Nigerian Oppressed & Our Wicked & Heartless Oppressors

@Elbinawi Tweets On Nigerian Oppressed & Wicked Oppressors:

Oppressed Nigerians should #WakeUP!

The wicked and heartless oppressors are just exploiting them and making them enemies of each other.

During ethno-religious conflict, it is only poor oppressed Nigerians that slaughter each other & burn each others belongings.

The evil, wicked and heartless Nigerian oppressors are united in looting & stealing our wealth but we are not United in opposing them.

The wicked and heartless Nigerian oppressors uses the fault lines of tribe & religion to divide the Nigerian oppressed but they are united.

Oppressed Nigerians must understand that unity is strength & division is weakness. Unity of the oppressed is the greatest fear of oppressors

Nigerian oppressors are the most wicked and heartless in the world. They steal our money and take them to Western Banks for safe keeping.

Hunger, abject poverty & massive unemployment in Nigeria are not God-sent. They are the resultant evil of our wicked & heartless oppressors


Happy Birthday to His Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky! #FreeZakzaky from the illegal detention incommunicado by the Mass Murderer Nigerian Tyrant Buhari


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