Imam Khamenei Called For Support For Sheikh Zakzaky:

Imam Khamenei Called For Support For Sheikh Zakzaky:

“The Judiciary branch should legally intervene in issues, such as sanctions, confiscations by the US, and terrorism. Furthermore, they should support oppressed figures and people of the world, like Sheikh Zakzaky, and the Muslims in Myanmar and Kashmir. Firmly declaring support or opposition so that it would be reflected throughout the world.”

On 3rd July, 2017, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, met with Iran Judiciary Chief and other high ranking Judiciary officials. During the meeting the Supreme Leader called on them to support the Nigerian Islamic scholar, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. Nigerian President Buhari sent thousands of heavily-armed soldiers to Zaria in December, 2015, and they brutally slaughtered 1000+ followers of Sheikh Zakzaky, burnt and destroyed his house, bombed the Shia Islamic center Husseiniyya and destroyed the Shia graveyard.

Sheikh Zakzaky is the leader of the peaceful Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) that have branches in more than ten African countries. The IMN is anti-Zionism, anti-imperialism and anti-Wahhabism mass movement that have tolerance and peaceful coexistence as its major pillars. The Nigerian government that is closely allied to Global Zionism and murderous Wahhabi terrorism killed six (6) children of Sheikh Zakzaky in less than two years. Despite the fact that President Buhari brutally murdered 3 children of Sheikh Zakzaky, he is holding him and his wife in illegal detention incommunicado for more than 18 months despite an order by a competent court to free them.

The monumental injustice and extreme savagery of the Nigerian regime against Sheikh Zakzaky is unprecedented and is the peak of wickedness and inhumanity. The recent call of Imam Khamenei for Muslims and humanity to support Sheikh Zakzaky was timely. Despite protest and condemnation of millions of Nigerians and people of conscience around the world of the illegal detention of sheikh Zakzaky, the bloodthirsty Nigerian tyrant Buhari still refuse to obey the order of a competent court to free Sheikh Zakzaky.

This call of Imam Khamenei will act as a message of condemnation of Nigerian Shia traitors and evil accomplices of the genocidal cabal and mass murderers of innocent Nigerian Shia Muslims. Immediately after the brutal and inhuman #ZariaMassacre of 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria, murderous barbarians wearing the mask of Shiism with headquarters in Kano publicly celebrated the massacre with #ISIS, #AlQaeda, #BokoHaram, Saudi regime and murderous Wahhabi savages world wide. One of the mass murderers, Kaduna Governor Elrufai, recruited the Shia traitor Hamza Lawal to attack Sheikh Zakzaky and IMN as part of their Saudi-sponsored campaigns of calumny and demonization against Sheikh Zakzaky and IMN.

On a final note, heartfelt condolences once again to all the families of victims of the brutal and inhuman Zaria massacre. God destroy the murderous criminals and perpetrators!

Harun Elbinawi


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