The White #ISIS & the Black ISIS

The White #ISIS & the Black ISIS

One of the biggest threats to world peace and security today is the murderous Wahhabi Terrorism in the name of #Islam. Bloodthirsty terrorist groups have emerged in many different countries under different names and banners but their agenda and methodology is one and the same & that is promotion of Saudi-sponsored Wahhabism/Salafism by brutally killings and destructions.

The deadliest of these groups by the largest number of people killed is the #BokoHaram but the most notorious is ISIS that was formed by America and it’s allies to overthrow the Syrian government. Combined these Wahhabi-inspired terrorist groups have killed more than one hundred thousand people of which more than 90% of all those killed are #Muslims. Innocent Muslims firm the overwhelming majority of all those killed by these murderous terrorist groups.

On the outside the Saudi regime pretends that it is opposed to these murderous terrorist groups but on the inside they are together with #Qatar & #Turkey their major sponsors. It is important to note that the Saudi-funded mosques & schools around the world are the main incubators of this murderous terrorism, such sponsorship have not stopped even for a second. And the Saudi regime continued to chunk out the poisonous books and literatures that inspired this murderous terrorism.

The inquisitive & scientific mind will ask the question that why are major Western powers closely allied to a savage regime like the Saudi? The British Empire created the Saudi regime for a purpose and to this day the Saudi regime is loyal to Western imperialism. These arrogant imperialist powers uses this Wahhabi thugs as their proxy Armies in countries they want to destroy to further their imperialist agenda.

Then we heard that Saudi Arabia is going to form a military coalition of 30+ Muslim countries against #ISIS and that it is going to lead the coalition and the headquarters of the coalition will be permanently stationed in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia! The Saudi regime did all these without proper consultations with the member states, it was an imposition and those countries are expected to obey.

If I may ask what are the experience of the Saudi regime in military affairs that gives it the right to head a military coalition that included Egypt and Pakistan, countries that had past battlefield experience? And why should that “Islamic military alliance” exclude Iran and those Muslim countries that are closely allied to Iran?

With these unaswered questions beget doubts as to the true intention of that Saudi-sponsored coalition. It is a known fact that the biggest sponsors of Wahhabi Terrorism formed that so-called Islamic coalition specifically to target the #Iranian – led Axis. The Saudi regime thinks it can get Armies of Muslim countries to attack #Iran unfortunately for it most of the leaders of the major Muslim countries refused to buy that idea.

If these people are really sincere in fighting against and defeating the murderous terrorism that is tarnishing the name of #Islam, the question is which ideology inspired these bloodthirsty monsters to commit all these atrocities and massacres? #Wahhabism that is sponsored by the Saudi regime is that ideology & if the world can destroy that deviant Wahhabi ideology then such terrorism will end.

Finally, we should not be confused about the White Daesh of Saudi Arabia and the Black Daesh of Abubakar al – Baghdadi. They are one and the same both serving the evil agenda of the New World Order ( NWO ) that comprises Western imperialism & Global Zionism.

Harun Elbinawi


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