Midget Satan Called Elrufai:

Midget Satan Called Elrufai:

Today @GovKaduna @elrufai & the @HQNigerianArmy are fencing the land where they destroyed the Shia Islamic center #Husseiniyya in Zaria.

According to the Rome Status that established the #ICC @IntlCrimCourt, Destruction of religious site like Zaria Husseiniyya is war crime.

On 12-13th Dec, 2015 the Nigerian Army attacked & bombed the Zaria Husseiniyya killing 100s of Shia worshippers. @IntlCrimCourt @ProfOsinbajo

Among all the mass murderer gang of @MBuhari none of them equal the evilness of Governor Elrufai. This murderous criminal is Midget Satan.

The murderous criminal @elrufai thinks he has successfully destroyed all evidences of the Husseiniyya destruction & now stole the land.

The same Elrufai today planted a fictitious story in @naijcom Hausa that “Shiites charmed @MBuhari” to incite mob attacks on Shiites.

My message to Elrufai is “No matter how long the night, Sun will rise”. Elrufai will one day pay 4 all his heinous crimes against innocent Nigerians.

Harun @Elbinawi


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