@Elbinawi Tweets On Easter:

@Elbinawi Tweets On Easter:

Because Christianity came 2 Nigeria from d West some Nigerians think Christianity originated from the West. Christianity originated from East

Churches in the East – Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon etc – are much older than Churches in the West – Rome, France, England etc.

There is a Town in #Syria called Maaloula. Maaloula is the oldest inhabited Christian town in the world but most Christians do not know.

Maaloula is the only place in the world where Aramaic is still spoken. Aramaic was the language spoken by Jesus (as) during his time here.

President @MBuhari mentioned the words “tolerance & peaceful coexistence” in his #Easter message.This same man murdered 1000+ Shia civilians

The wicked, evil & bloodthirsty Wahhabi tyrant @MBuhari murdered 3 children of Sheikh Zakzaky & @elrufai dumped their bodies in mass graves

Happy Easter Holidays to all my Christian Friends in Nigeria and the world over. This is time to reflect on the sacrifices of Jesus (as).

Picture: Maaloula, Syria


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