Please #PrayForMogadishu!

Please #PrayForMogadishu!

More than 230 innocent civilians were brutally slaughtered by bloodthirsty Wahhabi terrorists in #Mogadishu, Somalia.

These 230+ murdered Somalis were not Europeans or Jews, they were Africans and Muslims. Reason why there is no world outcry & condemnation.

No outcry from their own African and Muslim brothers and sisters because most of them are mental slaves of genocidal European savages.

Imagine if it were 230+ Europeans killed in a terrorist attack! President Buhari will be the first to send condolences & strong condemnation.



The Mask Is Off: Buhari Is Corrupt, Factional, Lacks Integrity By Dr. Perry Brimah

The Mask Is Off: Buhari Is Corrupt, Factional, Lacks Integrity

Dr. Perry Brimah

Where is the integrity in a man who stubbornly shields cabal accused of looting millions of dollars meant for the upkeep of victims of Boko Haram terror? Does such a person have integrity? Can a person who continued to employ and now fights to protect a former corrupt regime security chief found to have $43 million stashed in an apartment his wife bought be said to be against corruption?

How do you defend a president who promoted officials in the NNPC who were all part of the former corrupt regime’s top staff when looting of billions of dollars was happening under Diezani and Jonathan? How do you claim integrity for such a ruler who after his minister of state complains about such person and accuses him of misappropriations to the tune of $25 billion, only forces a gag to save personal face?

Is dealing with corruption and protecting the future of the Nigerian masses more important to Buhari or is saving his name and his cabal cronies his top priority?

They say, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are. Whose friends are Abba Kyari and Maman Daura? Are they your friends or are they not Buhari’s friends? How do you extract Buhari from the corrupt cabal at the presidency who he appointed, employed or handed Nigeria over to? Even if he made a mistake at first, how do you defend him for keeping them around him till the end of his tenure? How do you explain how Buhari has failed to lock up a single corrupt cabal and has never seen the need to fire a single of his cabinet members, in spite of all sorts of allegations? Were they all perfect? Obasanjo sacked ministers and locked up his police chief. And Obasanjo is no one to write home about.

How do you explain the alleged embezzlement at Aso rock clinic and Buhari’s exorbitant medical tours? How do you explain the presidential jet unnecessarily parked abroad at a cost of millions of tax-payer dollars? Integrity? While thousands of Nigerians are dying from hunger? How do you explain the Emefiele-run FOREX subsidy scam, as bad as Jonathan’s fuel subsidy scam, that had Buhari making new billionaires and feeding the established cabal billions as Emir Sanusi lamented and Reuters reported in its article captioned “Africa’s richest man got a fistful of dollars in Nigerian currency squeeze.”

How do you regard a ruler who participated in nepotism with CBN and FIRS jobs and who turned the other way and failed to investigate when his army chief was accused of possessing millions of dollars worth of property in Dubai? How do you describe a ruler who refused to investigate persons like Saraki and Dangote listed in the Panama Papers damning expose?

What can we say of a president who goes all out to protect Dasuki by never bringing him to court? A man accused of looting billions of dollars, and leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of Nigerians?

And then, what legacy does a man who aims to tear Nigeria to pieces with his factional and sectional policies, leave behind? A man who has struggled to introduce Sunni, Shia open and deadly enmity in Nigeria, never before heard of in our nation? A man who tore apart his very own north and whose regime stands accused of massacring and secretly burying hundreds of Shia Muslim minorities in the middle of the night?

How do you regard a man who sent the army to massacre secessionist pro-Biafrans on several occasions but who defends rampaging militant Fulani herders who have actually raised down dozens of towns and villages and who murder an average of 1000 Nigerians every year?

As early as a month after Buhari was sworn in, I recognized how self-centered Buhari was. I wrote an article in July of 2015 that went viral on LindaIkeji, captioned “Buhari Changes Personal Security But leaves Nation Under Risk – by Perry Brimah.” Yes, while Buhari had invited me to his inauguration, that did not stop me from quickly realizing that the Buhari who was just sworn in was not the Buhari we had prognosticated. This was another person, a “Jibrin.”

