Reflections On #June12 Anniversary

@Elbinawi Tweets on #June12 Anniversary:

1) #June12 Elections Anniversary:

On 12th June, 1993 the freest & fairest General Elections were held in Nigeria. Sadly it was annulled…

2) The #June12 Presidential elections was between M. K. O Abiola from Southern Nigerian & Bashir Tofa from Northern Nigeria. Abiola won

3) Important fact of the #June12 presidential elections was that the Southerner Abiola defeated his Northern rival in Northern Nigeria.

4) Oppressed people of Northern Nigeria voted massively 4 Abiola but the evil & wicked Northern Oligarchy annulled the presidential election

5) It is important for activists from Southern Nigerian to always differentiate the oppressed masses of the North & the evil Northern oligarchy

6) The evil Northern oligarchy are the most wicked set of elites in d whole world. They annulled #June12 elections, killed Abiola & his wife

7) The evil & wickedness of the Northern oligarchy is one of the reasons why the North is backward in all indices of development & progress

8) @AlikoDangote is the richest Black man in the world but he does not have school in Kano State. Okorocha from SouthEast has School in Kano

9) @UN statistics shows that there are more than 10 million out-of-school children in Nigeria & more than 8m of this children are from North

10) Instead of building schools to educate #children in the North, the wicked Northern oligarchy buys expensive cars & go to Hajj yearly.

11) The Emir of Kano, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, recently bought N300 million car with public funds. A typical example of the wicked oligarchy..

12)The evil Northern oligarchy deliberately denied millions of oppressed children in the North education.They easily control the ignorant crowd

13)In other to keep the ignorant lot of Northern Nigeria busy, the wicked & evil Oligarchy fabricate “imaginary enemies” for these oppressed lot

14) In 2000 the evil Northern oligarchy brought the fraudulent Shariah. 1000s of Nigerians – both Muslims and Christians – were killed.

15) In 2015 the “imaginary enemy” created by the evil Northern oligarchy was Shia Islam. These murderous criminals murdered 1000+ Shiites.

16) Today this evil Northern oligarchy is allied to the 3 biggest evil in the world: Western imperialism, global Zionism & Wahhabi terrorism

17) Today this evil Northern oligarchy are targeting Sheikh Ibraheem #Zakzaky because he is opposed to all their evil & wicked oppression

18) On #June12 anniversary, I extend heartfelt condolences to the families of MKO Abiola & his murdered wife. Forces of evil will never win


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