On the Child-Killer Buhari

@Elbinawi Tweets On the Child-Killer Buhari:

Ask the youths that @MBuhari encouraged to brutally killed innocent Christians during the post-election violence of 2011 what they achieved?

Some of those killed by those pro-@MBuhari murderous savages included Serving Corps members. Some of their victims were burnt alive.

As a Northern youth, do you think that @MBuhari will send his children to kill people despite the fact that he encouraged the violence?

@MBuhari sent his children to school in UK but he actively encouraged Northern youths to kill innocent Nigerians when he lost election in 2011

In #ZariaMassacre @MBuhari brutally slaughtered 100s of children of other Nigerians but he is always showing love for his children. #Evil

@MBuhari brutally murdered 3 children of Sheikh Zakzaky #ZariaMassacre and he is wickedly holding him in illegal detention for 16 months.

Youths of Northern Nigeria should understand that killing of the innocent attract divine curse and vengeance from God. There are examples

When a bloodthirsty savage like @MBuhari provoked you to murder innocent Nigerians due to his selfish political interest, God will judge you

Despite the innocent Nigerians that were killed in 2011 due to @MBuhari’s provocative statements, what is d nature of @MBuhari’s govt today?

@MBuhari Govt today:

– 5m Nigerians lost their job
– 1000s of Nigerians killed
– Inflation very high
– Rampant insecurity, kidnappings etc

Since @MBuhari came to power two years ago the prices of everything in Nigeria has increased three fold with no increase in salaries.

When @MBuhari assumed Nigerian presidency he was busy killing 1000s of innocent Nigerians & wickedly dumped their dead bodies in mass graves

Today God has turned @MBuhari into a vegetable, useless to himself and to Nigerians. @MBuhari is today a complete liability to Nigerians

And God will surely punish the evil, wicked & bloodthirsty tyrant @MBuhari of the1000s innocent Nigerians he wickedly murdered. God is Just!

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