The Saudi Regime, Murderous Wahhabism Failing on All Front:

The Saudi Regime, Murderous Wahhabism Failing on All Front:

The savage Saudi regime and it murderous Wahhabi ideology failing on all fronts. The international posture of this bloodthirsty Wahhabi regime is in tatters after the #KhashoggiMurder. Even their closest Western allies are keeping a distance from them. Only the US President Trump remain embracing them. The #Khashoggi affair solidify the evilness of this bloodthirsty Wahhabi regime that is presently occupying the two most Holy sites of Islam.

In #Yemen, they are being disgraced and humiliated by the brave and courageous Yemeni Resistance. The Sudanese are threatening to withdraw their soldiers from the Saudi coalition. The Yemeni Resistance is more stronger than ever before. They now manufacture all kinds of arms and weapons. The US and UK regimes are Hypocritically showing concern for the mass starvation in Yemen. Without Saudi bombings and blockade this catastrophe will not occur.

In #Nigeria, though Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, his injured wife and hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement are still in illegal detention but the Islamic Movement is waxing stronger with more membership and popular acceptance by Nigerians. Buhari and his gang of wicked mass murderers are on the retreat. They are confused and are now spending sleepless nights that if they lose power in the February 2019 elections they will end up in #ICC jail for the heinous crimes against humanity they perpetrated in Zaria. Their mass graves has failed to bury the brutal and inhuman #ZariaGenocide.

In #Bahrain, the Saudi-backed tyrannical regime is on the defensive. The resistance of the oppressed people of Bahrain is consistent. Though with most of it leaders in the dungeons of the Western-backed regime, the opposition is much stronger today with more international acceptance. The fall of this tyrannical regime is just a matter of time. Victory is with the oppressed.

In #Syria, US President Trump surprisingly announced the withdrawal of all US troops from Syria. He did this due to the successes of the Syrian government and its allies against the murderous terrorists created by the West. The US imperialism is on the retreat in the Middle East. The Evil Empire is breathing it last days. No Empire last forever.

In #Iraq, the #ISIS terrorism is totally defeated in Iraq and the US – Saudi regime plot to sow discord and distance the Iraqi government from Iran has woefully failed. Iraq is rebuilding and terrorist attacks has drastically reduce. The people of Iraq should unite and build a strong and prosperous Iraq. The Israeli-backed plot of Kurdish independence in Iraq is now history. Dead and buried!

In occupied #Palestine, the weekly Friday peaceful #GreatReturnProtest continue despite Israeli attacks on the peaceful protesters. The Palestinian Resistance forces are more stronger today and united. The fraudulent “Deal of the century” of US President Trump is dead on arrival and will not even be considered by the Palestinians. Jerusalem is the eternal capital of Palestine and one million #Trumps can not be able to change this. The Zionist regime is a Cancerous tumor that is the source of all conflicts in the Middle East.

On a final note, we oppose Western imperialism as we will not accept that a few people control the world and it resources. All humanity have the right for a decent living and right to control their destiny. The notion that some lives are more superior than some is a fraudulent Imperialism creation to facilitate their looting of the resources of other nation. They also induce inferiority complex to facilitate looting and plunder of resources. We reject inferiority complex as much as we reject superiority complex.

Harun Elbinawi


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