A Nigerian Christian in defense of Iranian investment in Nigeria

In response to Ezugwu Okike who raised a red alert that Iran was trying to Islamise the South when it agreed to build hospital in Enugu, Franklin Ebbuche wrote:

Ezugwu Okike, the things you say here fear me a lot for their misconceptions rather than their implications.

Iran is not a terrorist state as you called them.

Saudi Arabia is a terrorist state as you claimed they are not.

You’re a victim of the Western media which deceives people into believing that all enemies of the West are enemies of the world.

Iran and the West have been enemies since the Iranian Revolution 1979 which was caused after Iranian citizens turned against their leaders who were planted there by British Petroleum, CIA and MI6.

Ever since then, they have been at war with Iran so they blackmail Iran with negative titles like terrorist state etc.

If you doubt me, name 10 terrorists you know that are from Iran and I’ll give you 100 names that are from Saudi Arabia.
And name 100 from Iran and I’ll give you 1,000 from Saudi Arabia.

When was the last time a terrorist from Iran attacked US which is always the target of all terrorist groups?

Iran is one of the most advanced countries in the world. And one of the most advanced Islamic countries when it comes to science and technology.

No other Islamic countries manufacture what they use like Iran.

And about your claim regarding their medical practitioners. During Hurricane Katrina in US, Iran offered to send 1,000 doctors free of charge to assist US. But of course for political reasons Washington declined the offer. No one questioned their medical capabilities.

This your post is the first time I am seeing anyone questioning the medical capabilities of Iran.

Speaking of Saudi Arabia, ever heard of Wahabism?

It is a type of Islamic practice which beliefs that Islam must be the religion of the whole world. Guess who created it and is sponsoring it?
Your clean slated Saudi Arabia.

September 9/11, of the 19 terrorists that attacked America, 15 were from Saudi Arabia alone.

The current leader of ISIS did most of his schooling in Saudi Arabia.

Even FBI have a dossier on Saudi and terrorism.


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