How the West Turned Libya into Base For Terrorists:

@Elbinawi Tweets on How the West Turned Libya into Base For Terrorists:

How West Turned #Libya into Base of Murderous Wahhabi Terrorism in #Africa:
Egyptian Govt launched 6 airstrikes against terrorists in Libya

The Egyptian airstrikes against murderous Wahhabi terrorists in #Libya was retaliation for the killings of 30+ Coptic Christians yesterday.

West killed #Gaddafi, destroyed #Libya’s world class infrastructures & handed over the country to #ISIS & #AlQaeda. West stealing Libyan Oil

Today #Libya is a base to murderous Wahhabi terrorism. Weapons from Libya reach terrorists in Mali, #Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, Chad etc

Last year I received death threat from a Libyan NO to my WhatsApp in Hausa language. The message read that they will come 2 Kaduna 4 my head

Western imperialism & its Saudi puppets are today the biggest sponsors & funders of murderous Wahhabi terrorism that is killing the innocent

This absolute evil is a Trianglar relationship that connects the West, the Saudis are the intermediaries & #ISIS & #AlQaeda the killers

Humanity must condemn the #West inhuman support for murderous #terrorism to kill the innocent, rape women & girls & destroy towns & cities.

Once again heartfelt condolences to the families of the Coptic Egyptian Christians murdered by Saudi-supported #ISIS.


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