#Death_To_America at the US Embassy, Abuja


The Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky yesterday went to the US embassy in Abuja as part of the Abuja Daily protest on the illegal and unlawful detention of Sheikh Zakzaky and his injured wife and lack of prosecution of the murderous terrorists who brutally slaughtered 1000+ Children, women and men in Zaria in December 2015.

The most prominent slogan that was chanted at the US embassy was “#DeathToAmerica”. This slogans means Death to US imperialism in Nigeria, Africa and around the world. This slogans is not a Death wish to American people. No, it is a Death wish to the evil US imperialism in Nigeria.

The US official that received the #FreeZakZaky peaceful protesters acknowledged hearing the slogan “Death To America”.

We know the role the US regime played in the planning and execution of the brutal and inhuman #ZariaGenocide. The savage Saudi regime is the front but the US regime is behind that mask. Remove the mask and you will see the ugly face of Western imperialism and global Zionism.

Photo: Prof Abdullahi Danladi of ABU, Zaria, given speech infront of the US embassy in Abuja.



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