President Buhari’s Gang of Thieves & Mass Murderers:

President Buhari’s Gang of Thieves & Mass Murderers:

@MBuhari’s #IDP & Dates Gang of Thieves:

@MBuhari’s supporters are grumbling about the 200 tonnes of Saudi dates sold by @MBuhari’s cronies.

The monumental lies that the evil tyrant @MBuhari sold the poor masses of Northern #Nigeria is that he & his murderous gang are pro-poor.

After President @MBuhari assumed power d economy quickly changed from bad to worst. @MBuhari is only bombarding them with anti-poor policies

After the evil tyrant @MBuhari & his murderous gang brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria, they rushed to Saudi Arabia 4 reward

The Midget Satan @GovKaduna @elrufai led a team of Northern Governors to Saudi Arabia for reward of their brutal murder of 1000+ Nigerians.

The reward until now is the 200 tonnes of dates the Saudi regime gave to these bloodthirsty African savages from Nigeria led by @MBuhari.

@MBuhari & his gang of mass murderers thought the Saudi Wahhabi savages are reliable. These murderous criminals are ignorant of history.

In 2015 the Saudi regime promised Somalia $50 million to break diplomatic ties with #Iran. To this day nothing is send to starving Somalis.

But the $100 million savage Saudi @KingSalman promised US President Trump’s daughter, @IvankaTrump, is on its way. Saudi loyal 2 imperislism

Evil tyrant @MBuhari claimed they spent $2.6 billion on d starving #IDPs but Nigerians are well aware that majority of this fund was stolen.

President @MBuhari, @elrufai & gang are pathological liars & fraudsters who had successfully deceived poor masses of North Nigeria. #WakeUp

@Elbinawi Tweets


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