BokoHaram Commander who Slaughtered More than 200 Nigerians

“I slaughtered more than 200 people and I raped uncountable number of women” – BokoHaram commander Umar Abdulmalik (Al -Ansariy)

Dear Friends, this is #Wahhabism. This is murderous Wahhabi terrorism that is a tool of Western imperialism and global Zionism that is financed by the savage Saudi regime.

What they do:

– They kill
– They rape
– They destroy

President Buhari terrorist army brutally slaughtered more than one thousand innocent and defenseless Shia infants, children, women and men in Zaria in December 2015 in less than 72 hours. One of those murderous soldiers even boasted that he murdered more than 50 Shiites!

President Buhari will release this bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarian one day. President Buhari had freed more than one thousand BokoHaram terrorists using the fraudulent pretext of “Repentance”. So if this murderous terrorist claimed repentance one day, President Buhari will free him. Please Don’t ask me about the more than 200 innocent Nigerians he brutally slaughtered.



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