Islam Is Not #Terrorism, Terrorism Is Not Islam:

Islam Is Not #Terrorism, Terrorism Is Not Islam:

Killing innocent people in any part of the world in the name of Islam does not represent #Islam. Islam absolutely condemned such barbarism.

It is #Wahhabism that encouraged killing of innocent people & not Islam. #ISIS, #BokoHaram, #AlQaeda etc are product of Wahhabism.

The fact that overwhelming majority of all the victims of #ISIS, #BokoHaram, #AlQaeda etc are Muslims shows that they do not represent Islam.

A true Muslim will never kill the innocent but Wahhabi savage are bloodthirsty & intolerant. Wahhabi savages are full of hate & love killings

Sadly today #Wahhabism has successfully infiltrated & contaminated Sunni Islam. Reason why the world witness senseless killings & rampant inhumanity

#Wahhabism is an evil tool of Western imperialism. Whenever European savages want murderous terrorists to kill Muslims, Saudi Wahhabi regime supply them.

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Buhari Killing Shiites While “#SaudiArabia rushes to mend relations with #Iran”

“#SaudiArabia rushes to mend relations with #Iran”

Wicked, evil & bloodthirsty Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari brutally murdered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria “to curtail Iran’s influence in Africa”.

Filthy Saudi dog @MBuhari attacked the residence of Sheikh #Zakzaky, killed his 3 children, killed his Nephew & burnt his sister alive.

The cursed tyrant @MBuhari is holding Sheikh Zakzaky & his wife in illegal detention incommunicado for more than 18 months. #FreeZakzaky

@MBuhari’s masters, Saudi Arabia, rushing to mend ties with powerful #Iran. Saudi Arabia begging Iraq to meditate. Where is Buhari-the dog?

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Stop blaming Allah for the evil deeds of Buhari

Stop blaming Allah for the evil deeds of Buhari

By Sani Bello

Just like the Pharaoh of Egypt slaughtered the new born babies of the children of Israel, also President Buhari is trying very hard to beat Pharaoh’s record of evil doing in spilling precious sacred human blood of innocent Nigerian babies.

Buhari ordered the slaughtering of crawling infants in his efforts to wipe out Shiites in Nigeria. Unborn babies were not spared also, more than 23 pregnant women were brutally murdered by the Nigerian Army while carrying out the orders of Buhari during Zaria massacre. Soldiers were chanting “No more Shi’a in Nigeria”

But annoyingly, we have many evil ignorant human species in the North today putting the blame on God Almighty for the offense committed by bloodthirsty tyrant Buhari.

Since December last year, the Shiites have defeated the federal government in court regarding the freedom of Sheikh Zakzaky, though Buhari has refused to obey that court order, but can any Muslim convince me that Zaria massacre was in accordance with Islamic provisions?

When Shiites take to the streets in protest it is called road blockade and infringement but when Pro-Buhari protesters did the same it is not a blockade or infringement, why? Does Nigeria belongs to only Buhari supporters?

Is the punishment for blocking road death in Islam? Let foolish people stop insulting Islamic religion please.

In Islamic religion and under the Nigerian Laws you cannot punish Mr ”A” for the offense committed by Mr “B” A father cannot be punished for the offense committed by his son, talk more of a religious scholar who cannot personally know all his tens of millions followers. Criminals cut across all religious groups, but I have not seen a single scholar being punished for the crimes of his followers.

It is not all the Shiites that assembled together and blocked the Army, the Army Chief was not blocked at the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky but hundreds Shiites were killed there, the Army Chief was not blocked at Fodiya primary and secondary school Zaria but Shiites were killed there, the Army Chief was not blocked at Shiites burial field (cemetery) but Shiites were also killed there, corpses were exhumed and many graves destroyed, did Shiites inside their graves also blocked the Army?

Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife did not blocked the Army inside their house either but their house was bombed by the Army. No fair hearing, no opportunity to defend oneself, nothing but accusation and killing instantly. Is this a democratic setting?

Islamic religion is not a wicked unjust religion that support bloodshed and injustice as they are projecting it to be in their attempt of defending Buhari’s evil deeds. Can they provide convincing proofs that Islam is a religion of killing people unjustly? But it is an obvious fact that Buhari is an unjust mass murderer.

You want Islam to be blamed for spilling people’s blood unjustly instead of evil tyrant Buhari and you call yourself a good Muslim? Is Buhari an Islamic President or Nigerian President? To them, they rather tarnish the good image of Islam than calling a spade, a spade.

For the unjust slaughtering of these innocent babies, may Allah destroy Buhari as he destroyed the Pharaoh of Egypt.

Because the nigerian laws says so.


