@Elbinawi Tweets On President Buhari & Western Imperialism in Nigeria:

@Elbinawi Tweets On President Buhari & Western Imperialism in Nigeria:

Nigerian President @MBuhari & Western Imperialism:
In Nigerian 2015 General elections there were 2 leading presidential candidates:

The incumbent former President @GEJonathan & the present President @MBuhari. Western Imperialism is always interested in such elections.

Nigeria is the most important country in Africa due to population, skilled manpower and huge resources. Western imperialism was interested

One of the conditions given to the 2 leading presidential candidates was the destruction of #IMN under the leadership of sheikh Zakzaky.

The then incumbent President @GEJonathan rejected this condition as it will lead to loss of lives but @MBuhari accepted the condition & won.

Normally Western Imperialism made promises. They promised @MBuhari to return Nigerian looted funds in the West & massive economic investment

President @MBuhari kept his side of d bargain. He attacked #IMN in Dec 2015, killed 1000+ innocent Nigerians & dumped bodies in mass graves

The savage Saudi regime & #Wahhabism have been fronts of Western Imperialism since 1900+. The Saudi regime became a front of #ZariaMassacre.

Western Imperialism want people to assume that #ZariaMassacre was a Sunni leader killing Shia civilians. A “civil war” in the house of Islam

One of the Global agenda of Western Imperialism is Sunni vs Shia war & they wanted it to happen in Nigeria due to the inhuman #ZariaMassacre

Sheikh Zakzaky saw through this Western imperialism plot. He told his followers that even if Sunni hoodlums are killing you, be patient.

The evil imperialist agenda that has d Saudi regime as front failed woefully in Nigeria due to d massive Resistance of #IMN & its leadership

As for President @MBuhari, Western Imperialism failed to keep even a single promise made to him. No return of looted funds & no investment

Whenever there is a terrorist attack in the West, Nigerian President @MBuhari is first to condemn it. The hunting dog want to be noticed

President @MBuhari plunged the economy into recession and the evil tyrant @MBuhari who slaughtered his own people became heart-broken & sick

Even a dead @MBuhari is still useful 2 West. The Saudi regime directed its Nigerian agents 2 spread d words that “Shiites poisoned @MBuhari”

Tukur Mamu & other Saudi agents in #Nigeria have been spreading the lies that “Shiites poisoned @MBuhari”. Another agenda for #ShiaGenocide.


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