Nigerian President Buhari Claim of Fighting Corruption is Monumental Fraud

@Elbinawi Tweets On The Evil of Corruption in Nigeria:

Nigerians must reject #corruption in totality. Millions of innocent Nigerians are hungry today due 2 corruption. Corruption is destroying us

No good hospitals, roads, schools, infrastructures, power generation etc in #Nigeria today due to massive #corruption by Evil heartless few

The heartless corrupt Nigerian politicians & elites do not invest their looted funds in Nigeria. They take them to Western countries 4 keep.

Corrupt Nigerian politicians and elites who loot public funds are worst than murderous #BokoHaram terrorists as they kill Nigerians slowly.

The corrupt @HQNigerianArmy Chief @Buratai_COAS is today a landlord in Dubai frm stolen #BokoHaram funds. We have a Grass Cutter thief as SFG

President @MBuhari’s cronies are using the CBN Forex exchange to loot and steal. The claim of fighting corruption by @MBuhari is monumental fraud


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