Why are blacks not wealthy

*Why are blacks not wealthy*

Excerpts from an interview with a Jewish leader about Blacks.

Why are blacks so behind Economically?

The only thing blacks understand is Consumption.

Blacks don’t understand the importance of creating and building wealth.

The fundamental rule is to keep your money within your racial group.

We the Jews
– build Jewish business,
– hire Jewish,
– buy Jewish and
– spend Jewish. There is nothing wrong with that but it is a basic rule blacks cannot comprehend and follow;

“He kills his fellow blacks daily instead of wanting to see his fellow black succeed”

93% of blacks killed in America are by other blacks. The story is not different in Africa.

Their leaders steal from their people and send the money back to their colonial master from whom they borrow the same money from.

Every successful black wants to spend his money in the country of his colonial masters.

– go on holiday abroad,
– buy houses abroad,
– school abroad,
– go for medical treatment abroad etc

instead of spending this money in their own country to benefit their people.

Statistics show that the Jew’s money exchanges hands 18 times before leaving his community while for blacks it is probably a maximum of once or even zero.

Only 6% of black money goes back into their community. This is why Jews are at the top and blacks are at the bottom of every ladder of society.

Instead of buying
– Louis Vuitton,
– Hermes,
– expensive cars,
– shoes,
-dresses etc,

Blacks could
– industralize Africa,
– build banks and get rid of colonial institutions by putting them out of business.

What is your thought on failure of blacks after 150yrs?

Well, nothing is ever the blackman’s fault. His
– compulsive habit of killing his own to climb the economic ladder;
– compulsive material consumption;
– tendency to bring down fellow blacks deemed successful or better disposed;
– His inability to build businesses or
– preserve wealth are usually somebody else’s fault.

So what can blacks do to liberate themselves

JEWISH LEADER: Blacks must take responsibility. Blacks must unite. And vehemently fight corrupt leaders who run down their country and run to IMF as though IMF is Father Christmas.

They need to look inwards otherwise they will continuously remain economically colonized and lose their place in history.

Pls forward this until it goes round the continent of Africa.

We all need to learn our lessons quick and build our black race.



Keep Your #FakeIslam, Please!

Keep Your #FakeIslam, Please!

🔰You want me to follow your #FakeIslam that inspired all murderous terrorist groups

🔰You want me to follow your #FakeIslam that oppressed women and treat them as second class humans

🔰You want me to follow your #FakeIslam that celebrates inhuman massacres and wicked genocides

🔰You want me to follow your #FakeIslam that propagate hate and intolerance

🔰You want me to follow your #FakeIslam that insulted the pure Parents of the Messenger of God (sa)

🔰You want me to follow your #FakeIslam that attack Churches and burn innocent Christians alive

🔰You want me to follow your #FakeIslam that uses suicide bombers to attack markets, schools and hospitals

🔰You want me to follow your #FakeIslam that side with the enemies of AhlulBayt (as) of the Prophet (sa)

🔰You want me to follow your #FakeIslam that bury Shia infants alive in Mando mass grave #ZariaGenocide

🔰You want me to follow your #FakeIslam that is a tool of Western imperialism and global Zionism

🔰You want me to follow your #FakeIslam that is Bloodthirsty and lust for the blood of the innocent

🔰You want me to follow your #FakeIslam that worship genocidal European savages

🔰Thank you for the proposal but I will follow the #Islam of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. #FreeZakzaky


Contrast of Shia Islam Treatment in South Africa & Nigeria

Contrast of Shia Islam Treatment in South Africa & Nigeria

On 10th May, 2018 Bloodthirsty Wahhabi terrorists attacked the Imam Husayn (a.s) Mosque in Verulam, Durban, South Africa.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa visited the mosque on 7th July 2018 to meet the family of Martyr Abbas Essop, and the survivor of the attack, Sheikh Ali Nchinyane.

President Ramaphosa was accompanied by senior government officials and senior members of the ANC National Executive Committee. He expressed his strongest condemnation of Verulam attack as well as the attack on the Malmesbury Mosque on the last day of Ramadaan this year.

