#ZariaGenocide: The Excruciating Pains of 12th December

The Excruciating Pains of 12th December

12th December was usually a day of mourning for me even before the #ZariaGenocide of 2015 because that was the day my beloved Father died in 1986. Someone described him then as a wide and expansive Tree 🌴 that gave shelter to the family, neighbors, poor and needy.

My dream is to be like him in generosity and kindness but this has not happened up till now.

When I was small my Father usually take me to accompany him to anywhere he is going because as he told my Mum “He should learn the ways of the world”.

Then if I saw him donating money to the poor I will hold his hand and screamed in our Language “Yaya your money will finish, stop giving people money!”. We called him “Yaya” which is “Senior” in our Language because that was what our Mother called him. In our tradition it is a taboo for a wife to call her husband by his name.

One day he sat me down and told me that it was God that decreed helping the poor and downtrodden in the Quran. And he quickly added “If you give, God will increase your wealth!”. I will never forget those words.

With the brutal and inhuman ZariaGenocide of December, 2015, a much bigger Tragedy occurred as the genocidal criminals in power in Nigeria massacred more than one thousand innocent men, women, children and infants in Zaria in less than 72 hours.

On 12th December, the day of losing a biological Father and the day of losing more than one thousand beloved brothers and sisters that included the Great #Turi is definitely a day of mourning.

Despite all this, my line of thoughts goes to the Families of Martyrs of the ZariaGenocide. Their beloved fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters are still in the multiple Shia mass graves created by Tyrant Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang.

The volume of tears 😭😭😭 in my eyes will not allow me continue writing this post. Our heartfelt Condolences to Imam Mahdi (ajf), Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and All the Families of Martyrs for this irreplaceable loss! God congregate our Glorious Martyrs with the Martyrs of Karbala! Ilahee Ameen!

Harun Elbinawi

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