The Shia Traitor Hamza Lawal Again II:

The Shia Traitor Hamza Lawal Again II:

I had received long messages via my WhatsApp from brainwashed followers of the traitor Hamza Lawal. All the messages were in Hausa language. Their traitorous master failed to inform them that I am not Hausa. Hamza Lawal is a WAEC certificate holder why did he not teach these his brainwashed followers English language?

Those the traitor Hamza Lawal is desperately trying to defend are murderous criminals who brutally slaughtered 1000+ innocent and defenseless Nigerian Shia Muslims and wickedly dumped their dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences.

The traitor Hamza Lawal is a paid agent of the evil Midget Satan Elrufai who confessed that he buried 347 children, women, the aged and men alive in a single mass grave in Mando. Elrufai frequent the house of traitor Hamza Lawal to visit his hunting dog.

Few weeks after #ZariaMassacre we accompanied a Journalist from Vanguard NewsPaper to ABUTH, Zaria, where he interviewed some survivors of the inhuman massacre. When he saw #IMN women that were shot in private parts by the Nigerian Army and stabbed their breasts with riffle bayonets this Journalist broke down and wept. He is a Christian.

The patron of the traitor Hamza Lawal, Elrufai, took the survivors of the brutal massacre to court under trump-up charges and is today demanding a death sentence on hundreds of our brothers and sisters. Is this evil mass murderer not an enemy? Why should a Shia cleric collect money from such a person?

I conclude this piece with this famous quote of Dr. Ali Shariati (ra)

“If you died defending truth, you did a Hussaini act, if you are alive then you have to do the Zainabi act by spreading the message of truth and justice. If you fail (intentionally) to do so, then you are nothing but a Yazidi.”

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