Dr Ahmed Gumi, the Wahhabi Hireling:

Dr Ahmed Gumi, the Wahhabi Hireling:

“Whoever obey the Rasul has obey God” #Quran

“….The Din (religion) and the Rasul are one and the same thing, if one Denigrate the Rasul then one has destroyed the whole religion”

_Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H)

The recent ranting of the Wahhabi cleric, Dr Ahmed Gumi, of trying to show that Umar is superior to the Messenger of God (sa) is the hallmark of the terrorism-enabled Wahhabism who are notorious Worshippers of Sahabas.

The father of Dr Gumi brought Wahhabism to Nigeria. Before then Northern Nigeria has never recorded any inter-religious crises but with the coming of #Wahhabism the killings started. Dr Gumi was once arrested by his Saudi masters in Saudi Arabia for inspiring the underwear Suicide bomber. He spent years in jail for that.

The last Seal of all Prophets and Messengers of God is Muhammad al-Mustapha (sa) and not Umar. Prophet Muhammad (sa) is infallible while Umar is not. To disobey the Messenger of God tantamount to disobeying God.

The thuggish behavior of Umar is legendary. Whenever a companion of the Prophet made a mistake, Umar will declare that he want to behead him. Everything about Umar is beheading. The murderous Wahhabi terrorists of today derive a lot of inspiration from him. They love beheading people. The pseudo bravery of Umar is only shown to the unarmed and not on the battlefield. Umar was never brave. It was a historic lie that ascribed bravery to Umar. Have you ever heard Umar took part in any duel before a war? Never! Whenever any opposing warrior challenged the Prophet, Umar will hide his face.

I have plenty things to say about this but our leaders commanded us on unity. I will stop here on this.

Back to our topic. Abdullahi ibn Abbas (ra) declared the Affairs of on Thursday as a great calamity. The Prophet was seriously sick which was his last. He asked for a writing material and a pen. Umar vehemently opposed this. The Umar gang were scheming for power and they know what the Prophet will write to remind them about his Ghadir Khum declaration of appointing Imam Ali (as) as his successor. Umar and gang knew the Prophet will not write the name of Abubakar, their leader. Immediately the Prophet passed away this gang did not even wait for his funeral prayer. They rushed to Saqifa to execute the coup.

Islam can fully exist without any Umar but Islam can never exist without Muhammad al-Mustapha (sa).

Salawat Ala Muhammad Wa Aly Muhammad!



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