On The Animal by Muhammad Ibraheem Zakzaky

On the Animal


God bless Nat Geo Wild. I must thank the grossly underrated channel with all my heart. The channel is a good channel, a great channel, my favourite channel. May Nat Geo Wild continue to be what it is. Thanks to Nat Geo Wild for The shows they show, the things I have seen there, the things I have learned, the things I hope to one day remember about life. May God reward them with all they deserve and more. I must thank them generally for putting on a good show. Thanks to the channel called Nat Geo Wild, I have swallowed what is simply immense, astounding, it is beyond my meagre comprehension of the English language, to describe the ways Nat Geo Wild contributes to enrich my understanding of life in this world. How can my meagre words aspire to make utterances, to a point approaching a vague representation of justice?

God bless Nat Geo Wild. I remember my first forays into the wild, like that time I ran through the corn fields without minding the cuts, the bruises, and the yet to be felt irritations that would only afflict by nightfall. All because we wanted to reach Madarkaci before the rest of the boys. Back then it was Abdurrazaq Abdullahi Abbas who led the way to what eventually became an itching quagmire of a day, and the itchiest of nights. Or the other time when I first saw a lady bug, and how it felt and smelt, and believe me the smell was distinctive, I was with Mustapha. Or the time I learned to differentiate between a locust and a grasshopper, to say nothing is to say that it was a painful lesson.

God bless Nat Geo Wild. For all the ways the channel seems to speed up the childhood, even though I am compelled to admit that I am conflicted on this issue. Nat Geo Wild will never speed life to a speed that will be enough, and more importantly speeding things up is not the goal of Nat Geo Wild. The goal is to remind those of us who are still human beings that humility before Nature is the past that ensured life, and humility before nature is the only future, that will ensure survival. How else can you describe the appeal of gruellingly enjoyable shows like: monster fish, surviving the Serengeti, and so on?

God bless Nat Geo Wild. For all the countless man hours that have gone into making it possible to remind those human beings who happen to make or have the time to look; and look into the plight of the huge numbers of God’s works that have been classified quite simply as animals. The narrative that has solidified the mind-set that justifies an extermination campaign against life itself. It is a mind-set of those who believe that God placed them on this earth, merely so that they can use all they find, by killing all, with prejudice if need be. And they have been doing just that, to the point that their greed describes an animal as something to be merely killed, mutilated, cooked and eaten.

God bless Nat Geo Wild. My name is Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky, I am the brother of 6 brothers, individual human beings who drew breath as baby boys, who stood as teenagers, and before they could truly smell adulthood, they were tortured and killed. This happened in 2014. In the aftermath they were buried, and my father forbade revenge. In 2015 their graves were desecrated. three more of my brothers were killed, along with over 1000 other people, whose only crime is that they were found in the vicinity of a man, who has now been described as an animal. That man is my father.

God bless Nat Geo Wild. But do not take my word for it, do not watch Nat Geo Wild, preserve your knowledge of English if you please. My list of the world’s greatest English Teachers, may include James Edgar Allen Poe, Shakespeare, Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain, George Orwell and pitiable old Arthur Conan Doyle. Alas you will never understand the definition of ‘Animal’ until you have met the greatest of them all. That which must not be named, that who sits on a chair meant for the governor of a state that cannot be mentioned. A state where institutions continue to disappear, so that he can be focused on the un-enviable task of defining the word, Animal. A state were at least, 2000 people are missing, at least 300 are known to be buried in a mass grave, and the survivors are in prison, all presumed guilty of being in the proximity an ‘Animal.’ Years of work destroyed, lives shattered, only for the ‘unmentionable’ to lobby to acquire the unenviable position of Chief English teacher of Nigeria, to add to the title of Demolition man. Among other things.

God bless Nat Geo Wild. I have never wanted to be the one who commented on any of the online links of adverts on Facebook, YouTube, twitter, and so on. But when I end up in a mass grave due to this great Thing who knows how to deal with animals, my wish is that he be featured in a documentary about the usual subjects, so all those who watch Nat Geo Wild can finally understand that the greatest and most dangerous predator is the one who survives on madness. And come 2019 I will sow the ‘unnameable thing’ VOTES such as has never been seen before. If there was a creature, believed to be created by God or as that thing seems to think by itself, or by whatever, that creature must never be allowed to be ‘taxonomist’ whenever it likes the way it likes.

God bless Nat Geo Wild. The governor of Kaduna State has called my father an ‘Animal.’ I am reeling with pain, not because I have been described as an animal before, not because I have suffered to be treated like one, not because my mother has been treated worse than one, But because of the implications of what it means to allow the ‘demolition man’ to wreck his way to the title of English Teacher and Taxonomist. Everyone will know the pain by then. I also want to point out that those called ‘animals’ have been hunted and exploited to the point of endangerment, and beyond, they are suffering from the tyrannical spectre of extremists like the biological wonder of a thing that is unworthy of the title of an Animal.

God bless Nat Geo Wild. If you happen to be scared please stop reading now, for from here it shall go all the way to dark side. In which I will be well within my rights to call the un-estimable ‘thing’ an Animal. Mr. Elrufai is an animal. To leave it here will only cause my own conscience to assault itself, so I have to say that he is not worthy of the title of ‘Animal.’ Animals do not ever go against the plan of God. No animal has ever committed such an abomination, no Animal has ever refused to serve under God’s will, If any animal had, we would have heard of it by now. All Animals have always lived according to God’s plan, and they continue to do so. This example was never as apparent to me as when, I saw weaver birds living less than 2 meters to the ground in my father’s house, which an animal has visited as a beggar and then demolished as a governor. I will show you votes, you will see. If you survive till 2019 you will learn Votes. You are an Abomination.

God bless Nat Geo Wild. Consider that when human beings who happened to be Christian where being hunted down like animals by this ‘Animal’s’ allies, it was in this son of an Animal’s father’s house that they found refuge. Back then you and your cronies where busy trying to hunt them down. Even your overlord made his appearance in my father’s house for no purpose, other than to get him to endorse your hunt for what you see as animals. The Baba wanted to hunt Animals. If this is untrue, I dare your sick Baba to prove me wrong.

God bless Nat Geo Wild. The first time I heard of Mr. Animal was from my father, he told me your history. I only remembered the good parts, so naïve was I, at the time. My patient father allowed me continue to work to have your filthiness voted into office, and to work hard to have your filthiness achieve the relevance that allows you to call my father an ‘Animal.’ I pray to God, I plead to God, that the truth be revealed, so that the animal name be cleared of the schemes of Abominations like you. I pray to God that justice be enforced upon the likes of you. I pray to God the world learns how much of a stupid idiot you are, and I pray to god that the courage to bend your slender neck exists at least one more soul, that will eventually bring your filthiness to an end. If you are lucky we will not cross paths, if not then rest assured that whatever happens you have made your last mistake.

Mohammed Ibraheem Zakzaky


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