Iran Ballistic Missile & US Sanctions:

Iran Ballistic Missile & US Sanctions:

#Iran Ballistic Missiles & #US sanctions:
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An ancient Korean Warrior once said that his sword is not meant for killing people but to protect what he love.
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Iraqi Christian Militia leader said when #ISIS invaded #Mosul they asked #US for weapons, nothing. Then they asked #Iran, weapons were sent.

Saudi Arabia has brutally murdered more than 12,000 civilians that included 3,000 children in #Yemen with weapons sent by US & UK regimes.

The genocidal US regime is imposing sanctions on #Iran since 1979 when the great Iranian nation cut off their filthy hands from it resources

After the glorious 1979 Islamic Revolution, the US, UK regimes & West imposed a bloody 8 year war on Iran via Iraq to destroy the Revolution

They also imposed arms embargo on Iran while they armed Iraq even with banned chemical weapons. Iran survived the war and emerged stronger.

Today Iran is among the 5 top countries in the world on Missile power. The genocidal US regime recently imposed sanctions on this.

The US regime sell missiles to rogue regimes like Saudi Arabia who supply weapons to ISIS. They sell missiles to kill Yemeni #children.

The genocidal US regime produce all sorts of ballistic missiles & armed them with inhuman Nuclear weapons then station them around the world

The genocidal US regime is the only country 2 use Nuclear weapons on civilians. They brutally slaughtered 300,000 Japanese civilians in 1945

And on two occasions the US regime came close 2 use Nuclear weapons on civilians. US murdered 100s of 1000s Vietnamese with chemical weapons

Then why should the genocidal US regime decide 4 Iran the conventional weapons to acquire and develop? These European savages are arrogant.

Today the bloodthirsty genocidal European savages want to control the world just to plunder and control the resources of other nations.

The Crown on the head of the Queen of England, the mother of Western imperialism, is made up of stolen diamond & gold from India and Africa.

#Iran have all the right to develop and manufacture all the ballistic missiles for its defense and protection. #DeathToUS_Sanctions_On_Iran

Harun @Elbinawi

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