Nigeria: When the President become a Liar

Nigeria: When the President become a Liar

“Investors are falling over themselves to come and do business in Nigeria” -President Buhari

1st October 2016 marked the 56th year anniversary of Nigerian independence from British colonialism and as its customary the Leader of the country addressed the country to commemorate such important occasion. This year President Buhari addressed the nation but his speech was full of questions instead of addressing Nigerian problems.

The above excerpt quotation was from the speech and all Nigerians knows that what the President said was not correct. Investors are not trooping into Nigeria at the moment, infact investors are leaving Nigeria due to the bad state of the economy. The Nigerian economy is in deep recession and the pilots of the economy are responsible but the same pilots are using Clerics in Northern Nigeria to deceive the masses that God is to be blame for their plight. If the economy is healthy and developing these people would have praise President Buhari but now that the economy is bad and in recession they are blaming God!

In his Independence Day speech President Buhari also said that his government had defeated the Boko Haram insurgency last December. Nigerians especially those in Northeast know that this is not true. Nigerians are still attack, kill and maimed in the Northeast to this day.

What actually happened in Nigeria last December was the inhuman Zaria massacre of IMN members that was ordered by President Buhari to serve a foreign imperialist agenda that has the Saudi Wahhabi regime as a front. More than one thousand Nigerians that included women, children and the aged were brutally murdered by the Nigerian army in less than 48 hours and their death bodies dumped in mass graves. The Saudi King immediately called President Buhari to congratulate him. President Buhari tried to defend the massacre at the earliest period but he is now trying to distance himself from it since the world had rejected their narration and condemned the inhuman massacre.

The Buhari administration is turning out to be the biggest catastrophe in the history of Nigeria. President Buhari ignorantly assumed that if he is loyal to Western imperialism then they will grant him all his wishes. He should have studied the life of former Iraqi despot Saddam Hussein and his relationship with Western imperialism. One day the same West will deliver Buhari and his murderous gang to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for their role in the Zaria massacre.

The true Nigerian situation is that the economy is in a very bad state, people are dying of hunger, inflation is high, unemployment is high, suicidal rate have increase and the Nigerian currency is freely falling against the US dollars. Nigeria today needs a responsible leader who will face these challenges and addressed these problems and not a President who will be lying to them.

On a last note, I want to remind President Buhari that God is just and will surely punish all those who mass-murdered His servants and dumped their bodies in mass graves. To all Nigerians ” Happy Independence Day anniversary!”

Harun Elbinawi

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

“So forgive me Mum just a little more…
For not loving you so much before…,
For life and love you gave to me…
I give my thanks for Eternity.”

Tomorrow is the Birthday 🎂 Anniversary of the beloved Daughter of Prophet Muhammad (sa), Sayyeda Fatima al-Zahra (as).

…. and because she was the Mother of his beloved grand children, that Day became Special and was tagged “Mother’s Day”.

From both the Sunni and Shia wing of Islam, it was knowledge-wise from Prophetic Traditions that Sayyeda Fatima al-Zahra (as) is the greatest woman created by God.

A section of Muslims like the Wahhabis out of hatred for the AhlulBayt (as) usually promote one of the wives of the Prophet (sa), Aisha (ra), as the greatest woman. Under Sunni Hadiths this position is baseless. Even among the wives of the Prophet (sa), Sayyeda Khadija (ra), the Mother of Fatima (as), was the greatest of them all…. as…. as long as she lives the Prophet (as) never took another wife. Aisha was the Daughter of the first Sunni Caliph.

How To Celebrate Mother’s Day:

Next to love of God is the Mother. If your Mother is alive, visit her if possible and buy lots of gifts that will make her happy. And if she has passed away like ours 💔, visit her resting place if possible, visit her Friends and relatives with gifts, and buy lots of gifts for the poor and downtrodden.

God Bless All Mothers!

Assalamu Alaiki Ya Fatima al-Zahra! ❤️❤️❤️


Happy New Year (Gregorian Calendar)

Happy New Year (Gregorian Calendar)

Today is 1st January, 2023 in the Gregorian Calendar

A Brother yesterday sent me a list of 21 Calendars that exist in this world. Among them is the Ethiopian Calendar indigenous to the African continent. There is also the Hijira Calendar for Muslims.

