The despotic and undemocratic Western-backed Al-Khalifa regime yesterday violently attacked on freedom seekers of #Bahrain who are protecting the home of the Scholar Ayatollah Issa Qaseem. The Western-backed regime brutally killed 5 activists and arrested dozens.

It is important for all Activists and people of conscience around the world to highlight this violent oppression and inhuman killings by the despotic regime of Bahrain backed by US, UK and Saudi Arabia. The US government have a large Naval base in Bahrain that is meant to protect it evil imperialism interest in the region. The oppressed people of Bahrain want this Naval base close since it is useless to them.

The West lied to humanity that they are flag bearers of freedom, democracy and Human Rights but here are they in Bahrain defending a tyrannical, undemocratic and despotic regime that only one family is ruling Bahrain.

We extend out total support to the oppressed people of Bahrain and wish them success in their quest for freedom, democracy and protection of Human Rights.

@Elbinawi Tweet


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