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Happy New Year 2022 to All Friends!

New Year Message

Happy New Year 2022 to All Friends!

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic 2021 was a difficult and challenging year but the Resistance Axis recorded the historic court victory of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and his wife from more than 5 years illegal detention.

In December, 2015, the Axis of Evil launched a coordinated genocidal attacks on the biggest Revolutionary Movement on the African continent, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. Thousands of innocent men, women, children and infants brutally murdered by the Nigerian army and police under the leadership of the genocidal criminal Tyrant Buhari. Fortunately, the Movement survived and became strong.

It is our hope that in this 2022 the International Criminal Court, ICC, will initiate the trial of Tyrant Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang that perpetrated the biggest massacre of innocent and defenseless civilians in the history of the Nigerian state.

We always have wishes for the start of New Year. May 2022 be the end of the more than 70 years occupation of Palestine by Jewish extremists totally supported by the genocidal imperialist barbarians of the West.

And to all Friends the world over, God bestow the benefits of this year to you and your near and extended family & protect you from all harm! Ilahee Ameen!

Once Again Happy New Year 2022!


Longer restโ€ฆ..

Longer restโ€ฆ..

Dear Friends, Brothers & Sisters,

Initially I announced that I will take a three days break to rest but that break is now extended indefinitely.

Recently, I noticed my sight of objects is not sharp anymore. It is blurred. I contacted Eye Specialist and he suggested my “excessive exposure to screen” caused it.

I agreed with his conclusion as for the past six years (after the #ZariaGenocide) I spend a minimum of 14 hours on screen daily without the shield of glasses. I have an appointment with Eye Doctors next week InshaAllah.


A brother from Kano state sent me a post against me by those he termed “rascal rabid dogs of Mohammed Bin Salman”, the Shia traitor group RAAF. I told him my answer is not needed on this as hunger and frustration is killing them. My campaign stopped the Iranian dollars flow to these shameless Nigerian Shia traitors who betrayed Imam Hussein (as) & sided with Yazeed, the cursed.

The RAAF group fraudulently claimed they are the true Followers of Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, and his Representative in Nigeria. To the best of my knowledge Ayatollah Khamenei did not support the brutal and inhuman Zaria Massacre and he is not a rabid dog of the Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The RAAF gang must accept the fact that Iranian dollars has ceased forever and it will never return. I was credibly informed that they are now busy selling the choice properties they bought with the Iranian dollars.

For Revolutionary Iran to associate and have anything to do with these shameless traitors is a historical disgrace. This traitor group existed due to Iranian funding as without those funds they will not have existed in the first place. Presently many have deserted them.

I once again call on Revolutionary Iran to sack all these Shameless Shia traitors under it employment and replace them with Revolutionary Followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).

On a final note, I will take a longer rest InshaAllah! Thank you for the support!

Harun Elbinawi

Desmond Tutu: A big loss for Africa

Desmond Tutu: A big loss for Africa

Born October 7th, 1931, The Hero of Africa, Desmond Tutu, died today. This Christian Clergy symbolized Truth, Righteousness, Sincerity, Honestly anti-Racism and anti-imperialism.

Africa lost a rare Gem ๐Ÿ’Ž today. If all Christian and Muslim Clerics are like Desmond Tutu, Africa will be free from the shackles of the strangle hold of the genocidal imperialist barbarians of the West.

I condone South Africa for this great loss. I condone all champions of freedom and independence of Africa. I condone humanity for this painful exit of our Hero.

Africa Will Rise Again!!!


Photo: My two favourite quotes of Desmond Tutu


Very soon people will start dying from hunger in the streets of Northern Nigeria

The massive and unprecedented insecurity and killings in Northern Nigeria should be a lesson to all. The historical antecedences that we read in the Quran we saw it practically in Northern Nigeria.

Northern Nigeria publicly celebrated the genocidal massacre of more than one thousand innocent men, women, children and infants in Zaria in December, 2015, and God then cursed and humiliated Northern Nigeria before the world.

Some Villagers recently paid millions to armed bandits in Zamfara state for their safety. After consuming the money, the same bandits attacked the villages, killed 10 people and kidnapped 30+ people for ransom.

The above incident is just an example of the present lawlessness in Northern Nigeria. And all these are happening when the President, Minister of Defense, all the service chiefs and all the intelligence chiefs are from the North.


Anybody that says the Just God does not exist is a brainless #idiot. God is Just! Yes, God is Just!!!


The unprecedented hunger in the North is unimaginable and the Northern Oligarchy is extremely wicked and evil. While Southerners get relief from their large diaspora remittance and their rich ones that are less wicked than their Northern counterparts.

