@Elbinawi Tweets On Heroes of #ZariaMassacre by Evil Nigerian Tyrant Buhari:

@Elbinawi Tweets On Heroes of #ZariaMassacre by Evil Nigerian Tyrant Buhari:

#Since the illegal detention of sheikh #Zakzaky by the mass murderer @NGRPresident @MBuhari.

Sheikh Zakzaky – Lion of #Africa. Father of 6 Martyrs, living Martyr who survived 7 bullets, husband to a living Martyr & brother to Martyr

All male children of Imam Hussein (as) attained Martyrdom in #Karbala with exception of Imam Zayn ul-Abideen. Same with #Zakzaky, only Muhammad survived

In human history the head of Prophet Yahya (as) was cut off by an evil tyrant & presented 2 a prostitute as a gift. #Zakzaky is on that path

Who has the lineage of Prophet Yahya (as)? His father was a Prophet & Messenger of God.His mother was daughter of Prophet & Messenger of God

For Sheikh #Zakzaky to be attacked by the evil & wicked Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari is an established tradition of Prophets & Messengers of God

Murderous & bloodthirsty tyrants like @MBuhari exist through out history. And in recent history we saw them. Where is Saddam & his sons?

The Evil Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari brutally murdered 3 sons of Sheikh Zakzaky, burnt his sister alive & slaughtered 1000+ of his followers.

Salutations to Mother of Martyrs #Zeenat:

Mother to Ahmad
Mother to Mahmud
Mother to Humaid
Mother to Mahmud
Mother to Hamid
Mother to Ali

The evil, wicked & bloodthirsty Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari after brutally killing 3 children of #Zeenat rained bullets on her. She survived..

Millions of Salutations to the captives of #ZariaMassacre. Those who survived with gun shots wounds & President @MBuhari & @elrufai dumped them in prison

The 200+ captives of #ZariaMassacre should understand that Sayyeda Zainab (as), beloved Grand-daughter of the Prophet (sa), was once a captive.

We are grateful 2 God that our enemies are President @MBuhari, #BokoHaram, @elrufai, @Buratai_COAS etc. All Murderous terrorists & criminals

We are grateful to God that our friends, brothers and sisters are the millions of Nigerians who condemned #ZariaMassacre & say #FreeZakzaky.

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