Consequence of Massive Corruption in Nigeria:

Consequence of Massive Corruption in Nigeria:

Nigeria has 15,700 US Dollar Millionaires according to New World Wealth.

Nigeria has the most Black US Dollar Millionaires and US Dollar Billionaires in the world and also has the Most Extremely Poor People in the World (87 million people).


Funds earmarked for development are looted by corrupt Nigerian leaders. The wicked oppressors in Nigeria are united while the impoverished oppressed are divided. The oppressors manipulate and divide the oppressed by exploiting their fault lines of religion, tribe and region.

At the final analysis these wicked oppressors join the gang of “US Dollar Millionaires” and “US Dollar Billionaires” while the oppressed join the gang of “Most Extremely Poor People in the World”.

The fraudulent tyrant Buhari used to claim in the past that he is “poor”. Today the Buhari family are owners of the 9 Mobile phone network and Key Stone Bank. And many choice properties in London, Dubai and Abuja.

Buhari wife is accusing her former ADC of stealing 2.5 billion Naira from her. Imagine how much he made for her as her front before cornering 2.5 billion for himself. He is still in detention as they can not charge him to court.

Nigerians should #WakeUp! Your enemy is not your Igbo, Yoruba, or Hausa neighbor neither is your enemy your Christian or Muslim neighbor. Your enemy is that wicked oppressor who stole the funds earmarked for development and dumped them in Western financial institutions.




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