Buhari’s Secret Police Threatened Activist Muhammad Darazo on #FreeZakzaky Campaigns

Buhari’s Secret Police Threatened Activist Muhammad Darazo on #FreeZakzaky Campaigns

I received two Audio tapes of an officer of the Nigerian Secret police (DSS) threatening an Activist, Muhammad Darazo, who is active in the Global #FreeZakzaky campaigns. The following is a transcript of what he said:

“My name is Peter Chuku, I am the Assistant Director operations, DSS, Bauchi command. We have being watching you through your Twitter handle, Facebook and other social media and you have being engaging in subversive activities against the government. For your own good stop. We have being watching you on this your social media castigating the Government and inciting the public. For your own good, please desist. We have being monitoring you on all your social media. This is a warning for your own good. Next time, there will be no warning. We know your house, we know what you do, we know everything about you.”

On 27th November, 2015, the leader of the murderous #BokoHaram terrorists released a video threatening Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and the Nigerian Shia community with genocide, two weeks later President Buhari sent the Nigerian Army to Zaria and executed this threat where Buhari’s army brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia infants, children, women and men in Zaria and wickedly dumped the dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences. The monstrous savagery and monumental inhumanity of the Buhari’s Army against defenseless and unarmed civilians shocked the whole world. The Saudi regime, #ISIS and BokoHaram terrorists celebrated this inhuman genocide against Shia Muslims.

#ShiaGenocide is a global agenda of bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages. All murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups attacks Shia Muslims in Mosques, schools, markets, hospitals etc. Saudi Arabia “rewarded” President Buhari by opening the doors of the Ka’aba for him. The ignorant Buhari thought that gesture is a license to Paradise. This bloodthirsty wicked mass murderer think he can brutally butchered 193 Shia children and be offered Paradise by God!

Recently Activist Muhammad Darazo organized and activated the Twitter team of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria. This was the move that put fear in the hearts of the murderous criminals who executed the #ZariaGenocide. As I always states to members of the Islamic Movement, Twitter is the most effective social media platform for online campaigns. All tyrants and oppressors are not comfortable with Twitter storms and campaigns.

Nigeria is gearing up for the 2019 elections and despite the fact that the bloodthirsty mass murderer tyrant Buhari has performed woefully, this murderous criminal is desperate for re-election in 2019. Buhari has woefully failed to fulfill a single campaign promise he made to Nigerians. What this wicked and heatless Oldman is giving Nigerians is extreme hunger, abject poverty, massive unemployment, insecurity, massive corruption, intolerance, extra-judicial killings, mass graves, and naked tribalism against other Nigerians. The opposition will use the brutal and inhuman Zaria genocide against Buhari and his party, this death threat against Activist Muhammad Darazo is the first step to suppress campaigns on Zaria genocide. The London-based Amnesty International stated during the recent commemoration of 2 years anniversary of the Zaria genocide that families of the 1000+ innocent Nigerians brutally slaughtered by Buhari’s army in Zaria are waiting for justice.

Nigerians should understand that the murderous criminals that brutally butchered 1000+ children, women and men and wickedly dumped the dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences will still kill innocent Nigerians. These are Bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages with mindset like ISIS, AlQaeda and BokoHaram. They love killing the innocent. They are wicked bloodthirsty vampires who love sucking the blood of Shia children and women. Evil tyrant Buhari brutally murdered 3 children of Sheikh Zakzaky in his residence and is today holding Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife in illegal detention incommunicado for more than two years. Only the most wicked savage will perpetrate such monumental inhumanity.

On a final note, I will advise Activist Muhammad Darazo and other Activists on #FreeZakzaky campaigns train to intensify their campaigns. This death threat by the Buhari’s Secret Police shows that your activities are having the desired affect. We are students of history, and throughout history the end result of murderous criminals like Buhari, Elrufai, Buratai and gang has always been humiliation.

Harun Elbinawi

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