@Elbinawi Tweets On Questions of a Pro-Biafra Activist:

@Elbinawi Tweets On Questions of a Pro-Biafra Activist:

During the 2011 post-election violence by @MBuhari supporters in Northern Nigeria, Sheikh Zakzaky protected 100s of #Igbos & Christians.

Sheikh Zakzaky is opposed to any form or guise of hate speech in Nigeria.There are #Igbos among the millions of followers of Sheikh Zakzaky.

Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky taught us tolerance, love and compassion to all humanity since we are all brothers and sisters in creation. #No2Hate

The wife of Sheikh Zakzaky, Mother of six (6) Martyrs #Zeenat, is Yoruba by tribe. Tribal fanaticism is shallow & barbaric. Embrace humanity

The #IPOB & Nnamdi Kanu should stop the genocidal campaigns of hate against Islam and the Hausa/Fulani tribe. Terrorism starts with hate.

Even if #BiafraExit leave Nigeria it will be a landlocked state surrounded by #Nigeria. We will still be neighbors then why the hate?

I am not oppose to #BiafraExit but I am strongly opposed to hate mongering of #IPOB & Nnamdi Kanu against Muslims & Hausa/Fulani tribe.

#Christianity is strongly opposed to all forms & guise of hate mongering. #Islamophobia & spreading hate against Islam is Zionist project.

It was not Islam & the Hausa/Fulani tribe that murdered 200+ pro-Biafra activists. It was the evil mass murderer Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari.

Please lets promote peace, respect and peaceful coexistence among all Nigerians regardless of tribe or religious difference. Humanity first!

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