For those who watch Chinese Films must have heard of the Chinese Calendar. There is the Jewish Calendar. The Gregorian Calendar has Christian root because the counting started with “AD” and stands for “Anno Domini”, Latin for “in the year of the Lord”, while BC stands for “before Christ”. “2023” means Jesus (as) left this world two thousand and twenty three years ago.

The year 2023 is important to us in Nigeria because this is the terminal year for the Buhari regime that perpetrated genocide in Zaria in December 2015. The Buhari regime created multiple Shia mass graves in Kaduna and Kano State. The hundreds of families of victims of the Saudi-funded #ShiaGenocide agenda in Nigeria will only hope to recover the remains of their loved ones with the exit of the genocidal Buhari regime.


A Wahhabi will tell you it is Haram (forbidden) to say “Happy New Year” to Christians. I strongly disagree with them. We must understand that anything that will promote love, understanding and mutual respect is opposed by the Saudi-sponsored ideology of Wahhabism. The fuel of Wahhabism is hate.

What is wrong in me saying “Happy New Year” to my Chinese Friend on Chinese New Year, if I may ask? It is wrong with Wahhabis because this will promote mutual respect while the only thing Wahhabis think about is hate and how to kill.

It is possible to celebrate multiple New Year using different Calendars. Celebrate New Year with Ethiopians, celebrate New Year with Muslims, celebrate New Year with Jews, celebrate New Year with Buddhists and celebrate New Year with Christians. You should not condemned other section of humanity. Humanity is one but we have different race, tribes and religion. We have to coexist and to respect each other is important.

Happy New Year to All my Christian Friends! We hope God ease all our problems and challenges this Year and humiliate all wicked Tyrants and Oppressors. Enjoy!!!

#Photo: An Activist based in Syria shared this photo with us.

Harun Elbinawi

King 👑 Pele, Rest in Peace

Brazil legend Pelé has died at the age of 82.

The original GOAT. A trailblazer. One of the finest players to ever lace up.

He will be missed by millions.


The best Footballer ⚽ ever! The fact that he won a record 3 #FIFAWorldCup underlined his greatness.

A sad day! Really sad day!!! Majority of Football skills you see today started with Pele.


This is the reality of life as every soul will taste death. This is a verse in the Holy Quran. No matter how long you live in this world, you will die one day.

Our heartfelt condolences 💔 to his bereaved family for this generational loss. Condolences to the Brazilian nation and condolences to humanity as there will always be one Pele in this world.


Free Sheikh Ali Salman of Bahrain NOW

Free Sheikh Ali Salman of Bahrain NOW

“Bahrain is an island country in Western Asia. It is situated on the Persian Gulf, and comprises a small archipelago made up of 50 natural islands and an additional 33 artificial islands, centered on Bahrain Island which makes up around 83 percent of the country’s landmass. According to the 2020 census, the country’s population numbers 1,501,635, of whom 712,362 are Bahraini nationals. Bahrain spans some 760 square kilometres (290 sq mi), and is the third-smallest nation in Asia after the Maldives and Singapore. The capital and largest city is Manama.”


Bahrain is a country governed by a Western-backed authoritarian, tyrannical, despotic and oppressive regime. The Leader of the opposition, Sheikh Ali Salman (The Secretary-General of Al-Wefaq Society) was arrested on 28th December, 2014. This is 8 years today.

The majority of prisoners in Bahraini jails are political prisoners, some of them were tortured to death under the supervision of Western intelligence agencies. Some Activists fled the country for their lives.

The only “sin” of the Oppressed people of Bahrain is that they are demanding for freedom, democracy and respect for Human Rights. The vile and brutal regime backed by US/UK/Saudi regimes denying them this.

As I write ✍️ these are illegal US, UK and Saudi military bases in Bahrain.

Please join the campaign for the freedom and real independence of Bahrain. Thank you!



Always show Kindness Like Jaco – The Horse

“He who is deprived of kindness has been deprived of goodness”,,,

Photo: On the left: the blind horse (Elona)

On the right: her eyes (Jaco) who never let her down.

📌 Me:

What is kindness?

Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

If horses like Elona and Jaco can be considerate, what stops humans from being considerate? Why is the world full of unkind elements? Tell me one single benefit of unkindness? Yes, just one???