Some had quickly detected who Buhari was…the minute he gave his infamous 97-5% sectional speech in the US. However it took longer for the mask to come off for others to see who Buhari was and who he was not. But today, most can see. Buhari is no man of integrity; he is no man who detests corruption. Buhari is a chip of the old block. A PDP man. A colonial-minded cabal, detached from the masses. A slave driver and cabal defender.

Unfortunately the APC regime is no different from the PDP regimes before it, both in person and principle. Like the Bible said, some come to steal, kill and destroy and some come to give life. Even fanatic Nigerians are beginning to determine what this government has come to give. The mask is off. The sheep’s skin has fallen.

Dr.; @CabalMustGo revolution, on WhatsApp: +1-929-427-5305; Follow @EveryNigerian on twitter or via

Iran Support Hezbollah & HAMAS Against Bloodthirsty Israeli Savages:

Iran Support Hezbollah & HAMAS Against Bloodthirsty Israeli Savages:

#IRGC prevented Syria & Iraq from falling to #US imperialism.
IRGC, #Hezbollah & allies destroyed #ISIS in #Syria, #Iraq and #Lebanon.

The US, UK, France & their Saudi puppets created #ISIS in 2012 to destroy Syria & overthrow President Assad. #Iran-led Bloc prevented that from happening.

#Iran support #Hezbollah & #HAMAS. Isreali regime invaded Lebanon in 1982. Hezbollah drove them out in 2000 & defeated Israeli army in 2006.

#HAMAS expelled the bloodthirsty #Israeli savages from #Gaza & freed the strip from wicked & inhuman Israeli occupation. #FreePalestine

Today the more than 2 million Lebanese Christians are safe & protected from #ISIS, #AlQaeda & the Israeli regime. All thanks to #Hezbollah!

Today 100s of 1000s of Christians are safe and protected in Syria and Iraq. All thanks to #Iran, #Hezbollah, Iraqi #PMU and allies.

#Trump, his Zionist Israeli masters & Saudi dogs can go to Hell & remain there.

Long live the #Resistance
God bless the #Men_Of_God


#IMN Funds It Programs & Activities:

#IMN Funds It Programs & Activities:

Murderous criminals Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai etc who executed the inhuman #ZariaMassacre & Saudi agents in Nigeria were spreading lies that Iran is funding #IMN.

President Buhari and his gang of mass murderers have not present a single proof to Nigerians that #Iran is funding IMN programs and activities.

IMN since inception fund all its programs and activities. When we were students at ABU, Zaria, we fund all our programs and activities on campus from our personal allowances.

We use to invite Sheikh Zakzaky for #Ramadan Tafsir. Then Sheikh Zakzaky have no car, we use to seek for contribution in the Tafsir session to fund his transport.

In 2013 the Israeli regime incited the GoodLuck Jonathan regime to go after me due to my Online activism against them. They searched my Bank accounts but saw nothing.

IMN have lots of projects on paper but can not execute them due to lack of funds. IMN had a Safe vault in the destroyed Husseiniyya where members contributions are kept.

When the Nigerian Army bombed and destroyed the Husseiniyya they stole more than 10 million from the IMN Safe vault. They killed our children and stole our money.

Today the biggest financial challenge IMN is facing is funding the 1,978 Orphans of the Zaria genocide. Children whose parents were killed by Buhari and gang.



That open letter to Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar by Musal Al-Qasuyin Nasir Kabara, by Prof. Abubakar Liman

That open letter to Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar by Musal Al-Qasuyin Nasir Kabara,