In Nigeria the Iconic Zaria Husseiniyya was the biggest Shia religious site in Africa. Two months before the inhuman Saudi-sponsored Zaria genocide, a Satellite channel in Saudi Arabia aired a documentary with sadness on the growing Shia Islam in Nigeria and they specifically pointed to the Zaria Husseiniyya. Two months latter, President Buhari sent the Army and bombed the Husseiniyya with Shia children, women and men inside. They killed Hundreds of defenseless Shia worshippers at the Zaria Husseiniyya. The Nigerian army completely destroyed the Zaria Husseiniyya and Governor Elrufai evacuated the dead bodies and debris.

The Nigerian Shia community is a victim of murderous BokoHaram terrorism on many occasions but there has never been any condolence from the Nigerian state and no investigation on those attacks.

Exactly on 27th November, 2015, the BokoHaram leader Abubakar Shekau threatened Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and the Nigerian Shia community with genocide. Two weeks later President Buhari brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia children, women and men in Zaria and wickedly dumped their dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences.

Bloodthirsty Saudi savages can never influence or order South African leaders to kill innocent Shia Muslims and destroy their Religious sites. But in Nigeria, the Buhari regime is firmly in the pocket of the bloodthirsty Saudi Wahhabi savages. Whatever they ordered them, the murderous Buhari gang execute.

Recently in an interview with American Times, the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman boasted that they are behind the Zaria genocide in Nigeria and the illegal detention of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. He claimed they broke Iranian backbone in Africa.

In the past Sunni Islam completely dominated Black Africa but that is changing fast. Shia Islam is rapidly growing in Black Africa despite stiff opposition from murderous Wahhabi savages and their terrorism. 30 years ago there was no single indigenous Shia Muslim in Chad but today One-third of the population of Chad are Shia Muslims. 30 years ago there was no single indigenous Shia Muslim in Nigeria but today there are millions. All thanks to Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky!

The sublime teachings of the AhlulBayt (as) of the Prophet (sa) will continue to grow in Black Africa because that is the clear manifestation of true and unadulterated Islam. The Islam that celebrated the whole humanity. “People are either your brothers in faith or your equal in humanity” – Imam Ali (as) (First Shia Imam). Shia Islam never preach hatred towards Christians and Jews. Prophet Muhammad (sa) sent his persecuted followers to a just Christian King of Ethiopia. The just king accepted them and protected them for years. Why will the Christians of today be my enemy? Why?

One of the mistakes of African Muslims is that we equate Christianity and Western imperialism. And we attribute all the heinous genocidal crimes and atrocities of genocidal European savages to Christianity. If America invade a Muslim country and slaughter innocent Muslims, some people think “Christians are killing Muslims”. God willing, we will continue to enlighten African Muslims of the clear difference of Christianity and Western imperialism. Western imperialism are notorious resources thieves and bloodthirsty savages who love the taste of blood while Christianity is a Monotheist religion that Islam honor.

On a final note, we ask humanity to put pressure on the murderous criminals and wicked agents of Saudi Arabia in Nigeria to Free His Eminence, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his injured wife, and all the captives of Zaria genocide. They brutally murdered 3 children of Sheikh Zakzaky in his residence, rained bullets on him, his wife and entire family. What do these bloodthirsty savages want again?

Harun Elbinawi

South African President Visited Shia Religious Site After Terrorist Attack


In a very kind gesture to personally follow up the developments at the Imam Husayn (a.s) Mosque in Verulam, Durban after the terrorist attack of 10 May 2018, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa visited the mosque today, 7 July 2018 to meet the family of Martyr Abbas Essop, the survivor of the attack, Sheikh Ali Nchinyane, the National Leader of AFOSA, leaders of the broader community and the community at large.

President Ramaphosa was accompanied by senior government officials and senior members of the ANC National Executive Committee.

The program commenced with an opening Dua (prayer) by Sheikh Ali Nchinyane.