All terrorist attacks bring sadness to the heart as lives of innocent people lost forever & some maimed for life.

Sadly the world failed to take action on the root cause of terrorism because Wahhabi terrorism serve Western imperialism.

Why are people not asking the question that which ideology inspired terrorism? Which ideology inspired to kill the innocent?

While the West deceive humanity about terrorism, bloodthirsty terrorists continue to kill the innocent around the world.

Driver of a van ploughed into pedestrians in #Barcelona, killed 13 people and injured more than 60. Our Condolences….


#Zakzaky: Protective Custody of Satanic Buhari

#Zakzaky: Protective Custody of Satanic Buhari

It was Not “Nigeria” or “Army” that brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria. It was Murderous criminals @MBuhari, @elrufai, Buratai etc

President @MBuhari & gang brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria but these murderous criminals  want us to blame “Nigeria” & “Army”.

President @MBuhari & his murderous gang want us to believe that “they love #Zakzaky” so they are holding him & wife in “protective custody”!

@MBuhari & his murderous gang are holding #Zakzaky & wife in “protective custody” 2 protect then from those who attacked & burnt their house.

Who attacked #Zakzaky’s house, killed his 3 children, killed his Nephew & burnt his sister alive?
Answer: @MBuhari & gang of mass murderers

The semi-illiterate @MBuhari think that with the passage of time people will forget that he slaughtered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria.

The semi-illiterate @MBuhari think that with the passage of time people will forget the 1000+ Shia civilians he buried in mass graves.

The man who attacked the residence of Sheikh Zakzaky & killed his 3 children is the same man holding him in “protective custody” #Buhari

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Read Full Text of Pastor Dr. David Oyedepo’s Charge to Landmark University Graduating Students

Read Full Text of Dr. David Oyedepo’s Charge to Landmark University Graduating Students (The Noble Set 2017)


July 16, 2017 editor

I have a charge, not an address, captioned, “Think Contribution.” If you don’t want to die in frustration, think contribution. If you want to make real mark in life, think contribution. You will never be remember for what you have, you will be remembered for what you add. Think contribution. Living for survival makes a slave, live for others. Only those who live for others become leaders. Think contribution. We have about 4 million graduates walking the streets of Nigeria, looking for means of life, think contribution.

The idea of Agro-preneurship came to be because it’s one thing to get to the market and another thing to find what you are looking for. The jobs are not there. That is why from the outset, we caught this light to raise job creators, not job seekers. The cheapest way to be a job creator is to engage in Agro-preneurship, getting involved in what will remain relevant for life. No matter the development and heights anyone will scale, food will remain ever relevant.

There is not going to be any laboratory in this life that will prepare food in form of tablets to be taken and one will feel fed. Food will be relevant as long as life remains. Think of an area of your life where you will remain relevant and Agro-preneurship is one cheap way to remain relevant in your adventure in life, particularly now that the white collar job is going as the population is growing.

So much money is spent on importing food. Think solution, think contribution. Think contribution and your life will never lose meaning. If you are asked today what did the Chancellor say, “Think contribution so you don’t die in frustration.” Think relevance, get committed to adding values and you find your life continue to grow from one level of glory to another.

It’s important, having heard all the lectures, to let you have this as conclusion that you are going forth to a world that is in dire need of contributors. You are going to a world that is full of possessors but lack contributors. Think contribution, your generation will rise tomorrow to bless you. Don’t think of going back to the laps of your parents. That will be living a failed life. You have been given the best of education; now translate it to making contributions and your life will never lack meaning.

It’s important to appreciate this fact that, “The less possessive we are, the more contributive we become.” In most cases, highly possessive people are never known to be contributive. They want it all for themselves and it’s never enough, so they want more and more. I made a discovery sometimes back, that people don’t lack what they give; they only lack what they keep. Think contribution.

The young will need food, the old will need food. Even the mad people on the streets need food to stay alive. And they go hunting for food where they can get it. Until life ceases to be, food will remain forever relevant. Find a place for yourself in this open market and take responsibility so you don’t live as a liability.

The reason why we are running this Agro-preneurship programme is to give everybody a taste of agricultural practice. Whether you have B.Sc Computer Science, B. Eng Mechanical Engineering, you will still need food. No matter what you know or don’t know, you still need food. The last thing that will get off anybody’s budget is food. Clothes can get out of it, car can get out of it, and houses may not appear there but food? It remains a life-long essential. The market is for ever open. May be these two testimonies will prop-up your faith:

There was this young lady that served (NYSC) in Kaduna. She suddenly discovered that buying tomatoes in Zaria and coming to sell at Railway Station in Kaduna would give so many profit margins. She went into it. By the time she was done with NYSC, she bought herself a car. She was not looking for a job anymore; she already had an established business. It’s a wide range. You are either farming or you are marketing the farm produce among so many others. You will never lack relevance.