Go to Nigerian Twitter street all those doing giveaway are Southern Christians. The same with Facebook and Instagram. Nothing, Nothing for Northerners especially Northern Muslims only hunger and suffering.

I am not predicting but very soon people will start dying from hunger in the streets and villages of Sokoto, Kano, Zamfara, Kastina and other parts of the North. Northern Nigeria will become another Somalia due to mass starvation.

Repent, Repent, Repentโ€ฆ


On the “Foundation For Orphaned Children” of the Movement

On the “Foundation For Orphaned Children” of the Movement

Yesterday I listened to the 6 minutes video of the wife of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, Ummi Shuhada Malama Zeenah Zakzaky, on her establishment of a new Foundation for Orphans of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

I thought deeply about it and this is my opinion.

With the 2015 brutal and inhuman Zaria Massacre the number of Families of Martyrs and Orphans increased considerably. From our last count 1,973 Orphaned children were the product of the #ZariaGenocide.

The Shuhada (Martyrs) Foundation of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Abdulhameed Bello & his Team did a commendable work in taking care of Families of Martyrs and this large Orphaned children despite the many challenges. I am not saying this because I am a direct student of Sheikh Abdulhameed Bello, I am saying this as a keen Observer.

Exactly two months ago I wrote a piece on the meagerness of the Martyr Dues of the Movement which is just N1,200 ($24) per person per annum. This is extremely poor due to the downturn of the Nigerian economy. I gave an example that a packet of spaghetti that cost N100 in 2015 is presently more than N300. I concluded that the Martyr Dues should be updated to at least N300 monthly per person.

From my understanding of the video of Ummi Shuhada, she did not abolish the Shuhada Foundation as she does not have such powers. Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky created the Shuhada Foundation and appointed it leadership. Only him has the power to abolish the Shuhada Foundation.

What Ummi Shuhada presented yesterday was an NGO that will compliment the work of the Shuhada Foundation. The well-to-do in the Movement will pick the specific Families of Martyrs they will help. I think we should commend this move.

She talked about corruption hampering the activities of the Shuhada Foundation. In my opinion the corruption in the Shuhada Foundation is extremely minimal. Nobody can eradicate corruption 100% as those you are dealing with are not Prophets and Messengers of God.

In the past I thought about the introduction of Audit System in the Movement. The system we have now in the Movement of depending on the conscience of one is faulty in my opinion. We need a strong Audit system that will check the excesses of corruption. Whoever is saddle with responsibility should know that there are consequences if he/her betrayed the trust bestowed on him.

On a final note, like I said this is my personal opinion. I just initiated a debate that we will all learn. What is important is the welfare of Families of Martyrs. I sleep with this every night.

God Bless All Our Glorious Martyrs!

Harun Elbinawi

Happy Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ From #ElbinawiTweets!

Happy Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ From #ElbinawiTweets!

Some world Leaders usually release Press Statement on the occasion of Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ that symbolized the Birthday ๐ŸŽ‚ Anniversary of Jesus (as). In the Resistance Axis, Imam Khomeini (qs), initiated this tradition.

May I suggest that the Great Leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, release a Press Statement on the day of Christmas. This is just a suggestion as Nigeria today is ravaged by religious hatred, intolerance and bigotry due to the divisive tendencies, extreme nepotism and official rascality of the genocidal Buhari regime.

Flash Back:

Immediately after the US/Saudi-sponsored brutal and inhuman Zaria Massacre of December, 2015, Tyrant Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang gathered Nigerian Christian leaders and told them that we pose existential threat to the Nigerian Christian community and we are “worst than BokoHaram terrorists!”.

When this information reached us we quickly swing into action. We initiated the tradition of the physical presence of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in Churches on Christmas Day. This single action destroyed the above fraudulent propaganda and narrative against the Movement.

It is important to note that the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky is the only Muslim organization in Nigeria that invite Christian leaders to it programs and activities.

While today the Nigerian bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages are forcing Nigerian Sunnis to debate the legality of eating Christmas food, members of the Movement are far ahead in religious maturity, tolerance and quest for mutual respect and peaceful coexistence.

The ongoing Christian genocide in Southern Kaduna underlined the monstrous evilness, savagery and barbarism of Tyrant Buhari and his Elrufai puppet in Kaduna. Thousands of Christians killed by murderous armed bandits unchecked and unchallenged.

Lest I Forget! For more than 20 years now my Business Partner, Engr. B., a Christian usually sent me Christmas goodies. This Friend & Brother recently left Nigeria with his wife and four children to UK due to the massive and unprecedented insecurity. During my life threatening campaigns after the Zaria Massacre this Friend gave me all the maximum support. I will never forget this!

