@Elbinawi Tweets On Former Nigerian President GEJ & President Buhari:

@Elbinawi Tweets On Former Nigerian President GEJ & President Buhari:

Dear brother @adeyanjudeji,
I strongly disagree with those making the @GEJonathan govt the standard of measuring truth and Human Rights.

When the @HQNigerianArmy tortured to death 34 #IMN members that included 3 sons of Sheikh Zakzaky, @GEJonathan did not prosecute them.

The Quds 2014 massacre under @GEJonathan was a Mossad-sponsored operation that targeted His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and #IMN.

All the @HQNigerianArmy officers that executed d 2014 Quds massacre were of Igbo extraction. The Israeli regime uses Igbo to serve it agenda

Former President Obasanjo spent 8 years in power in Nigeria and he refused Western imperialism proposal to attack #IMN and Sheikh Zakzaky.

The biggest blunder of former President @GEJonathan was that he handed over Nigerian security to the Israeli regime. Mossad was in control

The greedy Israelis were after Nigerian money. @GEJonathan pumped money to them to fight #BokoHaram but the Israelis were arming BokoHaram.

This is d main reason why Northerners believed that @GEJonathan armed #BokoHaram. The Israelis on behalf of imperialism used GEJ & dumped him

Close to the 2015 presidential election @GEJonathan woke up from his slumber, bought quality weapons & rolled back the gains of #BokoHaram.

Despite all the weaknesses and blunders of former President @GEJonathan he does not have the wickedness & brutality of President @MBuhari.

President @MBuhari is a wicked person since childhood & that is why he brutally murdered 3 sons of #Zakzaky & still holding him in detention

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