How do people sit down and planned a genocidal massacre for example? Yes, a genocidal massacre like the Zaria Massacre of December 2015. How do people planned such a massacre?

The horse 🐎 Jaco will NEVER plan such a massacre of hundreds of men, women, children and infants.

📌 Conclusion:

Dear Friends, always show kindness to others even if you don’t share the same tribe, race, religion or sect. Be Like Jaco – The Horse …. Be Kind ….


Western hegemony: They are lying in Ukraine also!

Western hegemony: They are lying in Ukraine also!

Credibility is the quality of being trusted and believed in.

The genocidal imperialist barbarians of the West have no credibility as these savages are the biggest killers of innocent civilians in human history. Gengis Khan was a “saint” in mass murder when compared to the Western hegemonic barbarians.

You want me to trust and believe in the barbarians whose ancestors gave infested chickenpox blankets to the indigenous tribes of America as a genocidal tool? Do you think I am an idiot?

Or do you want me to believe in the Western hegemonic barbarians that murdered tens of thousands of Afghan women on the rights of women in Iran? Do you think I am an idiot?

And about Human Rights in China, do you want me to trust the Western hegemonic barbarians that murdered more than 10 millions Africans in Congo and 10 million Vietnamese civilians? Do you think I am an idiot?

And about freedom and democracy, do you want me to trust the genocidal imperialist barbarians of the West that is funding racist Apartheid system in occupied Palestine for more than 70 years? Do you think I am an idiot?

As for Justice and Fairness, who murdered Patrick Lumumba, Thomas Sankara and other African Heroes just to facilitate the looting of the rich resources of Africa? Do you think I am an idiot?

About nuclear weapons proliferation, who dropped nuclear weapons on the two Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 and killed more than 300,000 women and children? Do you think I am an idiot?

Who destroyed the universally acclaimed infrastructures of Libya and handed that North African nation to Al-Qaeda terrorists to facilitate the looting of Libyan oil resources?Western hegemony: Do you think I am an idiot?

When the invading US troops arrived Baghdad where was their first point of call? The Iraqi Central Bank and looted all Iraqi gold. That was their “Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)”. Do you think I am an idiot?

Who created Al-Qaeda, ISIS and BokoHaram terrorism? Hillary Clinton gave the answer that they created Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, the video is available on YouTube. Former US president Trump publicly accused Obama and Hillary Clinton of creating ISIS in Syria. Do you think I am an idiot?

Dear Friends, the genocidal imperialist barbarians of the West have no iota of credibility. They lied in Vietnam, they lied in Iraq and killed more than one million people, they lied in Syria, they lied in Afghanistan, they lied in Libya, they lied about apartheid in South Africa and they have been lying in occupied Palestine for more than 70 years. Why will they state the truth in Ukraine?


They are lying in Ukraine also!

#Photo: US soldiers with stolen Iraqi gold

Harun Elbinawi



A Brother sent me the above postulations of  Sheikh Aminu Aliyu Gusau on the Saudi sponsored death sentence on Sheikh AbdulJabbar Nasiru Kabara. InshaAllah, I will share both the piece and my rejoinder with Friends.

To my Foreign Friends, Sheikh Aminu Aliyu Gusau was a former Follower of Sheikh Zakzaky who left the Movement because the Movement was “too tolerant to Shia Islam”.

With the utmost respect I have for Sheikh Aminu Aliyu Gusau, I disagree with some of his postulations and conclusion. I hope the Sheikh will forgive me for this.

The “sin” of Sheikh AbdulJabbar is exposing the fraudulent Hadiths in Sunni Islam that ridiculed and demonized the Holy personality of Prophet Muhammad (sa). All Sunni Scholars are aware of these fraudulent Hadiths but kept them from the views of their Followers, their grouse with Sheikh AbdulJabbar is why is he bringing them out to the public. It is important to note that all the Books of reference of Sheikh AbdulJabbar are Sunni Books and not Shia. In my opinion, in this 21st century knowledge should not be encapsulated. Denying people knowledge of their own religion is a gross disservice to the lofty status of Islam on the sacredness of knowledge.

