@Elbinawi Tweets On His Reply to His Syrian Christian Sister Maha Tannous

@Elbinawi Tweets On His Reply to His Syrian Christian Sister Maha Tannous:

My Syrian Christian sister, Maha Tannous, sent me this message:
“May Allah’s peace & blessings be upon brother Harun Elbinawi abundantly.”

My brave sister, Taha Tannous, is an active commentator on social media platforms especially Facebook where she defend her country #Syria

Maha Tannous is a #Christian from #Syria but she love all humanity. We fought many battles together on Facebook & received all threats

Most African Christians think that Christianity originated from Europe. The pure & Holy Jesus (as) did not exist in Paris, London or Berlin.

Jesus (as) existed in #Palestine & South #Lebanon. There is a #Christian town in #Syria that today speak the same language that Jesus spoke.

There are Churches in Palestine,Syria, Lebanon,Iraq & Egypt that are more than 2000 years. First followers of Jesus are found in Middle East

My sister Taha Tannous like me is anti-imperialism & anti-Zionism.She once told me how can God love those who called Jesus (as) a “bastard”?

Murderous & bloodthirsty Zionist savages who are just like #ISIS insult humanity by calling Jesus (as) a “bastard” & his mother “prostitute”

These same Zionist Jews brainwashed African Christians that they are “chosen people of God”. How can murderous savages be chosen by God?

I asked my Syrian Christian sister Maha Tannous “Did God promise Jews Palestine in the Bible? ”
She answered that it is a monumental fraud.

Our African Christian brothers and sisters should understand that real Christians are found in #Palestine, #Syria, #Iraq, #Lebanon & #Iran.

The evil, bloodthirsty, genocidal & plunder-enabled Christians of Europe & the West do not represent the great religion of #Christianity.

Dear sister Maha Tannous,
A lot of issues happened since the last time we communicated. We receive daily information about your #Syria

In my #Nigeria, on December 12-14 2015 the evil Nigerian tyrant @MBuhari brutally slaughtered 1000+ of our brothers & sisters in Zaria.

This evil, wicked & bloodthirsty Wahhabi savage @MBuhari dumped the dead bodies of the Nigerians he murdered in mass graves at night.

Dear sister Maha Tannous,
I survived an assassination attempt in July last year. I survived with lots of injuries. I am still recovering…

Sister Maha Tannous, we have great activists in #Nigeria who are Christians. One of them @YarKafanchan named her child “Syria”, your #Syria!

Thank you sister Maha Tannous for your message. I pray for the defeat of the Western-backed evil agenda of deaths and destruction in #Syria.


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