by Prof. Abubakar Liman

12 -October – 2017


History is a living testimony to the fact that Islam in Bilad’u-Sudan has indeed come along way. In short, Islam is an integral part of the history of West Africa. As you are well aware, Sunni Islam is the dominant current that has found its way to West Africa since the emergence of the religion in the Arabian Peninsula. However, Shi’a Islam has only existed in pockets and clusters across Africa. That has been the situation until its massive gains lately with the eruption of 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, which was engineered by Ayatollah Ruhullah Khomaini.
The two broad doctrinal divisions of Islam have been around with us in Africa for centuries, except of course if someone is now going to erase the history of Fatimid Muslims in Egypt, a history that is responsible for even the birth of Al-Azhar University. The Fatimids have almost wiped off the historical map of Islam by the forces of Salaudeen Ayubi (the Kurd) who was in the neighboring Palestine to confront the Crusaders. There are also the Shi’a communities of East Africa that have been with us since the Shi’a migrations from the Middle East as they ran away from the persecution of Omayyad Caliphs. In this article, however, I will be concerned with both the history and sociology of Islam in contemporary northern Nigeria, a region that has all alone been of a mosaic of faiths, characterized by plurality religions, doctrinal differences, and variegated ideological formations.
As elsewhere described by Mervyn Hiskett, the elitist and exclusivist Qadiriyya Sufi Order, which has historically triggered the emergence of more populist and pragmatist Tijaniyya Sufi Order, is as old as Islam in Africa. Qadiriyya is one of the forerunners of West African Islam that inspired the growth and development of Islamic reform movements and revolutions in the 19th century. Islamic revolutionary upheavals have historically swept large swathes of land across Sahel West Africa. The Sokoto Jihad in Hausa land under the leadership of Sheikh Usmanu bin Fodio is one typical example. The ideological superstructure that nourished the Sokoto Jihad is drawn from Qadiriyya Sufi ideas with its Mahdist streak that motivated such a revolution in Hausa land. Since the conquest of Habe dynasties of the ancient Hausa kingdoms by the forces of Islamic Jihad, Sokoto was established as the new capital of what Murray Last described as Sokoto Caliphate. Henceforth, the city of Sokoto becomes the new spiritual nerve centre of the Caliphate or what is subsequently dubbed the Emirates of Northern Nigeria. Throughout the colonial period, the efforts of British colonialists to undermine the sovereignty of the Sultan or Caliph of Sokoto, as the case may be, did not much affected the spiritual significance of Sokoto, especially amongst the adherents of Qadiriyya Sufi Order.
The tombs of the Sheikhs, the founding fathers of the Sokoto Caliphate, appropriately named the Hubbare, has for more than one hundred years been attracting people magnetically to the place. It has become the center of perennial visit of Muslims of Qadiriyya extraction from all corners of West Africa and beyond. On annual basis, Qadiriyya Muslims from all parts of Nigeria and Niger Republic have been coming for a mini-pilgrimage to Sokoto to offer prayers at the Hubbare, and to seek Allah’s blessings through the agency of the wali (saint) that was buried there. A tradition has since been established in which Qadiriyya adherents would have to pay homage to the tomb of the saints of Sokoto at least once in a life time. I myself could vividly recall how Sheikh Nasir Kabara himself would make a detour to spend the night in our family house before proceeding to the Hubbare in Sokoto. That was between late 1960s and the 1970s. It used to be an annual event, especially in those days. This is, however, the context of Sheikh Musal Qasuyin Nasir Kabara’s aborted visit to Sokoto. Sheikh Qasuyin is not new to such visits to Sokoto. Decades ago, he used to accompany his late father to Sokoto to pay his respect to the tombs of the leaders of Sokoto Jihad resting at the Hubbare.
For whatever curious reason, Sheikh Qasiyun was denied entry into Sokoto to visit the Hubbare. Heavily armed military personnel and mobile police were mobilized to refuse Sheikh Qasiyun access to the city of Sokoto. What could have been the reason behind the drastic measures adopted by Sokoto authorities? In the letter he couched in Hausa language, Sheikh Qasuyin Kabara claimed that for two months he made efforts to secure permission from the officials of Sokoto Emirate to pay a visit to the Hubbare together with his followers, but to no avail. Authorities had refused to even respond to his phone calls. As usual with everything that borders on faith in Nigeria, Sheikh Qasiyun decided to damn the consequences by attempting to visit Sokoto without the express permission of the officials of Sokoto Emirate, as reckoned in his letter. On this journey, Sheikh Qasiyun’s followers mobilized slightly over fifty vehicles for the journey. He received the shock of his life when he met heavily armed mobile police at the entrance of the city of Sokoto. Worse, at the premises of the Hubbare a contingent of army personnel was stationed to prevent him from coming there. Sheikh Qasiyun alleged that he was denied access to the Hubbare by the officials of Sokoto Emirate Council because he and his followers were said to be professing Shi’a Islam. He was also said to be intent of violently forcing his way to the Hubbare. A charge he flatly denied elsewhere in his letter.