Sheikh Aminu Gusau wrote:

“The advent of Google search engine gave AbdulJabbar quick access to some writings by atheists, muslim heretics and orientalists from the Christian scholars who satirize the Prophet and his companions. This emboldened him over his attack on Sunnah.”

This claim by Sheikh Aminu Gusau is grossly wrong. The satirizing of the Holy Prophet (sa) are found in the Books of Hadiths of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. Sheikh AbdulJabbar usually quote these fraudulent Hadiths from the original sources.

“Therefore, to all Muslims in this country, with the exception of the Shi’a, AbdulJabbar’s failure to point the exact offensive words he alleged were uttered by the companions, meant that those reprehensible words were his, and he is the one who invented those words against the Prophet (pbuh).”

The above conclusion of Sheikh Aminu Gusau is faulty as there are millions of Nigerian Sunnis who partially or wholly agreed with the drive of Sheikh AbdulJabbar to cleanse Sunnism of those fraudulent Hadiths that ridiculed and demonized the Holy Prophet (sa) and his AhlulBayt (as).

Sheikh Aminu Gusau wrote:

It was disclosed that the stand of Imam Malik is that “anyone who report offensive comments on the person of the Messenger of Allah, and eventually failed to prove it, will be deemed as the one making the offensive statement, and is liable to be sentenced to death.”

I will like to remind the honorable Sheikh that it was not Sheikh AbdulJabbar who reported the offensive comments on the person of the Messenger of Allah (sa), Sheikh AbdulJabbar only quoted the offensive comments from Sunni Books and sources. Those you are supposed to apply this Maliki judgement to are those Sunni scholars and Traditionist that wrote those Books more than one thousand years back that narrated those offensive comments against the personality of Prophet Muhammad (sa)

Sheikh Aminu Gusau concluded by saying:

“Overzealousness in sectarianism should be avoided by all, please.”

I think this advice should be given to Wahhabis (Izalas/Salafis), Sunni extremists and the Saudi Wahhabi regime that is sponsoring them who totally lacked tolerance and are notorious in excommunicating (Takfirism) hundreds of millions of Muslims from Islam.

On a final note, the Saudi-sponsored compromised death sentence on Sheikh AbdulJabbar Nasiru Kabara trampled on the Nigerian constitution and will be overturned by the Upper Courts.

I humbly wish Sheikh Aminu Gusau long life and good health InshaAllah! Please forgive my excesses!

Harun Elbinawi

Poverty & Street Hawking

Poverty & Street Hawking

“A hawker is a vendor of merchandise that can be easily transported; the term is roughly synonymous with costermonger or peddler. In most places where the term is used, a hawker sells inexpensive goods, handicrafts, or food items.”

Some years back I drew the attention of Nigerians of a Muslim Girl wearing the Hijab who was a Street Hawker of food items doing her School assignment in her temporary place of hawking. That post drew a lot of attention and I was credibly informed that a Philanthropist granted her scholarship to University level. Alhamdulillah!

My attention was drawn to this Street Hawker you see praying here in this #Photo. It was time for Prayers and she made ablution, took out her prayer mat, placed her goods in front of her and observed the obligatory prayers. Much commendation to her!

It is important to note that the overwhelming majority of Street Hawkers does so due to the existence of extreme poverty in their family. Children that are supposed to be in school are busy hawking inexpensive goods and food items so that their families can feed no matter how little.

What is expected from Good Samaritans?

A good Samaritan is defined as a person who helps other people and especially strangers when they have trouble. You remember how this word came in to being from the Bible.

A Good Samaritan can either grant scholarship to these Street Hawkers that are supposed to be in school or donate capital to their families to enable them establish real business. God reward all good deeds!

NB: While helping the poor and downtrodden, please religious, race and tribal consideration should be eliminated.

God Bless this Girl and provide for her Family! Ilahee Ameen


The Fraudulent Claim by Nigerian President Buhari that he is not Corrupt

The Fraudulent Claim by Nigerian President Buhari that he is not Corrupt

The dictionary define corruption as “the abuse of entrusted power for private gain of self, relatives or cronies.”

The Nigerian President Buhari usually boast that he is not corrupt but no leader in the history of the Nigerian state assemble corrupt elements like Buhari. Everybody is corrupt in the genocidal Buhari regime. Yes, everybody!

