Ethiopia: Stop that Useless Civil War Now

Ethiopia: Stop that Useless Civil War Now

One country that I loved so much in Africa and I wish to visit one day is Ethiopia. The first nation to help Oppressed Muslims was Ethiopia when that just Christian King gave asylum to persecuted Muslims at the advent of Islam.

When some few years back the US-created ISIS barbarians murdered 19 Ethiopian hostages in Libya, I cried for three days. I considered that war crime as a historic betrayal of our Holy Prophet (sa).

Christianity arrived Africa not from the West as most people assumed but from Ethiopia. When Ethiopia was Christian, Europe was a pagan continent.

Ethiopia was never colonized by any European power. The Italians tried but they suffered humiliating defeat. The famous battle of Adwa in 1896 will never be forgotten by we Africans. Ethiopians taught the arrogant Italians the rudiments of war.

The stunning scenery of Ethiopia, richly civilized population, serving great food, world-renowned coffee, fascinating history, envious religious freedom and tolerance and much more placed Ethiopia among world great nations. The nation that defeated the arrogant Italian invaders have it our own calendar & Alphabets.

There was a time Ethiopia was an overwhelming Christian population but Islam was allowed to spread with no persecution, victimization, harassment or hate mongering. Today Muslims make up more than 35% of the entire population of Ethiopia. Yes, today there are more than 40 million Muslims in Ethiopia.

I decided to write ✍️ this piece on Ethiopia because of the unfortunate recent happening in that country. Ethiopia with that celebrated National air carrier was doing exceptionally well until this recent stupid war against the Tigray region. Tigray is the North most part of Ethiopia.

The present Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, is a huge disappointed. Starting the war with Tigray was the most stupid decision I have ever seen from a ruler. The Tigrayans were begging for a political solution but this arrogant man refused. Today the Tigrayans are on the doors of Addis Ababa.

On a final note, African countries should as a matter of urgency find a political solution to the Ethiopian crisis. Involving the arrogant West will only worsen the situation. Invasion of Addis Ababa will only trigger huge flow of refugees that Ethiopian neighbors can not contain.

Harun Elbinawi

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