident in Gyellesu were forcibly evicted from their houses.

*10. Wrongful detention:*

Hundreds of other members of the Movement, including the injured, women and very young children were arrested and arbitrarily detained wrongly. Some few died in custody and many suffer from life-threatening illnesses but remain wrongfully detained without access to appropriate medical attention. Others are standing trial forcefully falsely accused of culpable homicide among other framed up charges. The trials are stalling as prosecutors proceed with the cases at a snail pace. Some others remain detained without charges for almost two years now.

Sheikh Zakzaky and the wife belong to the later category. When the Sheikh challenged his detention in Court and obtained a favourable judgement stating that his continued detention by the Department of State Security is illegal, unconstitutional and violates his fundamental rights, the government continues to detain him and the wife almost incommunicado in contempt of that court ruling.

*11. Enforced disappearances:*

The Nigerian army abducted many members of the Islamic Movement, especially girls and young men and took them to unknown destinations. These are probably being held in several underground detention facilities across the country.

The Islamic Movement had brought out a list of over 800 of its members still missing, who might probably be alive somewhere.

By and large, these are by no means an exhaustive list of very serious unspeakable crimes against humanity committed by the Nigerian army in Zaria in December of 2015. Although Amnesty International talked about a scandalous mass attempt at coverup, it is expected that the Panel will rise above parochial approach to meet expectations and dispense justice.

We await justice as the World watches. It is actually long overdue for the Nigerian authorities to come out clean about what happened in Zaria between December 12 – 14, 2015.

*© #FreeZakaky Campaign Committee, October 2017*