@Elbinawi Tweets On Victims of the inhuman #Zaria_Massacre:

@Elbinawi Tweets On Victims of the inhuman #Zaria_Massacre:

#Iran is still treating victims of the inhuman #ZariaMassacre by the evil, wicked & bloodthirsty Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari. @adeyanjudeji

#Iran is using it’s advance health facilities to treat those burnt alive by @HQNigerianArmy & those with bullets in sensitive places.

A batch of victims of #ZariaMassacre returned from #Iran last week & another batch left for Iran this week. President @MBuhari murdered1000+ Shiites

I was told one of the victims of the #ZariaMassacre presently in #Iran is completely burnt. President @MBuhari burnt 100s of Shia civilians in Zaria

Sheikh #Zakzaky’s one eye was destroyed by Army bullets & the second eye needs urgent medical attention but @MBuhari refused to release him.

President @MBuhari brutally murdered 3 children of Sheikh #Zakzaky & @GovKaduna @elrufai wickedly dumped their dead bodies in mass graves.

One of the victims of the #ZariaMassacre had his eyes destroyed by President @MBuhari & @HQNigerianArmy. Can #Iranian doctors fix them?

President @MBuhari has spend close to 100 days in a London hospital but this wicked man is preventing #Zakzaky from seeking medical attention

Two of the victims of #ZariaMassacre that arrived #Iran this week had undergone successful surgeries. One will be operated tomorrow iA

Like the greetings of the Knights of the ancient Roman Empire I salute #Iran & the Great Leader Imam @khamenei_ir. We are grateful!!!


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