How Omar Mukhtar Opposed Evil Western Imperialism

The Italian officer asked him: Did you fight the Italian state?
Omar: Yes
And encouraged your people to fight the Italians ?
_ Yes
Are you aware that death is your penalty for what you did ?
_ Yes
Do you admit and recognize what you say?
_ Yes
How many years have you fought the Italian authorities?
_ 20 years
Do you regret what you have done?
Do you realize that you will be executed?
_ Yes

The Court Judge here turned to Omar and told him: I’m Sad to see your end like this.
Omar replied :
_ But this is the best way to end my life…
_The Judge tries to tempt him to stop the punishment and forgive him, in return that he (Omar) writes to the Mujahideen to stop fighting the Italians…
Omar looked at him and said his famous quote:
(My Forefinger that admits in every prayer that there is no God but Allah and that Muhammad is the Messenger of God cannot write a word of falsehood, we do not Surrender, we win or die”)

Allah bless him and grant him the Highest levels of Paradise, the Lion of the Desert Omar Al Mukhtar !!

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