The Master of Ceremonies, Hajj Azad Seedat who is also the chairperson of the mosque provided background to the institution and its deep connection with the anti apartheid struggle and being a shelter for the comrades of the struggle. The parents of brother Azad, namely Dawood and Fatima Seedat were veterans of the struggle.

The delegation accompanying the President was introduced by MEC Ravi Pillay.

In welcoming the President, Mowlana Haider of AFOSA introduced who the Shia Muslim community of South Africa are. In so doing, emphasis was laid on us being law abiding citizens and strong believers of intra and inter faith harmony.

Furthermore, Mowlana Haider expressed appreciation for the support received from government, civil society and religious leaders across the spectrum including the leaders of the Sunni Muslim community.

While sharing the view of Imam Ali (a.s) regarding who are truly Shia, reference was made to the famous letter of Imam Ali (a.s) to his governor Malik Ashtar regarding how to respect the humanity of the people he governs.

However, Mowlana Haider also noted that after the event of 10 May 2018, the dissemination of hate speech continued and Shia remained the primary targets thereof which continues until this very day – the issue of Extremism thus remains a serious challenge in our country.

In his address to a full and diverse gathering, President Ramaphosa made the following key points:

1. He expressed his sincere condolences to the family of the victims, the survivors and the community.

2. He expressed his strongest condemnation of Verulam attack as well as the attack on the Malmesbury Mosque on the last day of Ramadaan this year.

3. He emphasized that the freedom provided by our constitution in South Africa included religious freedom

4. We are South Africans first and that is our identity that protects us

5. He takes exception to the term “minority” as our constitutional negotiations did not accept this term but insisted that we are all equal

6. He recognized that Islam in our country always played a positive rule

7. Shia Islam also has the same right and position that all Muslims enjoy in our country and your constitution is your shield in this regard.

8. A further commitment to follow up with the investigation team on the progress to bring the perpetrators of the heinous crimes to justice.

9. In closing he thanked the leadership of Shi’a Muslims and of the masjid for hosting him.

The program concluded with a beautiful interaction between the President and the the victims family, especially with the orphan daughters of the deceased.

AFOSA hereby extends its sincere gratitude to President Ramaphosa for his visit and to all those who made this event possible.

And All Praise and Thanks is to Almighty Allah.

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Perpetrators Of Zaria Genocide Losing Out. By Abdulmumin Giwa

Perpetrators Of Zaria Genocide Losing Out.

By Abdulmumin Giwa

My attention was drawn to some news pieces written and propagated by the Israeli MOSSAD agents and their mercenaries in Nigeria. They want to convince Nigerians that the Islamic Movement In Nigeria under the revered leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is terrorist oriented.

They have adopted all forms of deceptive measures that have woefully failed so far. They have now resorted to telling blatant lies in the name of intelligence report.

An earlier report from the same source through the office of the Zonal Controller of DSS Sokoto, Zamfara, Kebbi claimed that Islamic Movement is planning to start kidnapping their officers and their families. A very stupid claim indeed.

The movement got wind of some plots to kill about 5 policemen and link it to the movement. They were only able to kill one during a protest which the movement has since dismissed any link with the killing.

In fact it is no more hidden that the security reports are not necessary based on truth and facts but are concocted to achieve certain whims and caprices.

The other intelligence report that followed was the one they called MEI report which is from the Israeli intelligence but very dramatic.
The report claimed that the Hizbullah is givibg military training to members of the Islamic movement. This is the most stupid lie of the century. Both the Movement and the Hizbullah differ in their principles and implementation.

As the Hizbullah is an armed movement protecting Lebanon from Israeli terrorist activities, the Islamic movement is an unarmed mass movement seeking fairness and justice for humanity.

Islamic movement in Nigeria has nothing to do with arms and will not have anything to do with it. All it does is nothing more than enlightenment , awareness, education and humanitarian activities but not arms.

More so Hizbullah is being propagated in bad light by Israel and its stooges in Nigeria whereas it is a legally recognized entity in Lebanon. It is the Hizbullah that has protected Lebanon from facing the same suppression as Palestine. Hizbullah is not a terror organization as depicted by the Israelis and their agents.
It is an armed movement protecting Lebanon from the terror activities of Israel.

