Is Nigerian President Buhari #BokoHaram?

Is Nigerian President Buhari #BokoHaram?

In #Nigeria only the murderous #BokoHaram terrorists love killing innocent Nigerians but President @MBuhari love killing innocent Nigerians.

On 27th Nov, 2015 #BokoHaram released a video threatening Sheikh #Zakzaky & Shia Muslims. Two weeks later @MBuhari slaughtered 1000+ Shiites

Only #BokoHaram buried the Nigerians they murdered in mass graves but President @MBuhari buried the 1000+ Shiites he murdered in mass graves

During the govt of former Pres @GEJonathan, President @MBuhari warned him not to kill #BokoHaram terrorists despite they killing Nigerians

The #ZariaMassacre proves that President @MBuhari has the mindset & wicked mentality like #BokoHaram terrorists.

Is @MBuhari BokoHaram?

@Elbinawi Tweet


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