Sheikh Zakzaky & Occupied Palestine

Sheikh Zakzaky & Occupied Palestine:

Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky of Nigeria, Africa & #FreePalestine:
His Eminence Sheikh Zakzaky is the biggest supporter of FreePalestine in Africa

Sheikh Zakzaky want a #Palestine not occupied by bloodthirsty Zionist Jews but a Palestine for Christians, Muslims & Jews live in harmony.

Since 1948 murderous bloodthirsty European Zionist Jews are occupying #Palestine killing hundreds of thousands & sending millions to exile.

Sheikh Zakzaky envisage a #FreePalestine where Muslims, Christians & Jews will live in peace, security & good neighborliness.

The city of Jerusalem, capital of #Palestine, is Holy to the 3 Monotheist religions: #Judaism, #Christianity & #Islam. It should be freed

After the victory of the 1979 Islamic Revolution in #Iran, Imam Khomeini (ra) declared the Last Friday of the month of #Ramadan as #QudsDay.

Since then every year millions of people across the world mark International #QudsDay with rallies, protests and conferences. #FreePalestine

In #Nigeria, Niger, Chad & Cameroon millions of #IMN members under the leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky stage protest marches on Int’ #QudsDay

In the #QudsDay rally of 2014 the @HQNigerianArmy under @GEJonathan killed 33 #IMN members that included 3 children of Sheikh #Zakzaky.

Former Nigerian President @GEJonathan apologized to Sheikh Zakzaky via phone call but failed to prosecute the murderous criminals.

All the wars, deaths & destructions in the Middle East today that are orchestrated by the West are for the security of the Israeli regime.

The invasion of #Iraq by the West was caused by the fraudulent Intel of the Israeli regime that Iraq had WMD.More than 1 million Iraqis died

One of the reasons why President @MBuhari confidently sent 1000s of heavily-armed Soldiers to Zaria to attack #IMN was due to Israel Intel.

The Israeli regime sent a fraudulent Intel to d Nigerian Govt that #IMN is “armed”. @MBuhari slaughtered 1000+ IMN members but found nothing

From the fraudulent Intel, the Israeli regime told the Nigerian Govt that #IMN hide weapons in the graveyard just like #Hezbollah.

Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari destroyed all #IMN graveyards but failed to find a single bullet. Israeli lies led to the death of 1000+ Nigerians.

President @MBuhari brutally murdered 3 sons of Sheikh Zakzaky & is holding him in illegal detention. @zinadabo

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