Why #West Hate #Iran Today:

Why #West Hate #Iran Today:

Operation Ajax: #Britain lead the coup d’etat that overthrew democracy in Iran. Mossadegh was ousted to protect the looting of Iranian oil.

Before the glorious 1979 Islamic Revolution the entire Iranian Oil industry was under the American and British greedy imperialists.

American and British imperialists plundered and looted Iranian rich Oil resources and wickedly deprived the oppressed Iranians of their Oil wealth.

The 1979 Islamic Revolution cut off the filthy hands of American and British imperialists from the rich Iranian Oil resources.

Today the evil, arrogant and greedy American and British imperialists hate Iran because they can not loot Iran’s Oil wealth.

In his recent visit to Saudi Arabia, US President Trump thanked his Saudi puppets for creating huge jobs in US. Iran do not create jobs in the US, Iran create Jobs for Iranians.

Today #SaudiArabia is the biggest ATM machine of the greedy American and British imperialists. The Only Saudi investment in Muslim countries is #Wahhabism to spread hate, division and produce murderous Wahhabi terrorists to kill Muslims.

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