The letter also unequivocally expressed Qasiyun’s reservations on the conduct of the Sultan whom he has chosen to address directly. The opening section of the letter alluded to how the Emirate Council in Sokoto decided to take sides in the battle of supremacy raging between Sheikh Qasiyun and his elder brother Sheikh Qaribu Nasir Kabara. He proceeded from there to exhort the sultan to always investigate issues before he takes sides or jumps to conclusions. For the avoidance of doubt, Sheikh Qasiyun outlined three key components distinguishing his fundamental concerns in his proselytization activities. First, he describes himself as a specialist on the history of Prophet of Islam vis-à-vis the establishment of the Islamic faith. He particularly calls attention to the spiritual proximity of the Prophet to the almighty God. In addition, he specialized in recounting the exquisite sterling qualities and impeccable virtues of the Prophet from authentic Sunni sources. Second, he sees himself as an indefatigable activist of Qadiriyya Sufi Order rather than the Shi’a he was alleged to have been. Third, he was not known to be someone who minced his words over the conditions of Muslims in Nigeria and other parts of the world. All these concerns, according to him, he inherited from his father Sheikh Nasir Kabara of blessed memory. So, if anybody sees Shi’ism in these concerns he should blame his teacher and father for giving him such orientation.
The next section of his letter was his unabashed defense of Shi’a Muslims and their creed. He wondered why the Shi’a Muslims in Nigeria were so hated to the extent of justifying their brutal dehumanization and killings. He posed a question to the effect that if Shi’a Muslims were so hated because of the allegation that they are in the habits of discrediting the companions of the Prophet of Islam, why were non-Shi’a creeds ignored in their own type of excesses? He further asked, how could any sensible person welcome those (their identity is not disclosed in the letter) that are also in the habits of raining torrents of abuse on the personality of the Prophet and his family or even the most compassionate God? How could anybody accept those kinds of people that would turn around to hypocritically claim the defense of the integrity of the companions of the Prophet? More so, he could not understand the rationale of a Sultan that would be running from pillar to post calling for inter-faith unity in Nigeria while at the same time ignoring the persecution of Shi’a Muslims, especially whenever their fundamental human rights as Nigerian citizens were violated, despite the constitutional guarantees of rights and liberties of all citizens irrespective of their choices of faith systems. He then concluded his letter with strings of advice to the Sultan on the need for him more than any other person in Nigeria to exercise justice and equity dispassionately in his handling of the affairs of all Muslims no matter their doctrinal differences.
Obviously, it is very difficult to fault the position of Sheikh Qasiyun in his letter to the Sultan of Sokoto. To begin with, as he categorically denied it in his letter, he is not a Shi’a Muslim or clergy. He is, of course, a thoroughbred Qadiriyya brotherhood member in the footsteps of his late father. However, authorities are a little bit edgy because of his style of preaching which, to them, sounds too Shi’itesque in its expression of the esteem and virtues of the Prophet of Islam and his progeny, which some latter-day Islamic denominations are not happy with at all. In fact, more than many scholars of his own kind, he establishes his justification exclusively from Sunni sources and references in his analysis of events in Islamic history. And in case we don’t know, Sufi Orders share lots of things in common with Shi’a Islam, at least in the adoration of the Prophet of Islam. We need to read more the history of our faith with an open mind to understand the nature of what we think we are fighting, as he rightly inferred in his entreaty to the Sultan of Sokoto. Furthermore, if you can stop Shi’ism, you can as well stop some sections of Muslim from expressing their love for the Prophet.
To this end, I will join Sheikh Qasiyun in saying that intimidation, persecution and threats of death cannot stop the spread of Shi’a Islam here or elsewhere. If that approach did not work in the past, I can’t see how it will work in the present. The earlier we understand this the better for everybody. If persecution were efficacious, it would have worked for Saudi Arabia against its significant Shi’a adherents in not just the Qatif region, but in Medina and Mecca. Again, now that our own kids are trooping into atheism en masse due to our refusal to be tolerant and broadminded, what are we going to do to them? Are we going to kill them, too? My dear people, intolerance, and threats to ideas and differences are not going to take us anywhere. We should have understood that by now anyway.

