Desperation of the Murderous Criminal @elrufai to Remain Politically Relevant:

Desperation of the Murderous Criminal @elrufai to Remain Politically Relevant:

Desperation of the Murderous Criminal @elrufai to Remain Politically Relevant:
@EveryNigerian @segalink @YarKafanchan @john_danfulani

Former Nigerian President Obasanjo brought @elrufai to political limelight & he said @elrufai is a pathological liar & a traitor to friends.

While the present @elrufai’s boss is dying in a London hospital, @elrufai is not busy praying for him but is busy pushing his own political agenda

@elrufai recently recruited Lagos-based e-rats to promote his political agenda. He gave them huge sum of money from the funds he stole.

@elrufai can do anything to promote his selfish interest & agenda. He paid murderous ‘Herdsmen’ to massacre Christians in #SouthernKaduna

With massive looted funds at his disposal @elrufai have money to spend for his pets & lap-dogs to promote his evil agenda to remain relevant

If the anti-corruption @officialEFCC is holistic, @elrufai’s wife & children should be in prison for the more that N3 billion they looted.

When @elrufai paid murderous ‘Herdsmen’ that slaughtered 800+ Christians in #SouthernKaduna he only arrested Activists from #SouthernKaduna.

When @elrufai & murderous gang brutally slaughtered 1000+ innocent Shia civilians in Zaria in Dec 2015, he only arrested the Shia survivors

To claim he is not enemy of Shia Islam after his brutal slaughter of 1000+ Shiites, @elrufai adopted a Shia traitor Hamza Lawal as a pet.

@elrufai that meets with Saudi officials in Riyadh & Dubai on how 2 destroy Sheikh Zakzaky & Shia Islam in Nigeria suddenly have a Hamza pet

The Shia traitor Hamza Lawal do not attack @elrufai & gang of mass murderers of 1000+ Shiites. No, he attacks Sheikh Zakzaky & the victims.

The @elrufai’s Hamza pet attacked Sheikh Zakzaky & his student @ELBINAWI on fluency of Arabic & English languages respectively. #ShiaTraitor

Dear world,
Have you ever seen a Secondary school certificate holder who is an expert in Arabic & English languages? Pet Hamza claims….

Sheikh Zakzaky & his student @ELBINAWI are both ABU, Zaria’s First Class materials. The CGPA of @ELBINAWI’s post-Graduate course was 4.62

Dear Nigerians,
Here is the pathological liar, notorious criminal, treasury looter, mass murderer, murderous terrorism financier @elrufai.

Harun @Elbinawi


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