Happy Christmas ๐ŸŽ„ To All My Christian Friends The World Over!

Harun Elbinawi

Legendary Hypocrisy of Feminism

Legendary Hypocrisy of Feminism

I opened my Twitter account and saw the head of Nigerian feminist group, Moe, being dragged.

If Feminism is the advocacy of women’s rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes then I personally do not have any problem with that but Feminism has become a tool of Western hegemony.

The Feminism hatred of the Muslim Hijab is legendary and the womenfolk brainwashed by that Westoxicated inclination considered the Hijab as an instrument of oppression and enslaving the womenfolk.

The Nigerian army shot Shia women and girls in their private parts and stabbed their breasts with riffle bayonets during the #ZariaGenocide but not a single Nigerian Feminist uttered a single word of condemnation to this war crime and most heinous crimes against humanity. If you went further and ask me why this? I will inform you because the victims wear the Muslim Hijab. I deliberately used the phrase here “Muslim Hijab” because Feminists like Western hegemony do not have problem with the Catholic Hijab. It is important to note that both the Muslim Hijab and the Catholic Hijab serve the same purpose of modesty.

Citizen Hindatu on this #Photo attended peaceful Free Sheikh Zakzaky protest in Abuja, the cowardly Nigerian police attacked that peaceful protest with live ammunition & shot this sister. She lost her left hand but no single Nigerian Feminist uttered a single word of condemnation. Why? Because Citizen Hindatu wears the Muslim Hijab.

I wrote some post in the past on the position of Islam about the equality of sexes. In Islam the female and male sex are equal but not similar and the lack of similarity does not make one sex inferior to the other.

At the advent of Islam the girl child was buried alive at the infant stage. Islam stopped this barbaric practice and elevated women to the highest status of dignity and honor. Sayyeda Fatima al-Zahra (as), the only surviving child of Prophet Muhammad (sa) was honored by her beloved Father that whenever she appeared in his presence he rose to honor her presence.

Islam totally condemned misogyny and all it guise and manifestation. Whenever you see a “Muslim” insulting and degrading the womenfolk then be rest assured he was brainwashed by the Saudi-sponsored ideology of Wahhabism. Wahhabis are notorious in degrading the position of women.

Unfortunately, some ladies who were disappointed or exploited by some men hide behind this to promote Feminism and champion the hatred of men. It is important to note that not all men have honor. Likewise not all women have honor as there are bad eggs in both sexes. Blaming me for the stupid action of another man is gross injustice to me.

On a final note, I will advise the head of the Nigerian Feminist group @feminist_co, Moe, to stop that man hate thing she loves doing as not all men are evil.

Harun Elbinawi

Socialism Sweeping Latin & South America

Socialism Sweeping Latin & South America

All recent elections in Latin and South America were won by Socialist parties despite US interference. It started with Peru then Nicaragua then Honduras and now Chile.

This underlined the fact that the American era has ended. Congratulations to Gabriel Boric elected as Socialist President of Chile!


Economically, Socialism is more humane than Western Capitalism. The poor and downtrodden find solace in Socialism than Capitalism. Few rich families and Oligarchies benefit in Capitalism.

While Socialism enforce Universal Healthcare System, Capitalism exploit the Healthcare sector for maximum profit. Less than 5,000 people died of COVID-19 in China while more than 800,000 Americans died of COVID-19.

Flash Back: Let us return to Chile.

In 1973 the CIA organized a coup in Chile that overthrew the Popular Unity government of President Salvador Allende. The US regime overthrew a democratically elected Government in Chile and brought to power the genocidal Tyrant General Augusto Pinochet.

In the first months after the coup d’รฉtat, the military killed thousands of Chilean leftists, both real and suspected, or forced their “disappearance”. The military imprisoned 40,000 political prisoners in the National Stadium of Chile.

Photo: Gabriel Boric in Chile, Pedro Castillo in Peru and Xiomara Castro in Honduras. 2021 saw an ushering in of leftist leaders in Latin & South America.


“Days Of Fatima”

“Days Of Fatima”

The “Days of Fatima” was earmarked to mourn the Martyrdom of the beloved Daughter of Prophet Muhammad (sa), Sayyeda Fatima al-Zahra (as), few months after the demise of her Father.

The attack of the Coupist mob on the residence of Sayyeda Fatima al-Zahra (as) was the root of murderous Terrorism in the house of Islam. The second Sunni Caliph led this cowardly attack.