Mr Liman is a professor of Comparative Literature and Popular Culture at Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria
Source: Daily Nigerian Newspaper

Buhari is extremely wicked & cruel but always wear fake mask of innocence:

Buhari is extremely wicked & cruel but always wear fake mask of innocence:

I saw videos of Igbo women running with their children from the @HQNigerianArmy yesterday in Anambra state. It was as if they saw #BokoHaram terrorists.

Some weeks back President Buhari out of hatred for the Igbo tribe sent the @HQNigerianArmy to do “paython dance” & kill innocent civilians.

The same bloodthirsty tyrant @MBuhari yesterday sent the @HQNigerianArmy to Anambra state to “vaccinate” school children. @skusman @zinadabo

Buhari murdered 3 children of Sheikh Zakzaky in his residence. The same Buhari told a court that he is holding him in “protective custody”!

President Buhari is not only a bloodthirsty Wahhabi savage but he is extremely wicked & cruel. But he always wear a fake mask of innocence.

@HQNigerianArmy denied that it is not spreading #MonkeyPox virus. The Army that burnt Shia children alive can perpetrate any heinous crime.


#ZariaMassacre: Chief IPO fingers Army in killing of Corporal Dankaduna

#ZariaMassacre: Chief IPO fingers Army in killing of Corporal Dankaduna

The Chief Investigating Police Officer, Chief Superintendent of Police, Ibrahim Abdul, of the Nigeria Police who led the investigating team of Police that investigated the Zaria incident in December 2015 has placed the blame in respect of the alleged killing of Cpl Dankaduna on the doorsteps of the Nigerian army.

Over 200 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have been in Prison Custody since December 2015 while standing trial before the Hon. Justice David Nyom of the High Court of Kaduna State allegedly for killing Cpl. Dankaduna and for other sundry offences.

At the resumed sitting of the Court on the 10th of October 2017, the Prosecution led by the Director of Public Prosecution of Kaduna State, Mr. Dari Bayero put CSP Ibrahim Abdul in the box as the prosecution’s 43rd witness.

Under cross examination, Counsel to the Defendants, Mr. Maxwell Kyon Esq., asked the Chief Investigating Police Officer whether the Army had informed him at the point of showing him the corpse of Cpl. Dankaduna that the said Cpl. Dankaduna died as a result of “friendly fire.”

The Chief IPO responded by saying that the Nigerian Army had indeed suggested to him at the time when he went to see the corpse of Cpl. Dankaduna in the morgue at the 44 Army Reference Hospital in Kaduna that the Cpl. was killed as a result of “friendly fire.”

This new information completely changes the entire color of the case against the members of the Movement, who are standing trial before the Kaduna High Court for allegedly killing the same Cpl. Dankaduna, who from Abdul’s testimony obviously met his end from the barrel of the gun of his colleague, another soldier.

Still under cross examination the same CSP Ibrahim Abdul conceded that he never went to Zaria to investigate what actually happened on those fateful days in December, 2015 when over 347 members of the Movement were killed as the Nigerian Army viciously attacked multiple religious sites of the Movement.

He stated that all he did was take delivery of the exhibits handed over to the police by the Nigerian Army and the suspects were brought along with the said exhibits.

According to the CSP, ” I didn’t have the time to go to Zaria to investigate the incident, so I simply made do with the information supplied to me by the Nigerian Army.”

In another development, the Pathologist, rtd Col. Ayuba, who conducted the post mortem examination on the corpse of Cpl Dankaduna said he was asked to carryout the post mortem on the 13th of December, 2015 and that he met the corpse in the morgue of 44 Army Reference Hospital Kaduna already “partially decomposed.” He agreed with the defense lawyers that it was possible that the said corpse might have died earlier than the stated date given.

Col Ayuba said there was no way he could tell who might have killed Cpl Dankaduna because “I am not there.” He said he has only summoned to carry out the post mortem exam, which he did and reported. All the background information was as he was given by the Nigerian army, he said.

Further hearing has been fixed for 9th and 10th January, 2018 during which time the prosecution is expected to close its case and defense lawyers to open their defense.

*©FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee, October 2017*