The Fraudulent “Peace Walk” of Lagos State Governor

The Fraudulent “Peace Walk” of Lagos State Governor

The Governor of Lagos state, @jidesanwoolu, who invited the Nigerian army to Lekki Tollgate during the #EndSARS protest recently invited the people of Lagos state for “Peace Walk”.

It is important for Nigerians to understand the difference between two words; peace and surrender. They are two different words erroneously used by genocidal criminals and wicked tyrants of history to encapsulate the heinous crimes against humanity that they perpetrated and present a fraudulent “human face” to the public.

Martyr Ayatollah Mutahari, one of the greatest Students of Imam Khomeini (qs) clearly pointed the difference between peace and surrender in one of his Books.

What the Governor of Lagos state, @jidesanwoolu, suggested is not a call to peace but a call to surrender. He is calling for the total surrender of innocent victims of the #LekkiMassacre where the Nigerian army murdered 20+ Youths singing the National Anthem. A plot to bury his role and bury the Truth with the innocent victims.

This same shameless little Tyrant @jidesanwoolu told the CNN in a live interview that two people were killed at the Lekki Tollgate and many injured but while releasing his “White (Black) Paper” claimed nobody was killed at Lekki Tollgate.

The peak of wickedness, monstrous savagery and barbarism is for elected leaders in a democratic setting to orchestrate the mass murder of innocent and defenseless civilians and try to cover it up to hide the heinous crimes against humanity perpetrated.

It is known throughout human history that real peace is impossible without Justice for victims of mass murder. The brutal massacre at the Lekki Tollgate was a deliberate mass murder of innocent peaceful protesters by a genocidal regime that perpetrated genocide in Zaria in December, 2015.

The shameless @jidesanwoolu should understand the fact that history is not on their side as one day he, his master Buhari, Tukur Buratai and Lt Col Bello will face the long arm of Justice for the 20/10/2020 Lekki Tollgate massacre of Nigerian Youths.

On a final note, Our heartfelt Condolences once again to families of victims of the Lekki Tollgate massacre, speedy recovery for the injured! Ilahee Ameen!

Harun Elbinawi

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