On The Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Ali (as)

@Elbinawi Tweet on the Martyrdom Anniversary of Imam Ali (as):

#ImamAli (as) was struck with a poisonous sword on the 19th #Ramadan . 3 days later he became Martyr.

Salutations to the Prince of Guidance

#ImamAli (as) was the bravest warrior of his time & the most knowledgeable among Companions of Prophet Muhammad (sa). Master of #Eloquence

In a famous duel at the Battle of Khandaq, Imam Ali (as) defeated and killed the famous Arab General Amr Ibn Abd Wujd.

In the famous Battle of Khybar against the #Jews, Imam Ali (as) defeated and killed the famous Jewish General Mahrab. He divided him in two

At #Uhud, a sound resonated “Muhammad is killed”. So-called prominent Companions fled the Battlefield. Imam Ali remained to fight to death

When the death of the Messenger of God (sa) approached he raised the hands of Imam Ali (as) at Ghadir Khum and said follow your leader.

When the Prophet (sa) died a power-hungry cabal moved quickly & seized power.This power-hungry cabal did not even attend his funeral prayers

This power-hungry cabal threatened to burnt down the house of the beloved daughter of Prophet Muhammad (sa) just to oppose Imam Ali (as).

Today Shia Muslims world wide follow the injunction of Prophet Muhammad (as) at Khadir Khum while others follow the power-hungry cabal.

On Dec 2015 in Nigeria, the evil Wahhabi tyrant @MBuhari brutally slaughtered 1000+ followers of Imam Ali & dumped their bodies in mass graves.

Today I send message to the mass murderer Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari:”I am #Shia, come & kill me!”

Millions of salutations to #ImamAli (as)!


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