The Islamic movement does not have any need for training in arms as falsely depicted by the Israelis and their agents.

The Israelis see the movement as a threat to their interest simply because they share the same ideology with Islamic Iran which they see as their worse enemy. Hence anybody going along that path is seen by them as Iranian influence and is treated as an enemy. He is the enemy of Israel Saudi Arabia and America.

The Saudi Arabia Prince Muhammad bn Salman recently stated that it is on the demand of America that they are spreading Wahabism across the globe. He also said that they sponsored the genocide against Islamic movement led by Sheikh Zakzaky who they falsely claim is running a movement similar to Hizbullah. This very false claim of the movement members receiving training is still part of that plan under which they killed over 1000 members of the movement. They are concocting lies to justify their claims.

It is worth reiterating that the Islamic movement in Nigeria can never be pushed into violence which has turned out to be the primary intention of the Nigerian government which has been contracted by Israel and Saudi Arabia to kill Shias and blackmail them. The movement has since been known for its peaceful means of seeking redress whenever it is suppressed. It is through this that it has put the current régime to shame when it refused to respect the judiciary and release the leader of the movement as ordered by the court.

These lies and false propaganda are all indications that the perpetrators of the Zaria massacre are losing out. They are frustrated that they could engage in anything to save their necks from the crimes against humanity they have committed as definitely the ICC is coming after them.

Re: Hezbollah gives military training to Nigerian Shiites – MEI report

Re: Hezbollah gives military training to Nigerian Shiites – MEI report

A brother sent me this link and after going through the Report I discovered the source is from Israeli Mossad assets. The Lebanese Resistance organization, Hezbollah, that protect all of Lebanon from genocidal Zionist savages and bloodthirsty Wahhabi Terrorism is one of the biggest threat to the genocidal Israeli regime in the Middle East. With every slight opportunity the Israeli regime try to demonize Hezbollah and portray it as threat to all nations.

The MIE report stated:

“Sources close to Hezbollah say the Lebanese organization is currently providing ideological and military training to Nigerian Shiites inside Lebanon, according to Middle East Institute report published on its website on Thursday.”

The report continue:

“Tall men, in long, traditional African garb specific to northern Nigeria are sometimes spotted in Dahieh, a predominantly Shiite suburb south of Beirut where Hezbollah runs a cultural center,” the source said.

According to sources close to Hezbollah commanders, Nigerian men receive “training courses” at this center.

“The training is limited to a few number of people but it is growing steadily,” one source confirmed, speaking to the author on the condition of anonymity.

“The Shiite Nigerians initially receive a religious training before a military one that is provided in two camps in the Lebanese Bekaa,” he noted.

The Middle East Monitor claimed that the source of this information was from “Hezbollah commanders”. The Hezbollah we all know their commanders do not speak to the Press. Since creation in 1982, no Hezbollah commander has ever spoken to the Press. How can even Journalist get close to Hezbollah commanders and receive this kind of classified information from them? This is not possible.

We have members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria who are students in Lebanon. South Lebanon is entirely Shia and they have good Shia religious seminaries that Dispense education. The Islamic Movement have students in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Niger Republic, Pakistan etc.

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is the biggest supporter of Palestine in Africa, the main reason why the Genocidal Israeli savages seek his death and destruction. The Annual Quds Day protest rallies in Nigeria attracts millions, the largest in the world after Iran. During the 2014 International QudsDay protest in Zaria, the Nigerian Army brutally murdered 33 members of the Islamic Movement that included 3 sons of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. One of his Martyred Sons, Mahmood, was a student in a Lebanese University.

Since after the Saudi-sponsored #ZariaGenocide in Nigeria where 1000+ innocent and defenseless civilians were brutally slaughtered by the Nigerian Army under the order of President Buhari, the Islamic Movement took to courts, both National and international, to seek redress. Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky rejected Armed Resistance as a solution to the inhuman persecution of Shia Muslims in Nigeria.