A young man came from the USA, who studied Mechanical Engineering and kept hunting for a job. He was also in Kaduna then. He went everywhere and couldn’t find anything. He then went back to his village to find out how much they are selling Palm oil (he was from Edo State). He came to Kaduna to find out how much it sold for. So he became a palm oil marketer. I was in Kaduna when he bought a house for himself at GRA. He got himself a bail-out from the economic downturn by getting involved in what will never lose value. Get involved.

One of our graduates here has a fish farm and from there he could sponsor himself in school. Get involved. It is full of values that will never get eroded. Get involved. I want to be part of feeding these hungry masses. Get involved. And that way, you are not a liability; you are not a burden but a blessing and an asset. Get involved. You don’t need so much, you just need a genuine interest to be a solution provider and not a concern to anybody. Get involved.

We will be disappointed if after your NYSC, you are hanging about doing nothing. Get committed to being an asset and not a liability (applause). Get committed to being a blessing and not a burden. Get committed to making a mark in life and I know you will. We will keep on emphasizing this University-wide programme of everybody being an agrarian citizen of our great country, because we will always need this forever.

There is nothing ignoble about earning a legitimate income but there is everything ignoble about being a beggar. Being a beggar erodes your human dignity. But we talk about the dignity of labour, Get involved.

Let me close this remark by telling my short story. Before we ever built our first house, I was concerned about the state of health of the people. The only hospital we had then was at Egbe. Most time if they say they have taken you to Egbe, it means you are dead. If you came back, it would be a surprise. Now, suddenly the hospital began to go down because the support they were receiving from the Mission of the Church from abroad stopped. And so there was a vacuum. So people died for free. And I said Lord, if I ever get blessed in my life, I will like to put a little hospital here.

So we started buying the land bit-by-bit. It is that same land that has turned to the University today (applause). Not only that, the hospital of that dream is in place today. When our former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo visited our campus here, he sat down at the Dental Theatre Room and said, “Look, treat me here” (laughter). It’s of that level of standard today. Think contribution.

You don’t need to have anything in your pocket but have a heart to be a contributor and the future will be unlimited. That is the way you make the most of your life. Remember, you will never be remembered for what you have, you will only be remembered for what you add.

To our parents, congratulations today, congratulations for ever. You will never have sorrows over any of these children. They will remain sources of joy to you and your family for ever. No matter how much height you may have scaled, they will scale higher heights than you. No matter what vehicles you may have bought for yourself, they will buy you bigger vehicles. We release them as treasures into your families and an asset to our nation. And you will live to be proud of God’s hand upon them for ever.

Young people, it’s time to work. You are leaving school to go and prove if you have ever learnt anything, and don’t stop learning. If you stop learning, you start dying. The world is open, go and make the most of the adventure. Thank you and God bless you.

NIGERIA: IHRC urges African Union intervention in Zakzaky case

*PRESS RELEASE – NIGERIA: IHRC urges African Union intervention in Zakzaky case*

IHRC has written to the African Union requesting its mediation to secure the release of the detained leader of Nigeria’s Islamic Movement (IMN), Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky.

Shaykh al-Zakzaky and his wife have been held in detention by the state since December 2015 along with 167 members of the IMN following their arrest during a savage military assault against the Islamic Movement of Nigeria (IMN) in December 2015. Both were shot during the attack in Zaria in which at least 1000 IMN supporters, including three sons of the couple, were killed and many properties and religious spaces belonging to the IMN and its followers destroyed.

The letter says that the Nigerian government has done nothing to bring those responsible to justice, and has made little effort to alleviate the hardship of those detained and injured. Instead, what we are seeing is a government that is willing to turn a blind eye to crimes against humanity, ignore gross abuses of human rights and civil rights and completely subvert the rule of law to pursue a sectarian political agenda. We do not see a solution to this situation coming from the Nigerian government soon.

IHRC believes that the only way to end the gross injustice faced by those detained is for the African Union to intervene and mediate a solution. The standing and authority of the African Union will lend weight to a just solution bringing the unjust incarceration of IMN members to an end.

The Zakzakys remain in detention despite a court order for the release of the couple set by a federal high court judge on 2 December 2016 who ruled their incarceration was illegal and unconstitutional.

Sheikh Zakzaky has also already lost the use of an arm and one of his eyes and his aides fear he could lose his sight completely if he doesn’t receive the urgent medical treatment he requires and which the government has so far denied him.

IHRC has previously written to the Nigerian president, justice minister and Attorney General to try and secure the release of the couple without success.