Wickedness & Evilness of the Corrupt Northern Oligarchy:

Wickedness & Evilness of the Corrupt Northern Oligarchy:

The northern Muslims (oligarchy) have forfeited the right to participate in governance in this country. In Jonathan regime, they constituted thenselves into the most corrupt elements. They created Boko Haram and sustained it. When they installed Buhari they massacred Muslims. When they were forced to instal a judicial commission of inquired they appointed corrupt Muslim intellectuals into it. Only the Christian membership saved the judicial commission from collapse. They abhorred the rule of law. Buhari has worst record in Nigeria in this respect. There is a staunch of corruption in every sector of Hausa/Fulani society. The Muslim Hausa/Fulani intelligentsia undermined the sovereignty and independence of this country by opening it up to corrupt, terrorising and fanatical Arab regimes like Saudi Arabia. I trust Christians more than I trust these faithless Muslims who ignore the essence of Islam. The writing on the wall is clear for everyone to see. Even Allah Himself said He will not guide the iniquitous people – wallahu la yahdi qaumal zalimin.

-Prof DY

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