We hope Nigerians will put pressure on these bloodthirsty agents of Saudi Arabia (Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai etc) to halt the brutal and inhuman persecution of Shia Muslims. It is easy to start a war but difficult to stop. No power on earth can destroy Shia Islam in Nigeria. I repeat, No power on earth can destroy Shia Islam in Nigeria. Today Shia Islam is powerful and this power is increasing daily. Agents of bloodthirsty Saudi Wahhabi savages, and their Zionist masters, can do nothing about this, they can only watch.

On a final note, we call on the International Criminal Court, Hague, to hasten the Prosecution of the murderous criminals that executed the Saudi-sponsored Zaria genocide. Families of the victims are waiting for justice.

Harun Elbinawi

Press Conference by the Islamic Movement on Rampant Insecurity in Nigeria Under Buhari


Speech presented by Professor Isa Hassan-Enua Mshelgaru – Coordinator (Zaria zone), Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria,

at the conference hall of Ist 40 Hotel, no. 38 Aminu Kano Crescent. Wuse 2, Abuja; on 3 July 2018

Good evening ladies and gentlemen.

I welcome you to this press conference organized by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

I am Professor Isa Hassan-Enua Mshelgaru

With me here: member of the Islamic Movement. Prominent among them are: Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello from Zaria, Sheikh Sunusi Abdulkadir – the representative of Kano; Dr Yushau Bn Sheikh – coordinator (Abuja zone), Resource Forum, Engineer Abddullahi Musa Muhammad- academic Forum, Sheikh Aliyu Tirmizi – the representative of Kaduna, Sheikh Sani Zuru – the representative of Kebbi, Sheikh Sidi Mannir – the representative of Sokoto.

We are especially grateful to the media Practitioners who will share our views with the members of the public. We will take questions after the presentation and possibly allow for follow-up questions as well.

Once again welcome

The purpose of this press conference today; is to publically condemn the incessant killings across the country, express our sympathy with the families of victims and to call for justice for all irrespective of religious affiliations, ethnic, political and ideological beliefs.

The attention of the Islamic movement in Nigeria has been drawn to the incessant killings in the country especially by the most recent occurrences in Plateau, Nasarawa and Zamfara States that consumed hundreds of precious lives of our citizens. The Movement is mainly concerned with the loss of life and properties, the miserable conditions of families of victims and the future of the country.

What we are currently facing is not only bloodletting but the changing dimensions and complexities in security challenges. It goes progressively in both intensity and extent, with the number of attacks and casualties on the increase. Reports including that of the UN have indicated that the number of death and injuries on year–on-year basis from 2017 (894 killed) to 2018 (1813 killed) was doubled and the trend is similar even on monthly basis.

The lives of innocent men, women and promising children are being unlawfully taken away on nearly daily basis in horrifying manners for no just cause. Imagine, if the objective of the dreaded Boko haram is believed to create an Islamic state, then what can one say are the objectives of the Bandits ransacking and wantonly destroying villages, murdering and dispersing the occupants in Zamfara State, Birnin Gwari and villages of southern Kaduna in Kaduna State? For who are the bandits occupying these vast vacated lands, since they are not herdsmen? Is it also true that the Fulani herdsmen who are traditionally nomadic and have never settled in history are the ones busy killing communities to take over lands for a purpose of settlement they do not need? In absence of convincing answers to these, do we also then subscribe to the conspiracy theory that hypnotizes possible invasion of the country by the world powers who eye our resources?

I think in this issue of security crisis rapping the country, there are more questions than answers. Hence, we should endure to join efforts to demand for the real motives behind this intermittent, systematic and prolonged massacre of Nigerians from the authority- the Federal government. To live under this unfortunate insecurity situation, life and property of citizens are not longer guaranteed as organized large scale crimes can go undetected.

