President Buhari, Saudi Arabia & Qatar

President Buhari, Saudi Arabia & Qatar:

After the evil, wicked & bloodthirsty tyrant @MBuhari brutally slaughtered 1000+ Shia civilians in Zaria, he toured Saudi Arabia & Qatar.

@MBuhari went to Saudi & Qatar looking for help & investment. His “goodies” for them was he murdered 1000+ Shiites & destroyed #Husseiniya

To this day Saudi Arabia & Qatar have not rewarded this wicked & evil tyrant @MBuhari but the Saudis recently sent him 200 tonnes of dates!

Today Saudi Arabia & Qatar are fighting each other. Qataris are singing like birds to whoever care to listen of how they supported terrorism

In 2014 two Saudi & Qatari firms imported 35,000 Toyota vans from Japan & handed them to #ISIS to invade #Iraq. Americans approved of this

How do we expect the world to respect Africans when a tyrant like @MBuhari will kill 1000+ of his people to please an Arab savage king?

When Pres. @MBuhari was in Qatar he claimed he slaughtered 1000+ Shiites to curtail Iran’s influence in Africa. Today #Iran is feeding Qatar

@Elbinawi Tweets


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