After the death of Prophet Muhammad (sa), the first Sunni Caliph Abubakar refused Sayyeda Fatima the inheritance of her beloved Father citing a fake, fraudulent and fabricated Hadith. Sayyeda Fatima al-Zahra (as) gave him three (3) verses from the Holy Quran to support her position.

The whole world has judged Prophet Muhammad (sa) as a honorable person. Is it possible that his beloved Daughter will not inherit him after his death and she will not know of that? And all his family members will no know of this? This is absolutely impossible!!!

After the cowardly attack on the residence of the beloved Daughter of the Prophet (sa), she became angry with the first and second Sunni Caliphs who were responsible for this cowardly attack. She refused to speak with them again until her death and she made a will that she should be buried at night so that they will not attend her funeral.

“Whoever angers Fatima angers me, and whoever angers me angers God.” – Prophet Muhammad (sa)

The above authentic Hadith was narrated by all the Sunni sources of Hadith. And the daughter of the first Sunni Caliph and wife of the Prophet, Aisha, clearly stated that Sayyeda Fatima was angry with her father, Abubakar, and his close friend, Umar.

My journey to Shia Islam started on this issue in 1986 when I was a High School student at Government College Kaduna (GCK). Every night then we usually go to the School Mosque to pray Magrib and Isha prayers. The Sunni Imam will give Islamic Lectures in between. One day he recited the above Hadith and gave a brief history about the disagreement between Sayyeda Fatima and the Caliph Abubakar. I went home that day really confused because I considered Abubakar the greatest person after the Prophet.

The next day at School during Break period I rushed to the School Mosque and met this Sunni Imam. I requested that he gave me details of what happened? He patiently restated Islamic history. He guardedly ended his statement by saying: “God forbid that Sayyeda Fatima request for what do not belong to her and God save Abubakar from the anger of Sayyeda Fatima!”. The Sunni Imam looked at my young face intently and he saw tears in my eyes. He asked me that I am not convinced with his conclusion? I replied “Yes!”. (We should please recite AlFatiha for the soul of this Sunni Imam, I was informed he died last year. I learnt a lot from him.)

I went home more confused and I plunged into research. The Kaduna state Library was rich in Books then, I went to the Islamic section and I saw Shia Books. The first Book I opened I was expecting “Ali RasulAllah” but I saw “Muhammad RasulAllah”. I became more confused because we were brainwashed then that Shias do not believe in the prophethood of Muhammad al-Mustapha (sa). When I saw from my research that Sayyeda Fatima presented 3 verses of the Quran as proof to Caliph Abubakar for her inheritance, my Sunnism ended on that day!

Our Heartfelt Condolences to the Holy Prophet (sa) for the Martyrdom of his beloved Daughter, Sayyeda Fatima al-Zahra (as), God accept her sacrifice for True Islam! ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ’”

Harun Elbinawi

Africa: End France Imperialism, Arrogance and Terrorism NOW!

Africa: End France Imperialism, Arrogance and Terrorism NOW!

This message is for African Activists

Massive awareness campaign has started on the African continent to drive the monstrous evilness of France imperialism, neocolonialism, arrogance and Terrorism from the African continent.

The Western hegemonic barbarians uses France to infiltrate and penetrate Africa via murderous Wahhabi Terrorism. France is in bed with BokoHaram, the terrorists in Mali and Sierra Leone. Tens of thousands of innocent and defenseless civilians have been slaughtered by these France-backed bloodthirsty killers.

The recent huge French arms shipment we saw on viral videos that lead to protest in some African countries where two peaceful protesters were killed by French soldiers are weapons meant for bloodthirsty Wahhabi Terrorism backed by the arrogant West.

The Oppressed and suffering people of Mali have forced the French imperialist to abandon it huge military base in Northern Mali. Mali has a huge gold deposit but France has one of the biggest gold reserve in the world and there is no single gold mine in France.

Followers of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky are part of the present massive Anti-France campaigns in Niger Republic, Mali and Cameroon. Closing all French military bases in Africa is the first step to completely defeat and eliminate all murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups.

The French illegal occupation of Black Africa MUST end as no evil last forever. France is the biggest supplier of weapons and money to BokoHaram terrorists to destabilize Nigeria, Niger Republic, Chad and Cameroon.

Historically, great African leaders like our Hero Thomas Sankara that opposed French imperialism are murdered and eliminated by France and their agents.

On a final note, It is the duty of African Activists to lead this campaign against French imperialism, arrogance and Terrorism in Black Africa. Unfortunately, Francophone African countries are still paying colonial taxes to these greedy French imperialist barbarians.

Photo: France (chicken) looting African. Africans MUST slaughter that chicken NOW!

Harun Elbinawi