Nigerian #Mass_Murderer Gang:

Nigerian #Mass_Murderer Gang:

Evil gang of mass murderers who brutally slaughtered 1000+ innocent Nigerians in Zaria in December 2015.

This evil gang murdered 1000+ innocent Nigerians that included 297 women of which 23 of them were pregnant & 193 innocent children.

The evil gang wiped out 39 families from the face of the earth & wickedly dumped all their dead bodies in mass graves at night.

The evil gang thought that before 2019 they will “clear” all the remaining mess of #ZariaMassacre & be free for the rest of their lives.

Then suddenly their leader who is President @MBuhari Fell ill. They became jittery, desperate & confuse.All Murderers in history are cowards

President @MBuhari is a dog of the savage Saudi @KingSalman. The person to replace him, VP @ProfOsinbajo, may not be a willing Saudi dog.

The Midget Satan @GovKaduna @elrufai rushed to @channelstv to buy interview time & out of desperation he savagery insulted Sheikh #Zakzaky.

The cowardly @HQNigerianArmy Chief @Buratai_COAS always appear behind fabricated Christian names. This time he appeared as “Abiodun Israel”

The ignoble leader of the evil mass murderer gang is dying in @AsoRock Presidential villa.Members of this evil gang fear justice most of all

Justice from #ICC @IntlCrimCourt for the 1000+ innocent Nigerians they brutally murdered & dumped all their dead bodies in mass graves.

When members of the mass murderer gang die they will surely face justice frm God, the Creator, the Just, the Most High. No evil go unpunish

#IMN members should expect more insults from Midget Satan @elrufai alias “The Animal” & the cowardly @Buratai_COAS alias “Dubai Landlord”.

They will intensify insults & abuses on the personality of Sheikh Zakzaky, intensify their campaigns of calumny & demonization against #IMN.

#IMN members should continue to be patient as the end of these murderous criminals is #ICC @IntlCrimCourt prison & when they die #Hell

How can murderous criminals who brutally murdered 1000+ innocent Nigerians smell D Grace of Allah? Allah is Just on All Things! #FreeZakzaky

Harun Elbinawi
Twitter Handle @Elbinawi

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