The movement therefore, strongly condemns in totality all forms of killings done under any guise and commiserates with families of the victims. I personally see the killings as unnecessary, avoidable and meaningless for the purpose of our coexistence in the multi-ethnic, multi-culture and multi-religious society like ours. I pray for the departed souls, condemn the murderers and their actions. We are not imagining the circumstances of these families nor are we pretending. These circumstances are similar to the situations the members of the movement have been in for consecutive years. Our feelings are real and the agonies of loosing beloved ones in times of needs are inconceivable. While we are alarmed, our hearts remain with the injured who experience what we have been going through and also with those who lost one thing or the other as result of the insecurity and not due to illnesses or accidents.

Coincidently, the Islamic Movement in Nigerian happens to be the most strike community and a major victim of the country’s insecurity.

In its decades of years, the Islamic Movement has recorded thousands of martyrs and other thousands injured, imprisoned, maimed, widowed, orphaned and many more. All of these were directly or indirectly scored by the Nigerian security apparatus namely; the Nigerian Army, and the Nigeria Police in different clamp down operations, which include the barbaric Zaria 2015 massacre and Kano mass killings.

A brief recount of the Zaria incidences has it that: some large troops of the Nigerian Army armed to the teeth with heavy conventional weapons pounded Sheikh Zakzaky’s resident for close to 30 hour during an occasion that brought in many attendees until the large gathering of faithful perished and reduced to ashes. This inhumane state targeted massacre culminated to lose of over 1000 of lives, creation of the largest human mass grave in the country, rape, all sorts of injuries, humiliation, lost of valuable properties and imprisonments of hundreds. Among the survivors who were castrated up to date with severe injuries despite High Court order to release them are the revered leader of the Islamic Movement and his wife Malama Zeenat.

The glimpses of the Kano account is neither pleasant. Two of the three brutal mass killings were executed by the joint actions of the Army and the Police killing and injuring a large number in cool blood. The third came in as a suicide bomber, exploded his explosives in the midst of participants killing 23 harming several others. The resultants of the later massacres were not different from the former. This recount is just a highlight; the details of each event were made public in the past. These cited bloodlettings are typical examples of the ruthless massacres currently going on and being experienced by many communities in the country. The victims are crying at the top of their voices for assistance but in vain, not even to talk of getting justice.

With the Islamic Movement, despite the open hostilities meted, it is determined to seek for justice through peaceful and legitimate means without any form of reprisal. This stance, as far as we are concerned, yields good results. As such we advice the families of violence victims, even though it is bitter and not too easy to bear, to avoid retaliations and seek redress and justice in peaceful and le gal ways and at the same time form alliances for there is strength in unity.

As we the victims of insecurity mourn and demand for justice for our beloved ones, valuable properties and restoration of respect and dignity, we see the hands of the Nigerian security smudged with these bloods and hidden evil intensions and this is clearly written on the walls.

We all know that the responsibility of the protection of citizens’ lives, properties, honour and dignity lie with the authority – the government. The sincerities and competences of those in power can be measured by how they approach and response in times of security crises such as the Plateau killing, Benue, Zamfara and Zaria massacres. The government was found not only incapable in either case but complicit and directly involved, principally in the incidences of Zaria and Kano bloodsheds. The massacres were carried out by the Federal Government in conjunction with the Kaduna and Kano state governments, and rewarded by them. We the families of the victims see the killers of our parents, mother, children, husband friends and other relations day in day out in the streets, schools, markets, social gatherings and offices but always have to suppress our revenge tempting tempers. It is on record that some of these criminals perpetrators who were indicted by the Kaduna state Judiciary Commission of Inquiry were not only eulogized but accorded accelerated promotions in appreciations of the job well done they did. Such impunity tendencies of freeing criminal from the consequences of their heinous actions the governments have degenerated the security crisis in the country; resulting to emboldening and empowering minor criminals to become hardened ones, just to afford them lunch more severe and sophisticated attacks in the future.

In conclusion, the movement is worried with the state of insecurity of the country and therefore demand for: immediate stop to the killings, thoroughly investigate all cases of killings including those in the North East and Aba Abia State, prosecute all perpetrators, collaborators and sponsors, whether they local or foreign and compensate all loses accordingly.

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