I Am African & Will Never Follow The Religion of Bloodthirsty Arab Savages:

I Am African & Will Never Follow The Religion of Bloodthirsty Arab Savages:

“My admiration for him [Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud] was deep, because of his unfailing loyalty to us.” -British PM Winston Churchill

One of the biggest catastrophic calamity of recent Islamic contemporary history is the infiltration and contamination of Sunni Islam by Murderous terrorism-enabled Wahhabism. Bloodthirsty Arab savages created Wahhabism in Najd region of the Arabian peninsular and with the help of the British Empire invaded and occupied the Hijaz region of Arabia. The two Holy cities of Mecca and Madina are part of the Hijaz region.

Prior to 1922 the British were paying the founder of Saudi Arabia, Abdul Aziz Ibn Saud, a subsidy of £60,000 a year. Churchill, then Colonial Secretary, raised it to £100,000. Winston Churchill knew of the dangers of Wahhabism, but was content to use the House of Saud’s twisted ideology for benefit of British colonialism and imperialism. The British Empire then desperately wanted to control the Holy cities of Mecca and Madina but it was impossible for them to directly invade these Holy cities and occupy them so they used their AlSaud Wahhabi proxies to achieve their goal.

The British imperialists teamed up with Al-Saud and their Wahhabism to wage an internal war in the Ottoman Empire which eventually led to the destruction of the Ottoman Empire. Winston Churchill described Ibn Saud’s Wahhabis as “intolerant and bloodthirsty”.

Since then the British Empire, American imperialism and by wider combination Western imperialism have use the two evil qualities of Wahhabism of “intolerance and bloodthirsty” to harm Islam and massacre innocent Muslims. Today all the murderous terrorist groups that are killing mostly Muslims are inspired by Saudi-sponsored Wahhabism. These murderous Wahhabi terrorist groups excommunicate Muslims from Islam then slaughter them in the name of Islam.

The AlSaud control of the Holy cities of Mecca and Madina facilitated their infiltration of Sunni Islam and contaminating it with murderous and genocidal ideology of brutal killings and inhuman massacres.

US & UK regimes created ISIS via Saudi Arabia in 2012 to overthrow the government of Syrian President Assad and destroy Syria. Three years ago ISIS invaded Iraq and occupied Mosul, the second largest city of Iraq. Since then #ISIS has killed more than 400,000 Muslims since its creation in 2012. Saudi Arabia is the mother of murderous Wahhabi terrorism on behalf of Western imperialism and global Zionism. The evil equation of murderous Wahhabi terrorism and US-led Western imperialism is:

Saudi Arabia + West = Death + Destruction

On 12-14th December, 2015 Nigerian tyrant Buhari who is a puppet of the savage Saudi king Salman brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria and wickedly dumped their dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences. The goal was to destroy the anti-imperialism, anti-Zionism and anti-Wahhabism Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) and kill it’s leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. The Nigerian tyrant Buhari told Qatari news agency that this inhuman massacre “is to curtail rising Iran’s influence in Africa”. Four days later after the brutal Zaria massacre, the Saudi king Salman called the evil Nigerian tyrant Buhari on phone and celebrated.

As an African why will I follow a savage religion that is intolerant and bloodthirsty, a religion meant for bloodthirsty murderous barbarians who have no business with humanity and civilization? As an African why will I follow a savage religion that brutally slaughter the innocent then celebrate the inhumanity?

On a final note, if you can not give me the Islam of Sheikh Ibn Fodio and Sheikh Zakzaky then give me the religion of my African ancestors who were kind and honorable. As for the Wahhabi cult of bloodthirsty Arab savages, give it to uncivilized barbarians.

Harun Elbinawi


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