By Sani Bello

Since the Zaria massacre 2015, the gruesome extermination of Shiites minority Muslims where more than a thousand Nigerians that includes many women and children were gunned down by the Nigerian Army for allegation centered on blocking the way of the ”almighty” Army Chief Buratai (Dubai landlord), we are yet to hear any official statement concerning the offense committed by Sheikh Zakzaky who has been under detention after sustaining several gun injuries without trial for almost a year and half now. What are they going to charge him for? Why are they afraid of taking him to court? Buhari knows.


President Buhari belongs to the deviant sect in Islam known as WAHABI. The most intolerant set of creatures that preaches and promote hatred as the pillar of their cultic sect. They share the same ideology, books and teachings with any terrorist group that you can ever think of worldwide and that is associating itself to Islam.

THEY CONSIDERS SHI’ITES AS THEIR WORSE ENEMIES,THEN CHRISTIANS. They can go to any length to kill SHI’ITES and CHRISTIANS whenever they got the chance. In their own version of Islam a non Muslim does not deserves justice and fairness, he or she does not deserve to live. That is why Sheikh Zakzaky is under custody for an offense we are yet to know. When we drag them to COURT they said they are keeping him for his own safety in what they described as”Protective custody” of which the court dismissed their accertion and ordered for Sheikh Zakzaky to be released. Tyrant Buhari is yet to comply with this clear COURT order because he considers himself above the law. He is the law, he is the law maker, the judge and the executioner in this matter. Does that reminds you of Shekau caliphate in sambisa? Just a question.

Since he doesn’t accept or approve the way SHI’ITES understands and worship God, hence the persecution and glaring injustice. After Shiite who is next? His beloved Son in this mission has already gone ahead of him by publicly admitting paying herdsmen who are killing southern Kaduna Christians. I guess you don’t need to have a secondary school certificate to understand who the next victim would be?

Support Justice!

Support rule of law!



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