Daily Trust – The Official Mouthpiece of #ShiaGenocide in Nigeria

Daily Trust – The Official Mouthpiece of #ShiaGenocide in Nigeria:

“Daily Trust newspaper reported in December, 2015: ZakZaky, Deputy, wife killed in hours of gun battle. Gun battle with who?” -Alh Mukhtar Sirajo

@daily_trust is the official mouth piece of the Saudi-sponsored #ShiaGenocide in Nigeria. @daily_trust promoted evil mass murder of Shiites.

@daily_trust spread all the lies & massive campaigns of calumny and demonization against Sheikh Zakzaky, #IMN, Shia Islam and #Iran.

@daily_trust did everything possible to justify the inhuman slaughter of 1000+ innocent Nigerians and dumped the dead bodies in mass graves.

The owners of @daily_trust are bloodthirsty Wahhabi savages who love genocide of Nigerian Shia civilians. They are agents of Saudi Arabia.

The owners of @daily_trust wanted Sheikh Zakzaky dead & Shia civilians massacred. They are wicked and evil savages, slaves of Saudi king.

We will never forgive, will never forget the inhuman Zaria genocide of 1000+ innocent Nigerian Shia civilians.

Harun @Elbinawi


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