In the regime of former president GEJ, more than 95% of Nigerians will agree with me that his Minister of Agriculture, Akinwumi A. Adesina @akin_adesina is not corrupt. The Buhari regime does not have such exception.

Corruption is not only the thief who steal from the public treasury. Those that enabled corruption are also corrupt. Those that assisted the thief are also corrupt. Those that grant pardon of convicted corrupt officials are also corrupt. Those that dropped corruption charges on corrupt officials are also corrupt. A leader that after 8 years refused to enact strong anti-corruption laws is also corrupt. A leader that appointed an extremely corrupt element like Magu to head the anti-corruption agency EFCC is corrupt. When you add all the stated ingredients of corruption mentioned here, then the only conclusion is that Buhari is the most corrupt leader in Nigerian history.

All Buhari’s family, relatives and cronies are Billionaires from looted funds. Yes, all of them! The most notorious is that his nephew, Tunde. Tunde was a recharge card Seller in Kaduna before Buhari ascended power in 2015, today this Tunde is among the richest person in Nigeria. Tunde looted the public treasury more than GEJ’s Minister of Petroleum who is finding refuge in UK presently.

The few corruption cases the Buhari regime exposed are frightening, just imagine those that are not yet exposed! Remember the case of the former Accountant General of the Federation (AGF).

There is no government that freely gave Tax waivers like the Buhari regime. Half of those Tax waivers are in the pockets of Buhari’s cronies. It is on record that everything is used as pretext by the Buhari regime to plunder the public treasury. From billions looted for grass cutting to snakes had swallowed billions to sending hundreds of cronies to New York for United Nations General Assembly (UNGA).

In the next presidential election, my preference is that the opposition win the election so that Nigerians will know the scale of how the Buhari gang looted and raped the Nigerian public treasury. Majority of Nigerians will vote against Buhari’s party but unfortunately the opposition is divided. A divided opposition is giving Bola Tinubu hope.

On a final note, Nigeria today is the extreme poverty capital of the whole world with more than 133 million people under the extreme poverty bracket. The prevalence of extreme poverty in Nigeria is not God sent as some corrupt clerics will try to brainwash you, this prevalence of extreme poverty is man made due to massive and unprecedented corruption.

Harun Elbinawi

Motivational Thoughts: Kindness

My #MotivationalThoughts today is about #Kindness

It is a fact of history that the AhlulBayt (as) of Prophet Muhammad (sa) surpassed all his Sahabas (Companions) in kindness. The beloved Daughter of the Prophet (sa), Sayyeda Fatima al-Zahra (as), gave her wedding dress as charity to the poor.

Let me give a personal experience. When I lived in Zamfara State, the last house 🏠 I stayed does not have water. It was a new settlement so the pipe of the Water Board has not reached there. And the Landlord promised Borehole before I entered the house but was unable to fullfil his promise for the more than 4 years of my stay in that house.

I employed the service of a Buzu man (citizen of Niger Republic) to be supplying me with water and buy bottled water for drinking. One day I visited my Mother in Kaduna and told her I packed to a new house but there is no water. I told her how I was getting water. She asked me if I also buy water for my 2 neighbors (the house is a 3 Flats apartments)? I say no. She advised me to be buying water for my neighbors. She asked me that do I know the reward I will get if my neighbors use my water to make ablution for prayers for 7 days? I became thoughtful. She concluded that these are the kinds of deeds that lead a person to Paradise.


Giving charity in the form of water to people that need it is rewarding. If you have a Mosque in your area that have the problem of water, if you have the means help with the solution. God reward all good deeds!

If an area is suffering from the problem of lack of water, if you have the means help with the solution. In a famous narration, a prostitute was forgiven by God because she gave drinking water to a thirsty dog. Kindness to all people is rewarded by God including kindness to animals. And eliminate the factors of tribe, race and religion while doing kindness.


Religion is all about, Love, Kindness, Goodness, Mercy and Compassion. Religion is not about hate mongering, excommunicating (Takfirism) Muslims from Islam, beheading people and burning families alive. Wahhabism is not a religion, Wahhabism is a beastly #Cult.

My_Humble_Request: For Muslims if you read this post, say 5 #Salawat and let the reward goes to my beloved Mother, a woman synonymous with kindness (God rest her soul). Thank you!